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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dec 2, 2013 - EEAC Agenda

EAST END AREA COUNCIL - Dec. 2, 2013 Call to Order – Jackie Weist Secretary’s Report – Barb Rider Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart Budgeted funds: $1000 for 3E’s business/ entertainment district $1500 for sign installation, landscaping, choir pots $600 for 5 GED scholarship to residents at the East End Ed Center $1000 to the Teaching Garden at REA (Sam and the CGC) $500 to LeBlond programs and/or their Foundation $200 for emergency school supplies REA. $200 for website NOT NSP-eligible: $600 for Honor Roll programs/ breakfasts at REA. $300 for Meet & Greet and Volunteer Recognition events. Police Report – Officer Love LeBlond Report – Alayne Kazin Riverview East Academy – Principal Charlene Myers NSP/DAAP Report – Melisse May City Liaison – Laurie Keleher: New Water Works wall projects Community Relations – Sandy Hoover: Volunteer Recognition Report OLD BUSINESS: • NextDoor - Did we get enough people to sign up? • Sam’s Garden at REA - Volunteers? • Public Allies project (Danny Fadeley) ideas: Connectivity, Tunnel lights, Clearing views, Substandard housing • Blighted houses reported to the City and the Port Authority: at Kellogg/Congress, 4355 & 4377 Riverside, Airport/Eastern • Fundraiser - Need volunteer to lead. A food truck/picnic has been suggested, along the river, perhaps at Schmidt. • Website report from MaryBeth Wilker and Dennis Camp. NEW BUSINESS: • Map of proposed EE boundaries. Plus surveys to fill out. • Election of Officers followed by swearing in – Jane Sites OTHER? ADJOURNMENT

Nov 4, 2013 -EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, November 4, 2013 Call to Order – Jackie Weist, president The meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm at the LeBlond RecPlex. There were 25 people in attendance, including 18 residents. Jackie thanked Vergie Mullis and Nick Motz for their help with the streetside flower pots. She introduced State Rep Peter Stautberg, who was visiting. Secretary’s Report – Barb Rider (absent) Copies of the Oct 7, 2013 minutes were circulated; there were no corrections. In Barb’s absence, Melisse May was appointed to take minutes. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart (absent) Financial reports for October were made available. We have $7657.06 in checking, $3210.51 in savings and $1410.02 in the flood/emergency fund. Disbursements were made to Constant Contact for the newsletter ($168) and to Wimberg ($64.04) for mowing by the Kemper sign. Contact: Police Report – Officer Germaine Love (absent) • Detective Kelly McBeth reported the District 2 East End monthly crime report for Officer Germaine Love. The report is typical for the East End with mostly thefts. Crime stats are down year-to-date over last year, with the exception of assaults (which doesn’t follow trends). She wishes all other neighborhoods had stats this good. • Police are improving lighting for security cameras along Schmidt Field. • Jackie asked about the use of canines to detect drugs. Det. McBeth said the CPD uses dogs, but they have to be used according to very specific guidelines. The Captain is closely monitoring the drug situation in the EE; we will be hearing more about that. • Peniel Church reported a break-in today. This information was unknown to Det. McBeth. Contact: 979-4480 or LeBlond Recreation Center – Alayne Kazin, Director • Alayne provided an update on the RecPlex. On Oct 22, the Hometown Huddle built a new playground. The parking lot has doubled in size. The dedication for the Jack Twyman outdoor basketball courts is tomorrow at 2:00 and all are invited. • Materials on the RecPlex and membership benefits were distributed. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal • Charlene reported we are close to getting full agreement to establish a school health center. Work is underway to identify the site within the school, and then CPS will renovate the space with the grant from Interact for Health. • Patrick Ormond mentioned that the EEAC had previously assigned a share of stock to the EE Health Center (provided by Time Warner). The estimated value is $250,000. Patrick will find out the status of the building and whether we still have a stake in it. • Charlene said that the Christine Macauley Clinic on Eastern Ave is serving adults in our area. Contact: Guest Speakers – Lauren Campbell, Environmental Ohio Community Engagement Lauren discussed the issue of global warming and related events, including flooding. Carbon is the largest contributor to global warming. Her organization is working with the EPA to address the problem and is seeking public support for these efforts. She asked for any interested parties to contact her to get involved. There will be a rally in Columbus on Nov. 16. Contact: 765-624-8456 Danny Fadeley, Public Allies Danny represented a group of 10 from Public Allies (an AmeriCorps program) doing a year of service and has chosen the East End. They are looking to identify a project and have been talking to community members for ideas. The idea needs to be submitted by mid-December. The organization has limited funds, so would look for partners to support the project. Contact: ? City Liaison – Laurie Keleher (absent) No report. Contact: Community Relations Report - Sandy Hoover (absent) Jackie reported for Sandy that there is a volunteer recognition event on Nov 19th at Adenine on Riverside at 7:00. Contact: NSP Report - Melisse May • Melisse reported that we will be getting NSP funds this year and will have more information after the training on Nov. 5. • Sam Dunlap is looking for volunteers to continue the work he has started with the school garden. Please contact Sam or Melisse if you are interested. • The DAAP Community Planning School will provide a studio in conjunction with the Schools of Horticulture and Architecture to flesh out options on the vision for the East End Garden District that were shared at the Oct EEAC meeting and several other events. Contact: 3East Report - Nick Motz (absent) No report. Contact: President’s Report – Jackie Weist • Jackie thanked all the volunteers who helped with the Fall Clean-up on Oct 26. • The Board is still interested in creating a fundraising and neighborhood event that would be family oriented. The Board felt that it should be held along the river. One suggestion was to have a food truck available. This event needs a chair. Contact: Nominating Comm – Jane Sites Current slate for 2014-15 is VP: Michael Bolan, Sec: Jackie Weist, Treasurer: Jeff Stewart, NSP Rep: Barb Rider. At this time, there is no one willing to accept the position for President. Without a president, the EEAC may be forced to disband or merge with Columbia Tusculum. Bob Little suggested that the President position be shared by four people with each managing the position for three months each. Jackie asked for nominations from the floor. Betty Burns nominated Patrick Ormond, and he stated that he is not willing to let the organization go down. There was no vote. Betty said that we have been in this position before; someone has always come forward by December. Anyone willing to serve should contact Jane Sites. Jackie thanked Jane for her work on the nominating committee. Contact: New Business - Jackie • Barb Rider submitted to the Board proposed guidelines for use of the EEAC message sign, allowing non-profits in the EE to use the sign when there is no need for EEAC messaging and when the message is of broad interest to East End residents. There were no objections to this proposal. • The East End now officially extends to the tennis courts just east of the Montgomery Inn Boat House. This is now represented on city maps. • The Cincinnati Planning Commission has postponed any decision on the barge noise/dust issues along Riverside just east of the Friendship park. The next meeting will be in February. • The Board has recommended that we have a website. Mary Beth Wilker will manage it with Jackie’s help in creating content. Dennis Camp volunteered to host the website for free and requested suggestions for domain names. He is willing to work with Mary Beth to create the website. There was a discussion on inclusion of ads; Dennis said that is usually to cover the cost of the website, and he is willing to do that for no cost. Jackie will have Mary Beth contact Dennis. The website will be in addition to the newsletter, which is mandated by the City. Meeting attendees were supportive of the establish-ment of a website. Proposed Budget – Jackie • $600 Riverview East Academy – Honors Breakfasts and Emergency School Supplies • $600 *East End Education Center – 5 scholarships for EE residents to take the GED • $1000 *3-E Business/Entertainment District • $1000 *Installation/landscaping for the EE sign at Salem. Landscaping for sign at Delta. • $800 *Teaching Garden at Riverview East Academy • $500 *LeBlond support and/or its Foundation • $200 *Newsletter and website set-up • $300 Meet & Greets, including Volunteer Recognition *Possible funding through NSP There were no other suggestions for budget items. Some monies will come from NSP which are expected to be $5000. Questions were raised on the status of the Business Association. Jackie will request a represen-tative come to the next EEAC meeting to report, along with Mike Wagner or a rep from NSBDU. Announcements Vergie Mullis mentioned that we need one more person to sign up for Nextdoor (online neighborhood discussion board). Melisse will send invitations to those with emails on the sign-in sheet. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 pm. Next Meeting: Monday Dec 2, 2013 at 7 pm at LeBlond RecPlex NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oct 7 2013 EEAC Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, October 7, 2013 Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. There were 26 people in attendance (only 16 signed), including 11 residents. Contact: Secretary’s Report – Barb Rider Copies of the Sept 9, 2013 minutes were circulated. No edits were suggested, so the minutes were filed as written. