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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EEAC MINUTES – MONDAY, March 2, 2009

Call to order

Laurie Keleher - called to order at 7:00 PM. Contact:

Guest Speakers

Police Report

Capt. Wiseman – Crime stats were presented. A lot of the Christmas gifts that ended up in cars (ie. GPS units, cell phones, laptops, chargers, removable radios, clothing, address books, etc.) end up getting stolen. “Put your junk in the trunk – Lock it up or lose it” campaign is starting. It is usually the items that don’t get put in the trunk when leaving the car. It literally takes less than 10 seconds to break a car window and grab a GPS unit for instance. Call 513-765-1212 for any non-violent/emergency crimes. Contacts:,

Recreation Department Report

Katie Lear – Easter Egg hunt on Saturday before Easter. The program guide is out! New hours in the flyer too! The Rec Center is starting it’s own version of organic gardening in cooperation with Joe Corcoran. Call the Rec center for latest events and more info @ 513- 281-3209. Contact:

Secretary’s Report

Nick Motz – presented the minutes. Accepted, and filed as is. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report

Jackie Weist – presented the treasurer’s report. Accepted, and filed as is. Contact:

NSP Report

Bob Little and Laurie Keleher – Newsletter is out and receiving rave reviews. Submission deadline for the bi-monthly publication is the 1st Thursday of the month of printing. We have a website Urban Forestry tree program is moving ahead with the trees that have been committed for this year.

Old Business

Transportation Study/Bus Stops – No new news.

Collins Steps – No new news.

Housing Fund – After 6 months of contract being in the Law Dept, City has decided to pursue DCI for funds owed per contract. Parks is being urged to pursue its share, also.

Bike Path – We discussed 2 potential paths – one along the river/Riverside Drive, or one along the abandoned track(s) sharing space with live side of railway. Begin to think about whether we as a council would like to commit $$$ to the Ohio River Way funding of the bike trail. Ohio River Way is coming to present to us next meeting. Other possible presentations may include a presentation from a community such as Terrace Park (that have finally gotten a bike path thru the city).

Joint Neighborhood Meeting – has not happened yet, still working on it.

Liquor License Seminar – Laurie attended the seminar run by Vibrant Neighborhoods meeting. The process is complicated, and goes through Columbus in the end. There is a set of certain requirements that must quality first before any challenge should occur. In the past we have decided to not contest any granting of Annie’s Bar liquor license renewal, due to the fact that we do not necessarily want to object to any certain business operation in the East End. And if we do contest, we will need to document how the license is affecting the quality of life of the neighborhood.

Inter-community Festival – discussion on festival – a “uniquely” East End Festival. Keeping it small is the theme. St. Rose has a fall Oktoberfest fest. We would like to set up a core committee to organize.

New Business

JP’s Carryout Shutdown – liquor board shut down carry out on C1 Beer Sales, due to what looks like a clerical error. Discussion on how to quickly rectify the problem with the owners.

Great American Cleanup – is scheduled for April 25, 2009. Get ready! Ruth Coon would like to expand the p/u sites this year? More on Babb, Wool, Kemper.

Mail Call – none

Adjournment - Adjourned at 8:50 PM.