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart (absent) Financial reports for September were made available. Total liabilities & equity are $23,054.16. Three disbursements were made: 2$63.90 to Wimberg Landscaping for mowing; $639 for the East End sign at Delta (NSP funds) and $75.51 to reimburse Jackie for paying for 3 Riverview East Academy students’ school supplies. Contact: Police Report - Officer Germaine Love • Captain Butler was intending to come to the meeting, but could not make it. • There were 11 reported offenses in the East End from Sept 7-Oct 3, including 2 thefts from auto, 1 theft of a motorcycle on Setchell St, 1 theft of a license plate, 2 thefts from Inner Circle – diamond rings & a bicycle, 1 theft from Riverview East Academy (teacher’s cell phone), shoplifting from UDF, a UPS package taken from a Walworth porch (worth several $K – an arrest was made for trespassing). Officer Love suggested that packages NOT be delivered to your home, if you’re not going to be there to receive delivery. • Jackie asked what we can do to get rid of crack houses. Officer Love said the BCS group deals with 14 neighborhoods, and they are aware of problems here and probably know who the players are. She is not aware when arrests will come to fruition. This is a problem in every neighborhood, and resources are spread thin. Jackie asked to go with her to show her the suspected sites. • Barbara Grace asked if there was any new information on 2 young women panhandling (i.e. during St. Rose’s mass and at LeBlonde). If anyone sees them, call the police for a trespassing charge. Contact: Officer Germaine Love 979-4480 or LeBlond Recreation Center – Katie Lear • The multisports court surface was poured today. LeBlonde will be closed Oct 21-22 for work by the Hometown Huddle with about 30 Bengal players building a new playground. The expanded parking lot is being finished now. • There are updated fall schedules (fitness & activities). Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal Dr. Pat White and her daughter, Dr. Suzie White, spoke about the “Leadership Scholars” program. Jrs and Srs teach non-cognitive skills (i.e. meditation, gratitude, college planning) to students in Gr. 7-8. Dr. White is also leading an 8-week program for 300 REA families, that will include childcare, dinner, and a graduation ceremony to be held at Xavier University. Charlene said that students and parents are excited about the programs. Brochures were distributed. Charlene showed the new planner given to students and parents to keep them organized. Guest Speaker – Paul Burch, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Paul, the library circulation services manager, spoke in support of Issue 1 on the November 5 ballot (10 yr renewal…revenues will account for 1/3 of the library budget). Library patrons can stream movies, download books on Kindle, get resume help, download music, etc. Our library has the #3 geneology dept, and is the 7th busiest library (based on circulation) in the US. 88% of Hamilton County households have a library card. Monfort Hghts, Sharonville and North Central branches are now open on Sundays, along with the downtown branch. If the renewal fails, there will be a $17million shortfall, causing staff layoffs, branch closings, and cutback on hours. Sally O’Callaghan, CPS School Bd. candidate Sally taught for 10 years in CPS; previously in Cleveland, before staying home with her 4 children. She is running for election because of concern for neighborhood schools. She supports universal pre-school, adding transitional classrooms to address mobility (“churn”), expanding community learning centers in schools, ending camping out to sign-up for popular alternative schools, and raising expectations. Cameron Ross, City Planning Commission, absent Was to bring maps defining the borders of East End, CT, and Linwood NSP Report - Melisse May Expenses using last year’s NSP funds have been submitted: the Delta/Kellogg EE sign and support, and a stipend for the DAAP intern who put together options for the future of the Garden District. The options were available on large boards for all to review. Melisse pointed out that having a vision and options for the future helps the community. Councilmember Quinlivan’s aide said that there will be an announcement tomorrow that all 52 neighborhoods will get $5000 in NSP funds this year. Contacts: Community Relations Report - Sandy Hoover, chair There will be another Meet & Greet at Swampwater Grill (3742 Kellogg Ave) on Tuesday, Oct 15, beginning at 6:00PM, this time hosted by Linwood. Contact: 3East Report - Nick Motz (absent, no report) Budget – Jackie called for ideas; there were none. Nominating Comm If interested in running for an EEAC office for 2014-15, contact Barbara Grace. She is working with Jane Sites and Ruth Coon to create a slate of nominees to be announced at the November meeting. Contact: Barbara Grace 321-2099 Old Business - Jackie • Gail Silver reported that the gathering last week to highlight Michael’s ‘green’ house and support mayoral candidate Roxanne Qualls was very successful. She provided historical information on the house and Capt Strader (this will also go in the EEAC newsletter). • Pendleton is available for rent. • Don’t forget to use the Ohio River app: Recr8OhioRiver for info on river conditions, weather, etc. New Business - Jackie • Michelle & Kevin Perkins are moving to KY. They have been active members of the EEAC, and we wish them well. • There will be an East End clean up on “Make a Difference Day” – Saturday, Oct 26. Volunteers should meet at 9AM at REA; Charlene will provide student volunteers. • Patrick Ormond spoke in support of David Mann, candidate for City Council. David spoke – he was previously on City Council for 18 yrs, served as mayor for 3 terms, and in Congress for 2 years. He has practiced law with his son for the past 19 years; all 9 children and grandchildren live in City. David is concerned about drug use; infant mortality rates; poverty, bond rating (because of pension funding), streetcars, and sale of the parking system. • Councilmember Quinlivan’s aide reported that she is working on UC fire safety. A website is now available with landlords’ and fire inspection status. It will be expanded into other neighborhoods and for all renters. • Bob Little suggested that the EE sign should have the message: “Shop & dine locally” • Gail suggested that people attend the City Council and mayoral debates. • Carol Grasha spoke about mercury-contaminated equipment removed in June from the MSD facility at Wilmer & Kellogg and taken to Rumpke via Riverside Dr, as reported in a Sept 28 Enquirer article. Her concern is if the mercury spilled onto EE streets. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 pm. Next Meeting: Monday Nov 5, 2013 at 7 pm NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sept 7, 2013 EEAC Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, September 9, 2013 Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. There were 19 people in attendance, including 11 residents. Contact: Secretary’s Report – Barb Rider Copies of the Aug 5, 2013 minutes were circulated. No edits were suggested, so the minutes were filed as written. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart Three disbursements were made: $63.90 to Wimberg Landscaping for mowing; $700 (last year’s NSP funds) to Joe Sandman, DAAP for consulting on neighborhood planning; and $804.56 to Riverview East Academy for their garden. Jackie will be reimbursed for school supplies she purchased for a REA family, at the request of the principal. Contact: Police Report - Detectives McBeth & Stephanie Belleman • We have the same problems as other places in the city (e.g. the year-to-date larceny rate is up 14%). Det. McBeth is impressed that our year-to-date burglarly and B&Es are down 66%; this is rare, and a statistic other neighborhoods would love to have. • During the last 28 days there have been 13 total crimes, including 6 thefts from auto. • A family conflict at a Strader home during the BBQ resulted in a felonious assault arrest. • Alayne reported that batteries & radiators have been taken from construction vehicles parked at LeBlond. Det. McBeth said she has seen children playing on vehicles, and wishes the construction company would do more to secure their property. There has been vandalism, where many outside areas (including rose bushes) were sprayed with pink paint. Alayne asked for increased police patrol at LeBlond. • Sandy said there were police officers in her back yard in the 1800 block of Riverside with guns drawn on a recent Tuesday night. Det. McBeth will check it out. • Gail Silver requested extra police patrols during an Oct 2 fundraiser on Strader. • Tad Schroeder thanked Det. McBeth for the new “no engine brake” signs. • Jane Sites called about water spouts coming from the sewers during heavy rain in the lot at Collins & Riverside. Det. McBeth will ask why the lot is not blocked off to traffic. Call the city hotline at 591-6000 with complaints of any kind. Contact: Officer Germaine Love 979-4480 or Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal Charlene Meyers reported that the enrollment of the school has increased from 456 to 596. She turned over money from selling EEAC bumper stickers. Graduation will be at Inner Circle. CPS schools will be open on Saturday, Sept 28 for the community to use. The REA resource coordinator hasn’t been replaced yet; the YWCA will be hiring. Guest Speaker – Clarence Taylor, Walnut Hills Community Council president Speaking on behalf of Neighborhood Health Care (which provides services in several different communities), Clarence said that the East End Health Center at 4020 Eastern is now open on Tues (8:30-noon) & Thurs (1-5:30pm) for OB/GYN services only. Possibly there could be an urgent care in the future. There is a need to advertise more & work through schools; REA is working to get health services (they recently added an RN). NHC is talking to an organization in KY to fully staff the centers here; they are challenged by a lack of available doctors. Michael asked about the impact of ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act); Clarence said that is unknown at this point. There is a sliding fee scale based on income; they take insurance and cash. Patients can live anywhere. Contact: 559-5549 (NHC call center) LeBlond Recreation Center – Alayne Kazin • Alayne showed a plan for the outside renovation now in progress. 150 PNC volunteers renovated the ballfield recently; Jeff represented EEAC in a ribbon cutting. The multiple sports court has been asphalted. On Oct 22nd, the Hometown Huddle with 300 volun-teers will build a new playground, pathways & landscaping. Next year, the Dept. of Transportation will provide a bike trail; a .6 mile walking trail will join up to it. • Fall programming includes senior stretch, strength training, and spinning. Membership is $10 for those over 50; $25 for younger adults. Contact: NSP + DAAP + KCB Report - Melisse May (absent); Michael Bolan, VP • Jackie reported that we do not yet know if we’ll get NSP funds in the future. • Michael Bolan said that $700 from a LISC grant was used to get concepts of a study area (REA to river to the RR to ball fields). The plans proposed by a team from UC’s DAAP program were revealed on Aug 22; 15 people attended to provide comments. The DAAP team is now refining those comments, and will present revised plans in the future. Michael suggests that 4 areas should be targeted first: parking (signage, etc), Babb Alley improvements, lighting, and river amenities (seating, vegetative clearing). Jackie added that we all know there is lots of potential in the East End. • KCB - Michael will help apply for an EPA grant for pickup and disposal of old tires – that will be main thrust of spring cleanup. George Mullis reported that a daybed needs to be picked up at Redmond & Strader. There will be no official fall cleanup, but it would be appreciated if everyone could clean up the area near where they live. Contacts: and Community Relations Report - Sandy Hoover, chair There will be a Meet & Greet at Swampwater Grill (3742 Kellogg Ave) on Sept 17, beginning at 6:30PM. Pay as you go for the food & drink you want (there was a Groupon offering for Swampwater Grill today). Contact: 3East Report - Nick Motz (absent, no report) Old Business • Patrick Ormond was asked to give an update on a fundraiser for the EEAC. He talked about very preliminary plans for a possible East End reunion in the spring (400-500 people with 2-3 bands). Bryan Phillips said there’s a reunion every year (“East End Day”) the day before Father’s Day at Schmidt Field. Another reunion in Newtown (used to be at Lunken) is held annually and is well attended. • Nominating Committee – Jane Sites, Barbara Grace, Ruth Coon - provided a box for comments on how to pull the neighborhood together or to give nominations for EEAC bd. members. The slate will be announced Nov. 4; they are focusing on diversity, adding long-time residents and Pendleton Bd. members. Ruth also hopes to have a historian. • Jackie announced that the Walworth home remodeling request was approved. New Business • Gail Silver discussed a fundraiser for Roxanne Qualls on Wed, Oct 2 5:30-7:00 at Michael Bolan’s “green” home on Strader. It is being hosted by Jackie, Melisse & Gail (as individuals, not as EEAC members). Reservations and to help: Gail, 475-0002. • Ruth Coon said the traffic was “the worst she’s ever seen” on Riverfest Night; traffic was backed up until 2:30AM, the center lane near the Rookwood overpass was used as a high speed lane, and drivers parked in the bike lane. • Jackie said budget suggestions are needed next month. EEAC, city and KCB priorities include safe communities. • Jackie reported on a recent KCB meeting she attended Thursday, Sept 5. • The web-based communication device,, is supported by police. Clarence said the first 10 people in a neighborhood to sign up are the administrators. • Diedre Bullock is representing the garden area, on behalf of Joe Corcoran, who will not be attending meetings. The temporary orange fence and no trespassing signs were put up to address drinking, litter from Eli’s, in addition to any liability issues. Better fencing will be installed. The fence will be taken down for special events. Eli has not responded to email from Joe or Diedre, who want to bridge differences. Turkeys will be sold again this year. • Brochures on Hamilton County Property Improvement Program are available. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm. Next Meeting: Monday Oct 7, 2013 at 7 pm NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Aug 5, 2013 EEAC Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, August 5, 2013 Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. Contact: Secretary’s Report Copies of the July 2013 minutes were circulated. No edits were suggested, so the minutes were filed as written. Barb was unable to attend the meeting; Jackie appointed Michael Bolan to take the August meeting minutes in Barb’s absence. Contact: Police Report - Officer Love • 21 incidences of crime were reported in the East End in July. The offenses included 7 property crimes from autos, 3 from UDF (2 gas pump drive-offs), and 3 breaking and entry. • The EEAC bank account was compromised and funds were fraudulently transferred from the EEAC account. A fraud investigation is under way; however, the bank is in the process of returning the illegally transferred funds to a new EEAC bank account. Just before the occurrence of the bank fraud, an uncashed check drawn on the EEAC account, along with cash, was stolen from the home of Joe Corcoran on Strader Ave. Officer Love recommended that a crime report be filed on this matter. • Another breach to the vacant Site Gas Station was reported, as well as its overgrown vegetation. Contact: Officer Germaine Love 979-4480 President’s report – Jackie Weist • An additional $250 was received for the efforts of the Flying Pig volunteers. • Jackie noted the EE participation in this year’s National Night Out at the Owl’s Nest Park in O’Bryonville. • A request to organize a Nominating Committee for the 2014 EEAC Board was made. Both Ruth Coon and Barbara Grace indicated their interest. (Update: Jane Sites later agreed to serve) Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart Jeff reported on disbursements totaling $1650 to Wimberg for grass cutting, to Rumpke for port-o-lets, and to ABC for the sign at Delta. Contact: Leblond Recreation Center – Alayne Kazin Alayne noted the progress of the renovation which will double the parking spaces, add a new swing, provide raised beds for gardening, and improve views of the river. Eighty volunteers from PNC bank are expected to lend their hand to renovate the ball field. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal Charlene Meyers reported that the enrollment of the school will increase from 456 last year to 556 this coming year. Math scores remain weak but adjustments have been made to improve student skills. There is an effort underway for a health care clinic at the school to foster a health care curriculum for students interested in pursuing a career in the field of health. The school is looking for a larger place in the East End area to house 750+ attendees for its 2014 graduation exercises and is open to suggestions. Contact: City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair • Laurie took comments and questions regarding the bike facility along Riverside Drive. She asked for volunteers to count bicycle riders along Riverside for an ongoing study of Cincinnati bicycle ridership. • Attention was drawn to the broken sidewalk at the Pendleton that experienced heavy truck traffic during the Duke gas line project and the Riverside Drive resurfacing. • At this point of the meeting, a report was received that the noted American Queen riverboat was passing by the East End! • It was again reported that the abandoned Site gas station on Riverside Drive continues to be non-compliant with the city’s weed ordinance. Contact: Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. The University of Cincinnati DAAP students have prepared a vision for a study area bounded by the school, the river, the RR tracks and the Schmidt ball fields. Their study was partially funded by LISP, but mainly from the generosity of UC and its students. Consideration by neighborhood residents is sought prior to developing a plan. Concept drawings will be posted for public viewing along with an explanation of their ideas. This community feedback is scheduled for Wednesday August 21 at Riverview East Academy at 7PM, within easy walking distance of the study area. The concept to be presented includes parking options, a river view amenity, lighting/walkway improvements, and a rehab of Babb Ally. Contact: Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm. Next Meeting: Monday Sept 9, 2013 7 pm NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

July 1, 2013 EEAC Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday July 1, 2013 Call to Order – Jackie Weist, EEAC President Jackie called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. There were 24 in attendance (including 15 residents). Contact: “Special Bow” to Joe Corcoran – Joe has received an award from the Garden Club of America for his work over the last 13-20 years on the Veteran Gardens on Strader. He received thanks and a round of applause, and showed the award. He introduced Deidre Bullock as a “new face in the garden”, and explained that she would be coordinating activities (in the past, she has helped with turkey frying during holidays, etc). There will be a focus on family-friendliness (e.g. movies on Friday nites). The BBQ is Sat., Aug 10, with some new vendors. Jackie reminded Deidra that July 15 is the deadline for the next EEAC newsletter. Contact: Secretary Report – Barb Rider The June 3, 2013 minutes were distributed. Betty Burns pointed out 2 mistakes regarding the bike facility/parking concerns, which were corrected for the record. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart (absent) There was no treasurer’s report. Jackie said that she was reimbursed for granola bars, water, plants, and dirt used on Keep Cincinnati Beautiful day. Contact: Police Report –Officer Germaine Love • There are 14 reported offenses for June. Included were 6 thefts from autos (jewelry, purses, etc), 3 petty thefts from UDF, theft from Stone Brothers ($4000), theft on 4340 Kellogg, and a B&E at DeeJay’s (formerly Adonis; they are applying for a liquor and dance hall license, and have held some events without permission; police are objecting to their requests). • National Night Out is Tuesday, Aug 6 6-9pm at Owl’s Nest Park in O’Bryonville. Ruth Coon & Vergie Mullis brought prizes; Ruth has another 1000 at home. Jackie reported that Jeff also has donations. Officer Love will provide the approximate number of expected participants. • Jane Sites asked about the progress on “No Engine Braking” signs to be installed on Riverside near Collins. Officer Love has contacted John Childress of the city, who will provide the signs despite the fact that the pilot program is over. • Jackie reported that KCB has installed a camera on Hoff to prevent dumping/littering. • Jane asked about reported development on Hoff. • Ruth reported that someone may be staying in the abandoned building at 1542 Riverside by Kemper. Officer Love will check on it. The City owns the building. Contact: 979-4480. Guest: Ann Herzner, Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan’s aide – Ann has deep in-law roots with the East End. She has been on Councilwoman Quinlivan’s staff for 4 months. She reviewed Quinlivan’s main initiatives: • A mobile food vendor ordinance has been passed, and there was a media event in the EE Garden District about this a few weeks ago. It is not difficult for a neighborhood to get a dedicated zone for food trucks. They can be used to sell locally grown produce. • City council election in November is the first to elect council members to four (not two) year terms. • After a Jan 1 fire killed 2 UC students, Quinlivan worked to get tougher fire laws. Landlords now can volunteer to have a fire inspection, and then get a certificate/ stamp/sticker if passed. Unsafe housing can be reported to the city; an inspector will come out for $35. There will be a press conference tomorrow about this. • Pat Ormond asked about the streetcar. Ann said that a recent city council vote to continue the project passed 5-4. Pat suggested that property owners adjacent to the streetcar route, not all city residents, support streetcar maintenance. He made a motion (seconded) that the EEAC supports having property owners along the streetcar route pay a fee, and that a letter to this effect be sent to all 9 council members and the mayor. A hand vote was taken: 7 yes. 0 no. 7 abstain. Jackie will write the letter. LeBlond Report - Alayne Kazin, Director • It’s busy at LeBlond - there are 40 campers & 40 staff members in & out on a daily basis. • Aug 23 is PNC Volunteer Day, and 65 to 75 employees will be landscaping LeBlond, painting interior spaces, and renovating the ballfield (which will not be moved, as originally hoped, because the former school property could not be procured by the city) • On Mon, Aug 26, work on expanding the parking lot will begin. • A Park Board arborist inspected the large sycamore tree on the LeBlond property, and concluded it is rotten inside and needs to come down for safety reasons. Jane and Michael Bolan objected (“an icon”…”children play near it”, etc). A suggestion was made to procure another opinion. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal (absent) No report. Contact: NSP Budget and DAAP East End Study – Melisse May We have received approval for our funding ($2500), and are spending it: letters & lighting for neighborhood sign; DAAP students’ project; sign landscaping. Contacts: City Liaison - Laurie Keleher Paving of Riverside, following installation of the new gaslines, will begin within a month. Contact: Community Relations – Sandy Hoover (absent) Jackie reported that the next Meet N Greet is at the Sandbar (4 Seasons Marina) on Tuesday, July 16 at 6:30; Linwood and Columbia Tusculum will join us. Contact: 3E Business Committee– Nick Motz (absent) No report. Old Business - Jackie • There was a great letter to the Enquirer written by Barbara Lichtenstein, EEAC business owner, reacting to a letter from a Blue Ash resident recommending the closure of Alms Park to save money for the city of Cincinnati. • Barbara also sent a letter to the EEAC objecting to the new development on Brown St. Jackie reported that we don’t have a coordinated report yet; there was discussion on when/how a coordinated report is received. Laurie will check the status of all the coordinated reports that we have not received. • Patrick, 10 yr former EEAC president “with a lifetime membership” (per Jackie), reported on his history with the East End in the 1970s and 80s (including dealing with benzene railcars on Wilmer Ave; recruiting over 300 people to protest at City Hall, and having 100 people at the next EEAC meeting). Jack Feistel (?) gave him advice. Pat said it worked well to have fun events at which problems and the EEAC could be introduced (e.g. Monte Carlo Nights at Carnegie Center, a festival at Schmidt Field with hot air balloons). This invigorated the organization, which welcomed new residents (e.g. Betty Burns) to become involved. There was a focus on youth involvement; racial incidents were addressed. EEAC = representing businesses and residents. Pat suggested having a written mission statement (note: the EEAC has one); not taking on problems alone (involve the whole board and community); if handing out brochures, include an EE business coupon. Other ideas were to have a Riverfest party, and to go door-to-door to every house (pay a college student) with a questionnaire, saying: “Hello neighbor, we’d like to re-introduce ourselves.” Time spent on the EEAC were the best and worst years of his life. He served on the city-sponsored Community Business Development Council for years and helped create Community-Oriented Policing (350 students went to a Reds game with police officers). Pat recommended getting a reporter on our side. Ruth said that we need absentee landlords to take responsibility; Patrick said that council presidents have lots of power, and could change situations like this. New Business - Jackie • KCB - Jackie attended a meeting for District 2 neighborhoods. She reported issues with overgrown properties to the litter patrol; since then, the old school property has been mowed. She also reported the uncut grass along the new bike facility. Betty said that the west sidewalk of Collins is so overgrown that pedestrians must use the street; Jackie will call about this. Bryan asked about dumping on the far eastern area of Hoff. Jackie asked him to call her about where a 2nd camera could go. Vergie reported tall grass on Kellogg just past Delta near the ballfields. Barbara Grace reported that when a large tree fell near Brown St, all the little pieces were left behind. She also would like bus stops cleaned up. Jackie reported that Alicia Kravitz of KCB suggested that we identify 3-5 spots for clean-up this fall. KCB will supply heavy equipment. Jackie would like input on the worst areas. • Christian Babani (BrewRiver GastroPub) and Jason Gipson (Fuel) have written the EEAC about loss of parking due to the upcoming bike facility. The EEAC Board supports them getting them parking, while maintaining support for the bike facility. Betty reiterated that the small EE group of property & business owners that met with Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls is not against the bike facility. Michael Moore of the city transportation department didn’t respond to requests from Betty, so she, Christian, a Verdin Bell rep, and Rev. Henson (Cornerstone Pentecostal Church) met with Qualls to present possible parking solutions. Ruth said businesses should not come into the EE and change pre-existing neighborhood plans. Christian explained his business plan and importance to the neighborhood. Betty said that despite the city adding some pocket parking, there are still 49 parking places not recovered near BrewRiver. Laurie explained that her letter to Qualls said the EEAC remains in support of the bike facility. Christian explained that the group would like any city-owned property in the EE to be designated for parking. Barbara Grace said she’s made adjustments whenever EE parking regulations changed in the more than 60 years she’s lived here. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Monday, July 1, 2013

EEAC Minutes June 3, 2013

EEAC MINUTES – Monday June 3, 2013 Call to Order – Jackie Weist, EEAC President Jackie called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. There were 25 in attendance (including 19 residents). Contact: Secretary Report – Barb Rider The May 6, 2013 minutes were distributed. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Hoover (in Jeff Stewart’s absence) The May report was distributed. There is a total of $26,247.59 in liabilities and equity, as of May 22. A check for $30 was written for National Nite Out (Aug 6). Contact: Police Report –Officer Germaine Love (accompanied by Officer Kelley MacBeth). • There are 9 reported offenses for May: 3 thefts from autos, a gas drive-off from UDF, 2 robberies (TV, computer, money, knife, jewelry), and a B&E at Botanics. • Officer Love spoke to a firm on Minnesota Ave. that has allegedly been dumping tires in the EE; although they denied wrong-doing, she feels she put them on notice to no longer dump tires. • National Night Out is Aug 6. We have paid for our booth, and are looking for prizes and volunteers to work. • Bryan Phillips said the sign at the top at Audobon about turning left is faded. Officer Love will report this. • “No Engine Braking Signs” will be installed on both east & west-bound Riverside near Collins. • Jackie read emails to/from Capt. Paul Broxterman, who is being transferred downtown. He said that District 2 has the lowest crime rate in all of Cincinnati. Capt. Jeff Butler, new District 2 head, will come to a future EEAC meeting. • There were questions about a young woman walking up and down street begging for necessities (e.g. diapers), sometimes accompanied by a dog. Some think she may have taken a wallet from a car at LeBlond. Officer Love said to call the non-emergency number 765-1212 to connect her with social services, instead of enabling her. She has pan-handled downtown, at St. Rose’s, and at LeBlond (among other places) Contact: Officer Germaine Love - 979-4480. Guests: • Kate Christoff, Councilwoman Yvette Simpson’s aide (not present) • Ann Herzner, Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan’s aide (not present) • Michael Heckman, neighborhood campaigner for Mike Muroski (city council candidate) Candidate Moroski taught at Moeller and Purcell Marion, and is in his first political campaign. Michael is supporting him because he does not waiver from his positions. Literature and contact cards were left. All are encouraged to contact Michael to share what we love about the East End. Contact: LeBlond Report - Alayne Kazin, Director • Hours change for summer (7AM-6PM). • The pool opened today. Despite a cool day, 10 neighborhood children came to swim. • Day camp starts this week. There are 21 day campers (mostly children of commuters to downtown). Fees of $950/summer includes 6 field trips. 7AM-6PM. Also there are 15 students w. developmental delays being served in another program this summer, mostly paid by Cinti Public Schools. • LeBlond received a request for a liquor license permit for Jefferson Social at 101 E. Freedom Ln. (on the Banks). They have no objections, nor did anyone in attendance. • The renovation brochure was re-distributed. Because of these plans, LeBlond is not being considered for closing. Commitments from the Reds, PNC Bank, and likely Western Southern and the Marvin Lewis Foundation, to name just a few, have been procured. • Jane Sites asked if the plans for building a home on the west end of the LeBlond property are still being considered. Alayne said the developer has taken the proposal off the table; however, he is still working on fundraising for the renovations. The site of the old school to the east of LeBlond property is still officially for sale at $790,000. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal • The school year finished Friday. Summer school began today with 4 programs: HS remediation (30 registered today; there were only 15 last year), Gr. 7-8 Bridge (REA will double its Gr. 7-8 population next year), Summer STARS for Gr. K-3 (focused on the new 3rd Gr. reading guarantee), and 2 autism units. • REA graduated 35 (2 are joining the work force, 2 with IEPs will enroll in Project Search, 4 are going into the military, 27 are going on to higher education). Bootsy Collins was the graduation speaker, and promised musical instruments to next year’s senior class of 55. • OGT results were higher than in previous year: reading & writing had the biggest increases. There will be social studies teaching turnover for next year. OAA results (Gr. 3-8) will arrive in July. • Charlene distributed draft copies of REA’s new Health Information Management program (including phlebotomy). This will be offered in addition to the current nursing aide program. Contact: City Liaison - Laurie Keleher • Laurie presented an AIG check for $612.48 to be spent like NSP funding. • Melisse has taken care of EEAC’s stands to city property sales (see p. 3) • Paddle/Pedal Fest is Fri & Sat, June 21-22. • Sam wants a fence for his REA garden, not a shed. • There has been pushback to the bike facility, which the EEAC initiated with the city 3 years ago as a green program for commuters and to calm traffic on Riverside. BrewRiver, Betty Burns, Verdin Bell, and the Cornerstone Pentecostal Church of God (2106 Riverside; the pastor spoke to the issue on WLW talk radio recently) have spoken to Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls in opposition; another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. While supporting the bikeway, they are worried about the loss of free parking. Laurie listed the EEAC efforts to improve parking: closing a side street; converting a bus stop to handicapped parking; encouraging valet parking. Laurie explained that the proposed bike crossing at Collins is not for the upcoming bike facility, but rather for the proposed extension of the Ohio River Trail (which may cost $4 million). Patrick Ormond made a motion (seconded) that Laurie write a letter to Roxanne that the EEAC strongly supports a bike facility here. The motion unanimously passed. Laurie encouraged individuals to write also. Contact: NSP Budget and DAAP East End Study – Melisse May Melisse has submitted the NSP proposal that was approved at last month’s EEAC meeting. Although the agency that works with NSP has changed from Invest in Neighborhoods, she continues to get feedback, and hopes to get approval soon. The UC/DAAP study of the EE continues, with new students/recent DAAP graduates. Data will be used to create and support a vision of an improved EE. The study is focusing on parking to support a future business district near Delta. Michael Bolan is assisting. This project relates to work being done by the 3E business district. Results should be presented to EEAC before the end of summer. Contacts: Old Business - Jackie • Friday night family movies are occurring again this year in the Garden District – • Choir flower pots – Thanks to all who are caring for them. EEAC is paying C/T to water pots along Eastern (we cannot use NSP funds for this). New Business - Jackie • We have been notified of 4 applications to buy city property: 1) 3208 Walworth (in EE): Construction of a single family home that exceeds zoned limits on all sides (e.g. front height exceeds by 10.5 ft.). Hearing is June 12 9AM on Central Parkway. Jackie will send a “Melisse-type” letter; immediate neighbors are sure to object to the oversized dimensions. 2) Brown St. (by Schmidt Park): James Kersting wants to build 5-6 condos. Melisse has asked the city for specifications. 3) 247 Gotham St (west of Duke): Sarah Kokenge wants to build here: she owns property adjacent to this lot. Melisse has asked the city for specifications. 4) 2354 Riverside – convert to duplex. No objection. • Barge facility request for expansion (e.g. 30,000 sq ft. storage building) - Planned Development #46. Hearing is Tuesday, June 4th 5:30pm at 2 Centennial Plaza, Suite 700 at 805 Central Ave. Friday, June 7th 9:00am at a City Planning Mtg the vote will take place (project is last on the agenda). Melisse said that our official position has been to ask for noise & dust control, and pay attention to neighbors’ issues. We have never received decibel information. Jane said the views of the barges are beautiful, and she has friends who work there; she supports a compromise. Jackie said the Stewarts have been good to the EE (donating land for picnicking at Eli’s in the Garden District). She is not necessarily for the barge expansion, but will live with it if all noise and dust are under control. Pat Ormond said the city should be made aware of the falling property values at Foster’s Pt and Twain’s Landing, and subsequent reduced tax revenues. There was a discussion of what causes noise (unloading/dropping of pig iron onto a pile, then onto railroad cars). Sandy pointed out that in the last written zoning report, the conditions imposed on Jan 18, 2013 (time of day for operations, dust/noise limitations) must continue. Laurie moved that until an independent long-term noise study is done, and a dust abatement plan written, the EEAC objects to expansion of the barge facility; seconded. Motion passed with no objections. Bob Little will attend the hearing tomorrow and will express the EEAC’s position in requiring noise & dust monitoring/ abatement. It’s possible the vote will be extended until Sept. or Oct. Announcements – Jackie Weist • Shred Day July 27, sponsored by the Avondale Community Council at the Christian Academy 3771 Reading Rd. (near Dana). Food will be available (fundraiser) • EE Bumper stickers for sale Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

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EEAC Mtg minutes 5/6/13

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, May 6, 2013 Call to Order – Jackie Weist, EEAC President Jackie called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. There were 18 in attendance (11 residents). She had brochures from the Green Umbrella Summit and the MSD. Contact: Secretary Report – Barb Rider The April 1, 2013 minutes were approved. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart (absent) The April report was distributed; Jackie explained that two checks were written, and changes will be made in assigning them to the correct budget lines. The report was approved. There is a total of $26,277.59 in liabilities and equity. Contact: Police Report – Detective Kelly McBeth (in Officer Germaine Love’s absence. Also present: Officer Tucker & Officer Miller). Crime is down in the May 2 monthly report: only 1 breaking and entering (tools from an apartment), 1 felonious assault, 8 thefts (including 2 gas drive-offs, a cell phone taken at school and 2 purses taken at bingo), and no robberies. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity – don’t leave anything in cars. Some come from Northern Kentucky, and quickly return over state lines after committing a crime. There are 3 games left to sponsor at this year’s National Night Out on August 6. We agreed to collaborate with Queen City Bike on sponsoring the duck pond - $30, plus prizes. Jackie called Officer Love this morning to report 3 piles of tires and wood (dumped by a resident). Contact: Officer Germaine Love - 979-4480. LeBlond Report - Alayne Kazin - Director Registration for summer day camp is down (17) compared to last year. LeBlond was one of the practice sites for the Intl Championship of Flags at XU; one of the local groups practices at LeBlond on Monday evenings. The request to Park National Bank to sell CRC the $800,000 school site for $100,000 was rejected. Therefore, at this time, the CRC is not pursuing a property trade: exchanging the west end of their property (50’x80’) for the east end (former school site). There will be changes to the parking lot; upgrading & moving the baseball field; Marvin Lewis Hometown Huddle will build a new playground. Contact: City Liaison - Laurie Keleher City Liaison Laurie will attend a meeting tomorrow with representatives from C/T about the business district expansion and getting the entertainment district moving. She is also planning to meet with Sam of the Riverview East Academy garden about the fencing and shed. Contact: NSP Budget – Laurie for Melisse May (absent) Laurie reviewed the proposal (as presented in April) for the first 6 months of the year: $2500 to include $1624 for final Delta sign payment; $376 for landscaping around signs; $500 for Columbia flowerpot planting & maintenance. Regina suggested adding the Hoff Ave. corridor to the NSP project - the railroad won’t take care of the area near the tracks. Laurie suggested submitting the addresses affected, as well as a proposal for what needs to be done. This could be added to the next NSP budget. She offered to help Regina with the proposal. Betty Burns moved that we accept the NSP plan as discussed at the April EEAC meeting; Ruth Coon seconded. There were 11 yes votes (residents only voting), with 0 opposed and 0 abstentions. Ruth wondered why C/T has more pots than the EE did – Laurie said it’s because they’re bigger and have a business district. She also wondered why BrewRiver got a flowerpot (Answer: Because it’s a visible location and they promised to take care of the flowers). Contacts: Guests - Morgan Heilman – City Transportation Dept/Project Manager of the Ohio River Trail • Ohio River Trail (downtown to Lunken, along Ohio River): She is currently finishing Stage 3 of planning the bike trail, and will begin property purchases in the next few months. The Transportation Department is looking for construction money. In 2-4 years, construction will begin. The trail will be asphalt, with concrete in the crossings at Gotham and by Duke. 30’ permanent easements will be procured, so lots won’t be divided. Most of the property is city owned. A wall will be built to hold the trail up in some parts, piered to bedrock. The wall will extend to trail height; the railing will be open. The “ball park” cost estimate is $4-5M. LeBlond will keep aerial photo of the proposed bike trail. George Mullis asked why the CRC drives trucks on the bike trail, instead of using the nearby alley. Alayne will take this to CRC maintenance. • Bike facility (on Riverside) – One quarter of it is already built (St. Andrews to Congress). Most of the Duke work replacing gas lines on Riverside will be finished by the beginning of June, so the resurfacing/bike facility marking for the remainder of the trail (Congress to Bains) will be done late this summer. Bike lanes will not continue to downtown at this time; cyclists can pick up the trail in the Friendship Park. Ruth asked why the Friendship Park gate cannot come up for cyclists. Morgan will check with the Park Board about its rule of limiting access to prevent cars from parking on the circle. Tom Kahle asked why the Ohio River Trail dead ends ¼ mile from Wilmer, so bikes must cross Kellogg (Answer: needed property could not be procured). Kate Christoff, Councilwoman Yvette Simpson’s aide • Kate received complaints:  Regina reported that someone is dumping furniture on Hoff Ave. She has called the city (591-6000 or to track requests), and is told “that work order has been closed”. The furniture is still there. Kate suggested calling Keep Cinti Beautiful instead of city services. They work with the Hamilton County sheriff work detail – maybe they could work on Hoff?  Brian said he picked 124 tires on tire amnesty day, called Councilwoman Simpson’s office, and they were picked up.  Regina said that it’s been difficult to work with SORTA to clean-up the railroad track area. In the past, EEAC tried to work with SORTA, along with C/T and Linwood. Kate will look into it. Betty Burns said she successfully worked with SORTA PR (Nancy?) in the past to clear the area near the track with a bushhog/sickle.  Someone asked how far a ‘no trespassing’ sign covers? Widening of the Panama Canal will increase railroad traffic (to transport increased barge terminal loads).  Someone dragged metal from tracks to a vacant lot (SORTA came within an hour, but still hasn’t done anything to remove the metal). Ruth & Laurie once caught two men removing spikes from the RR tracks, and confronted them. They fled. • Kate said that the EE was the first neighborhood walk she & Councilwoman Simpson did back in August. Since then, they have decided to focus on crimes that affect the neighborhood experience and take away from quality of life. They began with Walnut Hills, working with partners and coalitions. Weeds, loitering, solicitation are examples of things that don’t get a lot of attention, but have big impact. Ruth said several young EE girls have been coming to houses asking for money and rides. We will put a warning in the next newsletter. Jackie mentioned that we need Officer Love to stay for an entire meeting to hear about this kind of problem. • Kate’s presence made a big difference on Clean-up Day. Everyone was proud of how nice the EE looked for the Flying Pig Marathon. • Brian says that Beverly, who answers the phone in Councilwoman Simpson’s office, is amazing (e.g. moving the 124 tires). He has written about this on his webpage, and thanked Kate… • Kate suggested EEAC members attend the Community Builders Institute –– 3 sessions are coming up Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal (absent) There was no report. Contact: Community Relations – Sandy Hoover (absent) Jackie announced there will be a Meet N Greet on May 21 at Eli’s. BYOB and buy meal. Old Business • Flying Pig Marathon Party Zone - Jackie thanked everyone who participated yesterday, especially the Mullises, who stood in the rain while others sought shelter under Laurie’s tent. • Resident Involvement Proposal – Patrick Ormond absent No report. New Business • C/T Collaborations - Matt Ackermann, C/T President, in Nick Motz’ & Laurie’s absence  3E Business Report – C/T gets funds for business district. They want to expand into Eastern Ave to Airport Rd. (There was a business district there in 2005-6, but it was removed because not enough businesses were contiguous). The area would be changed to a 3E Business district, although the name may be changed if Linwood is not involved. The city would approve the new business district. Matt is working on this with Nick Motz & Laurie. The last meeting was April 2; no real progress has been made since then. Hopefully, they will get the proposal to the city soon. There are 88 lots in the identified area; 82 are zoned commercial.  Community Entertainment District – They have met with attorney Brad Smith. The perimeters are not yet know; perhaps St. Rose to Tammy’s on Eastern Ave. Having a community entertainment district will allow businesses in the area to get liquor licenses at a cheaper rate. The Secretary of State website has liquor license information, including DBA (Doing Business As) designations. We recently received information on a liquor license request from Cajun Concepts/ Swampwater Grill & Smokehouse. Ruth asked what happened to Inner Circle. Jackie said they have 16 cameras, 8 policemen, and 42 security guards for events. Contact: • Plant sharing - Michael Bolan, Vice President. He gave signature sungold cherry tomato plants to encourage EE gardening to George & Virgie Mullis, and Brian Phillips. Contact: Announcements – Jackie Weist • 8 REA students are participating in an art show at the Public Library. • Ruth mentioned that the baseball coach at REA was featured in Sunday’s Enquirer • Brian wants to collect litter along the north side of Columbia Parkway from Delta to Wm Howard Taft. He was advised not to, not only because this is not EE property, but is too dangerous with traffic and a very narrow shoulder. • Brian announced that he has pictures on his EE website. • Joe cancelled his fundraiser BBQ yesterday because of rain. • 34 employees of Keller-Williams are coming tomorrow to help continue beautifying the East End through planting, painting at the Irish Center, and picking up trash along Riverside, Kellogg and Eastern. Jackie and Joe will work with them. • Regina asked if the newsletter can post Pendleton’s rental info on a regular basis? 602-3340. The phone number is on the side of the building. Matt said C/T could run it also. • Kate said there is a city app for smartphones that will enable those reporting problems (tires, potholes) to take pictures of the problem and report the exact location. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:38 PM. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

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Have Fun Volunteering for the East End!

Volunteers Needed! East End Clean Up The East End will have a general clean-up on Saturday, April 27 from 8:30am until 12:00 noon. This clean-up is under the auspices of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. Volunteers should come to LeBlond Rec Center to pick up gloves, trash bags, water. and snacks. If you want to sign up early to claim a block or three, send an email to Jackie Weist. Teens from the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative will be helping us along the Ohio River Trail. In addition, Spring in Our Steps will be cleaning up along the bike lane from Delta to Fuel. They try to preserve our rock walls, steps, and tunnels. Glad to have them on board! Flying Pig Cheer Zone The East End is hosting the Flying Pig Marathon Cheer Zone at the corner of Stanley and Eastern Avenues on Sunday, May 5. Volunteers are needed to staff the booth, hand out snacks to the runners and walkers, and cheer them on. There will be live music and every volunteer gets a free tee shirt. And the EEAC gets $1,000! Here's how to sign up as a volunteer. Sign ups due by Wed, Apr 24 1) Go to the Flying Pig website: 2) Click on the "Volunteers" tab, then the "Volunteer Registration" tab, then the "Sign-up with a Registered Group". 3) Find and select "East End Area Council" from the group list. 4) Complete the volunteer information. 5) Use "eastend" as the group password when asked near the end of the form.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1 EEAC Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, April 1, 2013 Call to Order – Jackie Weist, EEAC President Jackie called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. There were 16 in attendance (15 residents or business owners). Contact: Secretary Report – Barb Rider (absent) In Barb Rider’s absence, Ed Rider was appointed to take minutes at the meeting. The March 4, 2013 minutes were made available and approved later in the meeting (after the LeBlond report), giving all a chance to read them. Jackie made 2 changes: the EE bumper sticker says “Steamin’ (not ‘Steaming’) to Greatness”, and the $1800 checking deposit was $1050 from 2012 Flying Pig volunteering revenue and $750 from AIG. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart (absent) The March report was distributed and approved. Past treasurer, Sandy Hoover, said that 2012 NSP funds have been received. Melisse reported that the EEAC received a grant of $1500 from LISC. There is a total of $26,520.64 in liabilities and equity. Contact: Proposed Regular and NSP Budget – Melisse May , NSP and Sandy Hoover (outgoing treasurer) Sandy reviewed the various line items in the proposed budget. Michael Bolan described the historical metal signs that are proposed for funding. Melisse reviewed the proposed expenditures for the 2013 NSP, if the City funds the program in the coming year. This included $1624 for final sign payment, $76 for landscaping the area around the sign, and $800 for a shed and fencing for the Riverview East Academy teaching gardens. The new budget and NSP funding proposals will be voted on at the next meeting. Patrick Ormond raised a concern about getting more residents interested in the EEAC and suggested that a line item be created in the budget for this work. Sandy said that changing the budget at this point would be difficult given the vote required at the next meeting. She proposed that support for this work could be taken from the Miscellaneous or the Community Relations line items in the budget. Laurie Keleher suggested money could also come from the second half of the year’s NSP funds. Patrick Ormond agreed to develop a plan to publicize the EEAC and encourage participation; he will bring the plan and any associated costs for consideration at the next meeting. Contacts: and Police Report – Officer Germaine Love, accompanied by a CPD colleague gave the March EE crime report: 1 breaking and entering, 5 thefts and 1 aggravated robbery. Officer Love strongly encouraged the Council to fund a booth at this year’s National Night Out on August 6. The Police Department would like each community council in District 2 to run a booth. Cost is $40-$60 per booth. Office Love pointed out that the EEAC could use the opportunity to pass out literature and promote the Council at this event. Officer Love also handed out a flyer regarding the Medication Disposal Day on April 27 10am – 2pm. Closest drop off point for the East End is the Walgreen’s at 2203 Beechmont Ave. Jackie Weist and others raised continuing concerns about: • Unleashed dogs and owners not cleaning up after the dogs - problem at LeBlond, Schmidt and along the Ohio River Trail. Question was raised about how to get bags/posts available for cleanup similar to those in the Friendship Park. The ORT is a Cinti Recreation Comm. property. Alayne will look into this with the CRC. • Tires and other trash dumping in the EE, particularly on Hoff Ave. and by the city-owned building at Kemper & Riverside. Sandy will contact the city again about this problem. • Increasing amount of graffiti on abandoned buildings. • Trucks engine-breaking on Riverside. Additional signs will be looked into for Riverside Drive. Officer Love asked for a list of the areas with continuing trash dumping problems and encouraged everyone to alert the police whenever seeing a roaming dog or graffiti activity Contact: Officer Germaine Love - 979-4480. LeBlond Report Alayne Kazin - Director Alayne reported that there is a buyer for the adjacent razed school property, so the CRC will not have access to the site. The Marvin Lewis Foundation will sponsor a re-do of the playground in October. In August the baseball field will be moved and expanded, thanks to the Cinti Reds Community Fund & PNC Bank. The parking lot will be expanded, with a separate entrance and exit. Registration for summer day camp will begin soon. Overall membership is increasing. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal and Amber Stewart-Brown, resource manager (absent) There was no report. Contact: Guests - Kate Christoff, Councilwoman Yvette Simpson’s aide (absent) There was no report. City Liaison - Laurie Keleher City Liaison Laurie attended a meeting with representatives from CT about the business district expansion and getting the entertainment district moving. She also met with Sam of REA garden about the fencing and shed. Contact: MSD – Michael Bolan, Vice President Michael Bolan reported that the Metropolitan Sewer District - as a part of the massive reworking of the sewer system to prevent sewage from being dumped into the river - has created an app called RecR8 that will be available in May. This app will inform boaters, fishermen, etc. about current water quality readings at various points along the river. Contact: 3 E Report – Nick Motz (absent) Jackie gave an update • Arrangements for the planting of flower pots and watering have been taken care of. Joe Corcoran will be hired by 3E Business District to water the plants. • The EEAC will again be staffing the East End Party Zone for Flying Pig. Contact: Old Business– Jackie Volunteers are needed for: • The East End clean-up (previously known as the Great American Cleanup Day) on Saturday morning, April 27. Reflective vests are needed for volunteers to wear. • Flying Pig Party Zone at Stanley and Eastern, Sunday morning, May 5th. Announcements – Jackie Weist • There is a Green Umbrella meeting on Friday, May 3rd 8am-1pm at Crossroads Church in Oakley, as Brewster Rhodes reported to Jackie. • A fundraiser for the August EE BBQ will be held on Sunday, May 5th 1-6pm. Joe Corcoran reported to Jackie that there will be food, music and an auction. Gift donations are needed. New Business – Rev. John Henson , Pastor of Cornerstone Pentecostal Church at 2106 Riverside, asked for an update on the timing of completion of the bike facility on Riverside. Laurie said that the work is expected to be completed between June and August this year. Rev. Henson then expressed a number of strong concerns about the effect of this change on his congregation and on the value of his property and the lack of response from the City, including: • Location of the bus stop in front of his building • Lack of parking spaces, particularly during funerals • Overall safety of people getting in and out of cars • Brew River employees parking in front of his church and using all the available spaces. Laurie offered to talk to the Brew River management about employee parking. Signs to reserve parking during funerals was another suggestion. Several others suggested he continue to contact the City Transportation Department with his concerns. It was pointed out, however, that while many residents had similar concerns, the EEAC has approved the plan and would not be reconsidering this decision. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

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March 4, 2013 EEAC Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, March 4, 2013 Call to Order EEAC President Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the LeBlond Rec Center. There were 21 in attendance (12 residents). She thanked Laurie & Melisse for arranging for the new EEAC sign at the corner of Kellogg and Riverside; Barb, as secretary, will update the message. Contact: Secretary Report – Barb Rider The February 11, 2013 minutes were distributed and approved with 2 changes: LeBlond memberships are $2 for children and $10 for adults. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart (absent) The report was prepared by outgoing treasurer, Sandy Hoover (absent), distributed and approved. There is a total of $20,831.07 in liabilities and equity. The books were audited by Matt Ackermann, and “found to be current and in order.” Contact: Police Report – Officer Germaine Love and 2 colleagues (Offices Miller and McBeth) gave the February EE crime report: no thefts from auto, but other B&Es and thefts: at the Shell station (2 from safes), Jeff’s Auto, Tostados, LeBlond (soccer posts). There was also a gas drive off, a shoplifting complaint, and a gun taken from a resident on Strader. Arrests were made for 2 offenses. Officer Love will check on the broken chain and graffiti at the Site station, as reported by Ruth Coon. Ruth also said mail was taken out of mailboxes at 2400 Riverside. There will be 2 hearings to comment on re-licensing for the Inner Circle on Kellogg: April 2nd (2pm) and 16th (6pm). Officer Love advised that we attend in a big group: attending a hearing is the only way to officially comment. Contact: 979-4480. LeBlond Report – Alayne Kazin Usage of the rec center continues to increase; there were 60 people today. She handed out the March schedule. Alayne is hopeful about funding for renovation; they are looking for support from the Cinti Reds & PNC Bank to move the baseball field. She said they are trying to purchase the adjacent razed school property ($790,000 sale price). Betty Burns commented that St. Rose is also interested in buying the site for parking, and urged us to seek corporate help with the purchase. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal (Amber Stewart-Brown, resource manager absent) Charlene said metal detectors were recently installed; they will be used periodically to check students and visitors. They can now activate alarms on doors during events. Next year there will be an extra security officer. Gr. 7-9 students were taken to the Romeo & Juliet at the Aronoff ($5 tickets); Charlene was a walk-on in the ballet! The goal next year is to have every grade level attend a cultural event (e.g. Lollipop Concert, Art Museum, Symphony, Ensemble Theatre). Student participation in Toastmasters is sponsored by their business partner, Great American. They are working on a Health Information Management curriculum for next yr; students will have dual enrollment/credits w. Cinti State. Volunteers are needed to cull library and text books now at REA that have come from McKinley and other closed CPS and reorganize their set-up. Contact: City Liaison - Laurie Keleher Neighborhood Summit at Xavier U. was very successful – the best ever – with attendance over 470. All sessions were filled, and there were stellar presenters on great topics. The organizers received positive feedback on having 2 levels for the sessions. They are focusing now on getting more students engaged in community work (Avondale has done a great job). At lunch, participants discussed what citizen engagement is. A goal is to have the city set policy and be more transparent. Laurie will bring summit data to the next meeting. Bike Facility – Duke is on schedule to be done with Riverside gas line installations in April. Microsurfacing will be scheduled for warmer weather. Some tie-ins to properties will be done next year. Betty and Ruth said they are having trouble with Duke gas tie-ins and sidewalk repairs. We’ll have a ribbon cutting/parade/fundraiser convening at Schmidt in August. Unleashed Dogs - Charlene said there are problems at REA with dogs running loose. CPS is installing a sign on the school sidewalk reminding dog owners of the leash law. This is a recurring problem at LeBlond & Schmidt, also. Maybe we need to have doggie bags/signage. City Budget – Kevin Perkins reported that the new city parking plan vote passed committee tonight after a 4 hr discussion. NSP funds are probably not in danger; this is a very community-friendly council. This is the ‘stub year’ (Jan-June before the new fiscal year begins). Eastern Corridor (rail commuter line) - There is a meeting on Mar 20 6-8pm at the Anderson Community Center on 5 Mile Rd. Laurie will meet with Lew Seiler & Betty to prepare a presentation to the EEAC board. Entertainment/Business District – CT has requested expansion of their business district (EE needs to be named – no problem), with the southern side of Eastern Ave. as part of CT. We need to piggy-back on CT’s business district – they’re giving us a chance to develop our borders. Laurie will meet with Columbia Tusculum and an attorney about how to set up an entertain-ment district. Ruth discussed historical EE borders. Laurie said we need to collaborate w. CT. Flying Pig – volunteer to work in the Party Zone (link in last newsletter); EEAC makes $1050. Paddle Fest – June 21-22 Keep Cincinnati Beautiful – Jackie Clean Up Day – Saturday morning, April 27. REA students are helping (even though it’s prom day) Bumper Stickers – available for $2. “Steamin' to Greatness” NSP report – Melisse May (absent) No report. Contact: 3 E Report – Nick Motz (absent) No report. Contact: Community Relations – Sandy Hoover (absent) The next Meet and Greet will be at BrewRiver on Tuesday, Mar 19 at 6:30 for EE, CT and Linwood. Contact: New Business Discussions - Jackie • There is a plan for a $1.2M residential/commercial project at the site of the East End CafĂ© on Eastern Ave. Contact: • Budget will be discussed at the next meeting. Melisse suggested that we add $200 to pay for our own URL and website; the current blogspot is not user-friendly. • Hoff Ave - Regine Moss, lifelong Hoff resident and a board member at Pendleton (meetings on 2nd Tuesdays), spoke. As the “Mayor of Hoff Ave”, she discussed beautifi-cation issues there. The area needs attention – complaints to the city haven’t done any good. There are tires, brush, and garbage bags left for months on the side of Hoff. Jackie said that Kate Cristoff (aide to Yvette Simpson) will be at the EEAC meeting next month; she made arrangements for a couch on Kemper to be picked up in 48 hrs. • Clean up – An offshoot of KCB will work in Strader area with Joe Corcoran on March 23. • Inner Circle - Pete Georgeton, owner (who previously owned Bogarts on Short Vine, Clifton for 15 years), spoke. The complex on Kellogg includes 15 acres – motel, flea market (240 vendors – 150,000 people/year), pub, and dance hall. It has been around since 1981. The license is up for renewal. There is capacity for 2900 people outside and 1054 inside. The last criminal incident was in 2009 (maybe 5 police runs since then). There are 8 off-duty police (5 cruisers) & 42 security people inside, as well as 15-45 employees each night. Everyone who comes in is ‘wanded’ for security reasons. There are 16 security cameras. The music is country western (no more hip hop). Patrick Ormond commented that Inner Circle is a regional draw to this community; should a community council have power to revoke the liquor license on a regional draw? Laurie said the record has not been bad, and she doesn’t want revocation of license. Pete said the captain of District 2 wants them to stay; he calls the police before a big event, and wants the opportunity to work with police. His former long-time secretary attended EEAC meetings for years. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Feb 10, 2013 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Feb. 10 2013 (make-up meeting for Feb 3 meeting that was canceled due to snow) Call to Order EEAC President Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm at the LeBlond Center. There were 15 in attendance (9 residents). Secretary Report – The December 3, 2012 EEAC minutes were made available and approved. In secretary Barb Rider’s absence, Jackie appointed vice-president Michael Bolan to take notes. Contact: or Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart The books were audited by Matt Ackermann, and all is in order. Contact: Police Report – Detective Kelly Macbeth reported 3 breaking & enterings of vacant buildings, 5 thefts (2 UDF drive offs and thefts from autos) for the month of January. There will be a free Personal Safety Awareness class presented by the Cinti Police Dept at Oakley Recreation Center on Wednesday, Feb 27 7-9pm. Contact: 979-4480 LeBlond Report – Alayne Kazin LeBlond memberships can be renewed at $2 children and $10 adults. Eight new spinning bikes have been added to the exercise room. Private funds are being sought to implement the long term plan for LeBlond that includes riverfront amenities. Contact: President’s report Proceeds of $1000 were reported from the efforts of the Flying Pig volunteers last May. NSP report – Melisse May NSP funds have not been set for 2013, but the EEAC is hopeful that $5000 will be made available for community projects. Residents were urged to make recommendations should the funds be made available. The new roadside sign (purchased with 2012 NSP funds) has been installed at Delta and Riverside to publicize East End events. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers Principal Charlene thanked the EEAC for sponsoring an honor roll breakfast for 165 students and parents. A career path curriculum was outlined for students interested in the health care field. To better understand the image of the school, a questionnaire was developed on why a prospective student would be drawn to the school. The school’s volunteer of the year award was given to Coach Carter. Contact: 3 E Report – Nick Motz An application for a 501c status for the East End/Columbia Tusculum/Linwood business collaborative is in process. Volunteers for the Flying Pig were requested. Contact: Community Relations – Sandy Hoover The next Meet and Greet will be at Brew River on Tuesday, Mar 19 at 6:30. Contact: Gardens • Lois Armstrong, of the Freedom Gardener group, distributed a brochure about classes and food swaps at the CT Carnegie Center on 1st and 3rd Sundays at 2PM. They hope to encourage raised bed gardening for the handicapped and to use gardening as a therapeutic tool. Contact: • Joe Corcoran, of the East End Garden District, said that a few more personal plots in the community garden area are still available for the 2013 growing season. Contact Joe for more information. The district will be supplying greens for Eli’s Barbecue. The Veterans Memorial EE BBQ in the garden district will be held August 10, 2013. Contact: New Business Discussions • The EEAC 2013 budget awaits clarity from the city about funding – Laurie Keleher. Contact: • Fence decoration and banners • Tire amnesty for up to 10 tires if brought to Queen City Avenue on March 23 • Liquor license renewal for the Inner Circle discussion in the midst of complaints about the behavior of patrons. The hearings are April 2, 2pm and April 16, 6pm - we must attend one or the other to comment. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Dec 3, 2012 East End Council Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 Call to Order Jackie Weist, president, called the meeting to order at 7:08pm at the LeBlond Recreation Center. There were 19 in attendance (15 residents/business owners). Contact: Secretary’s Report – Barb Rider The November minutes were distributed and approved. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Sandy Hoover The November treasurer’s report was made available. Checks were written for the Riverview East Academy academic breakfast, annual PO Box fee, drinks & supplies for LeBlond movie night, and EEAC volunteer recognition at Wyatts. Books will be audited by Matt Ackerman of Columbia Tusculum. Total liabilities and equity are $23,494.29. Police Report –Officer Germaine Love and Sgt. Tucker Officer Love discussed the 16 reported offenses for the East End in November (fewer than in October): 4 thefts from auto (one from LeBlond Rec Center), 4 B&Es (including 3 at marinas & Botanics), 1 robbery (at Inner Circle; suspects were known to the victim), and 1 aggravated burglary (on McCullough St; suspects were known to the victim). Officer Love also provided holiday shopping tips: don’t take packages to the car and then return to shopping, watch people, be suspicious. Questions from meeting participants: Difference between theft and robbery? (robbery uses force). Aggravated robbery? (weapon involved). Burglary? (in home). Can we request paperwork be done at crime scene? (probably not). Contact: 979-4480 Election of Officers – Mary Dyer, Nominating & Elections Committee Ballots were distributed to those who had attended at least one meeting in the past 12 months. 12 ballots were returned, and counted by Mary and Barbara Grace. Officers elected unani-mously (and without competition): Jackie Weist, president; Michael Bolan, vice-president; Barb Rider, secretary; Jeff Stewart, treasurer; and Melisse May, NSP manager (absent). Mary led the oath of office. Jackie appointed to the 2013 Executive Board: Sandy Hoover, Community Relations; Laurie Keleher, City Liaison; Nick Motz, Community Development; and Bob Little, Advisor Emeritus. STRIVE Initiative – Greg Landsman The initiative includes superintendents, college presidents and social service agency heads from Cincinnati Public, Newport & Covington. STRIVE has 5 big goals, including kindergarten readiness, 4th grade reading success, increased graduation rates. Knowing that students with weekly tutors do 2 ½ to 3 ½ better than others, they are recruiting 1000 volunteer tutors who will work 40 min/week on primary grade reading, and maybe some math. Tutoring opportunities are available at Riverview East Academy. Background checks costing $5 (school day tutors) or $60 (after school tutors) are required. Laurie Keleher moved that we support & publicize this “Be the Change” program. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Contact: 513-646-0186 Eastern Corridor – Laurie Keleher, city liaison Laurie would like the EEAC to take a position on the Oasis Railway Project, one of 4 core Eastern Corridor Projects of OKI Hamilton & Clermont County: a light rail//Little Miami bridge/Rt. 32 rerouting project to move people between Milford and downtown. Please study the issue ( and email Laurie with your opinion. A committee can be formed, and a vote taken at an upcoming EEAC meeting, once more people review the plans (the project has been 30 years in the planning; there have recently been open houses and information in our newsletters). Laurie has worked on the issue with resident/attorney Lew Seiler, who is against the project. Negatives include expense, a bridge across the Little Miami, and prioritizing the moving of cars vs. people. Newtown is concerned about the impact on its downtown. Part of the project has recently been funded, and is moving forward (rail link from the Montgomery Inn Boathouse to the Transportation hub on 3rd St.). The Oasis Line (just north of Riverside, and then crossing south along Friendship Park) is being used, even though the Wasson Line (in Oakley/Hyde Park) is in a more populous area. However, it is not shovel ready, not for sale, and ends at Xavier University. The number, timing, and speed of trains have not been speci-fied. There will be 10 stations on the 17 mile line: at the Boathouse, near Torrence, Delta, Lunken, etc. Betty Burns said changes in the original plan have been made without public input, and that there would be a $17.63 subsidy per passenger per ride. Laurie cited flawed data (her house on Collins is not listed). Bob Little clarified that the Oasis project is not the 275 to 71 transportation corridor plan. Contact: LeBlond Recreation Center – Katie Lear A Movie Night is planned for Dec 14 at 6pm with $1 Skyline, popcorn & Tusculum pizza; pro-ceeds go to the EE Garden District. There are more activities; a monthly calendar is available. New expanded hours are 9am-9pm Mon-Thurs, and 9am-6pm Friday. Gift certificates are available; membership fees vary from $10 for srs & youth, $20 for 3 ma. use of the weight room, to $75 annual memberships. 53 bike lights were given out last Thursday; even Santa appeared on a bike. Katie warned against putting purses in trunks when parking at LeBlond (one was taken just minutes after the driver entered LeBlond at 6:30pm). Contact: Duke Overlook – Bob Little Bob has developed a proposal for Duke Energy to build an overlook with gazebo and limited parking at their site across from Fuel (“best view in the city”) when they replace contaminated soil (recent EPA order). Contact: Thank Yous! – Jackie Weist Jackie thanked Melisse May for a wonderful volunteer recognition at Wyatt’s on November 20, and Betsy Urban for great newsletters and community announcements. C/T Liaison – Nick Motz 3East, with 30 business members from Linwood, CT and EE, will become its own 501c3 organ-ization on January 1 (and not part of the CT neighborhood council). The only city-identified business district is Columbia Square. 3E is working to have an entertainment district. There is a CT social event at the Carnegie Center this Friday. Contact: Announcements The Community Service Day with Withrow HS, led by Joe Corcoran, has been re-scheduled. Nick will take him the gloves & bags that Jackie procured. Deidre Bullock continues to deep fry and smoke turkeys & ham through the holidays for sale benefit the Garden District - Jackie There is no Meet & Greet in December, and possibly not in January. An announcement will be sent to the newsletter mailing list – Sandy There will be no EEAC meeting in January. Email the city department of transportation (352-2366; to encourage finishing the bike facility. Duke is working its way west on Riverside Dr with under-the-road surface work; when they are finished and the pavement is re-done, the new car and bike lanes will be painted. There were questions about the bus stop area just east of BrewRiver GastroPub (jack hammering), and about parking and future development on Vance near the Dr. Scott building. – Laurie, Sandy, Betty Adjournment Next meeting: The meeting was adjourned at 8:17pm Monday, Feb 4 at 7pm - LeBlond Rec Center Read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at: