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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nov 5, 2012 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Nov 5, 2012 Call to Order Jackie Weist, president, called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the LeBlond Recreation Center. Contact: Secretary’s Report The October minutes were distributed and approved. In Barb Rider’s absence, Michael Bolan was appointed to take minutes. Contact: Treasurer’s Report There were no new items to report. Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal Charlene outlined the “wiz kids” tutoring program and described the application process for much needed volunteers. Tutors will supplement classroom learning when students fall behind in their studies. She emphasized the peril students get into once they fall behind and how not keeping up increases the probability of dropping out. The school held its first annual college night which attracted 12 institutions of higher learning. A leadership program has also been launched to teach proper meeting etiquette using the principles of Toastmasters International. Police Report –Officer Germaine Love reported that there were 22 reported incidents of crime in the East End during October. She highlighted 15 property crimes that included 5 thefts from UDF. Two arrests were made in connection with the UDF thefts. A total of 16 arrests were made for the month. The upswing in burglaries and breaking/entry was noted along with how vacant buildings attract crime. Contact: 979-4480 Cincinnati Council Laure Quinlivan advocated that Issue 2 be passed, citing that council members need a longer time in office to be effective in the jobs. If Issue 2 passes, the term would increase from 2 to 4 years and thereby lessen the time each council member has to spend on the election process. OKI Florence Parker of OKI spoke about the Cincinnati Port Authority operating a range of over 200 miles of the Ohio River. She also discussed the Eastern Corridor Project planning process, with a goal of improving the transportation corridor between Milford and downtown Cincinnati. Road improvements as well as light rail and bicycle transportation are being studied. She passed out a questionnaire survey entitled “ A Strategic Plan for the Tri State Region” and encouraged East Enders to fill it out. It was noted that Cincinnati has 52 designated neighborhoods; 46 have active councils (the East End being one). Contact: or 513-621-6200. LeBlond Recreation Center Director Alayne Kazin outlined a plan to improve the Center using private financing. She distributed a brochure that highlighted proposed amenities including a bike trail along the river, increased parking area, shelter with a river view as well as improvements to those with disabilities. The proposal emphasizes a community park plus programs to enrich the lives of Cincinnati residents. Contact: Flying Pig Marathon Christian Huelsman spoke about the Flying Pig Marathon in the context of social and environ-mental sustainability. This race passes through the East End every year and includes a Party Zone which East End volunteers help staff. Christian also mentioned his efforts to cleaning up Cincinnati hillside steps. The East End has a number of steps overgrown especially those connecting Gladstone Street and the Hoff Street area that are in need of clean up. Contact Christian about clean up of East End steps: Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact: • Melisse thanked those who attended the October 23 Meet & Greet with C/T that was hosted by Chris Rose and Verdin artisans at the old Verdin plant in the 1900 block of Riverside. Chris gave a tour of the facilities and attendees got to see first hand the impressive craftsmanship on their work. • Wyatt’s Bar and Grill will host the Nov 20 Meet and Greet at 6:30 PM • December – no M&G University of Cincinnati DAAP Project – Michael Bolan Lila will continue to research the East End during her Christmas break that includes gathering information about the current state of the neighborhood. Michael and Melisse met with her and her UC coordinator, and are applying for a grant to support the effort of university students. Contact: C/T Liaison – Nick Motz was not present, so there was no report. Work continues on the boundaries of the proposed entertainment district within the East End Garden Area. Garden District Report Joe Corcoran introduced Michael Dixon and Dethra Bullock, both volunteers in the EEGD. Michael is preparing beds for an intensive spring planting and Dethra is busy with a fund raising effort to cook turkeys for Thanksgiving. Joe has arranged for 40 Withrow HS students to visit the gardens on November 19 and asked for help directing the clean-up activities on that day. There was also a discussion about how to maintain the sidewalk pots donated by the city this summer. Joe has trimmed back some vegetation in some pots, and may have a winter planting in others. New Business • Ruth Coons reported that the city violated the property rights of adjacent lot owners as they attempted to repair the river bank erosion on a lot near Vance. • Mary Dyer, chair of the Nominating Committee (other members: Barbara Grace, Connie Greene, and Barb Rider, ex officio) gave a list of nominees: President-Jackie Weist, Vice President-Michael Bolan, Secretary-Barb Rider, Treasurer-Sandy Hoover, or possibly another yet-to-be-confirmed nominee, and NSP manager-Melisse May. There were no nominations from the floor. Elections will take place at the next meeting (December 3). The newly elected president will appoint chairs to the following committees: city liaison, Columbia Tusculum liaison, community development, and community relations chair. Contact: 2260 Riverside #407 (Mary), 3011 Riverside (Barbara G), 1927 Riverside (Connie), 2141 Riverside (Barb R). Adjournment Next meeting: The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM. Monday, Dec 3 at 7pm - LeBlond Rec Center Read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oct 1, 2012 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Oct 1, 2012 Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm at the Riverview East Academy. There were 22 in attendance, including 14 residents. Contact: Treasurer’s Report The Sept treasurer’s reported liabilities & equity of $23,873.38. The biggest expense was putting 50% down on the new EEAC sign for Delta & Kellogg. Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal Intense remediation is being given to 10th and 4&5th graders to prepare them for state testing (OGT and OAA). The Adopt-a-Class program continues, with business volunteers meeting with teachers to determine needs (holiday and year-end parties, supporting students and their families, etc). This Thursday at 7 PM the Riverview Hawks play football against their rivals Hatmakers in the Elder Pit, sponsored by Kiwanis. The upcoming (Nov 6) school levy will not raise taxes, and is important to pass to maintain programs. Official state ratings are not yet in – but CPS has likely maintained its rating (best of all Ohio urban districts) Police Report –Officer Germaine Love reported that there were 18 reported incidents of crime in the East End in September. She highlighted several: at Rivers Edge, UDF (cigarettes), Garden (tools), 2458 Riverside Dr (aggravated burglary of prescription drugs and money), 4308 Kellogg (B&E – arrest made), robbery where victim was punched, 4601 Kellogg (burglary of $200 taken). Linwood had a high amount of crime in September; EE had less. There were 23 reported broken car windows (not 50, as previously stated). There is a very low likelihood that any of these crimes will be solved (criminal damaging is a Part II crime that is not included in our monthly police report, per federal guidelines). Detective Kelley Macbeth (Mt. Washington) said that theft from auto, a crime of opportunity, is the frustrating for police. She reminded all to remove GPS, purses, money, computers, etc. from cars. Knowing serial numbers can lead to pawn shops, retrieval of stolen property, and solving other thefts. Barb asked about night patrol: B-4 (Mt. Washington, Linwood, East End, Columbia Tusculum, Mt. Lookout) has 3 officers on patrol. It was asked if there has been recent gang-related crime in O’Bryonville? (Yes, two arrests were made yesterday). Contact: 979-4480 LeBlond Recreation Center Director Alayne Kazin reported 2 thefts (trailer parts, and 3 swings – including a new $1000 handicapped swing - with chains; 7 swings remain). There are cameras, but without night vision; they may be improved. LeBlond is moving forward with renovation plans; she will bring particulars to a future meeting. 19 people came to the planning meeting. There has been increased attendance at rec programs; spinning is very popular. Cincinnati Federation of Teacher - Elizabeth Jones (not present) Secretary’s Report The Sept minutes were approved. Contact: Montessori Center Room – Cali Herzog, Executive Director The school has been next to (but not affiliated with) St. Rose since 1968. Cali Herzog Is the new director. A Westsider, she has driven to the EE school for the past 15 years while her 4 children were enrolled. There are two years of 5 day/week pre-school (only mornings this year), and one full-day kindergarten. They are trying to increase enrollment from the current 32 students. They will be reducing print media advertising, and using WRMM 98 instead. The Fall Open House is Oct 28, 12-2PM. They are hoping to increase renevue through the RustyBall on Nov. 10th, featuring the band the Rusty Griswolds. RB2012 hopes to attract 4000people to the event at Duke Energy. Every dollar goes to over 159 non-profit 501c(3) organizations. Ticket buyers choose their preferred charity to receive funds. Last year over $400,000 was made. Contact: City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact: • At the recent Neighborhood Summit Planning Session that Laurie attended, “Strength-ening Neighborhoods” was decided on as the theme for the event at XU Feb 16. Contact Laurie if there are topics you would like addressed. • Eastern Corridor project – We should have a dialog about this over the course of a few meetings. Laurie expressed concern over a 30 yr old idea to bring suburbanites downtown. The plan includes building a bridge over the oxbow of the Little Miami River to facilitate getting more Milford cars downtown. The bridge will be north of the current RR bridge. Re-routing Rte. 32 is another part of the plan. There is no prioritization to the four parts of the project (road, bus, bike, light rail); work will begin on whatever gets funded first. The OASIS line that parallels Riverside mostly to the north will be used. There has been no dialogue; just open houses. Brendan McAndrews said he called Waterworks about dead trees, and was told they’ll be cut down when the bike path goes through. Laurie explained that there were originally 3 bike plans: The Ohio River Trail (on Riverside and linking to Cleveland), on the OASIS line, and another recreational bike path along the river (where possible). All three will likely not happen. At this time, the Ohio River Trail is scheduled for completion next summer (see below). LeBlond will have .6 mile bike path, whether or not it’s connected to any of the others. • Duke will start construction of underground facilities on Riverside from Corbin to Kemper at the end of October, completing it in spring. Afterwards, the road re-construction/bike facility will be done. In August, microsurfacing will occur with a special machine brought in that can only be used in hot weather. There may be a ribbon-cutting in the fall. Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact: • The October 23 Meet & Greet with C/T at 6:30 will be hosted by Chris Rose and Verdin artisans at the old Verdin plant in the 1900 block of Riverside. The theme will be education, with guests from STRIVE, REA, and the EE Adult Education Center. • The annual volunteer recognition will be held at the Nov. M&G • December – no M&G DAAP Project – Michael Bolan Lila, who has done work in Avondale and other communities, is being funded in November and will create a conceptualization of the EE. Michael and Melisse met with her and the group of architecture students recently. Contact: C/T Liaison – Nick Motz was not present, so there was no report. Neighborhood Clean-up – Jackie Weist Meet this Sat. 8:30-9:00 at LeBlond for gloves, bags & water provided by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. C/T will also be participating. Joe cleaned up tunnels with the UGiveBack group. Queen City Bike will take care of the new bike lane. Joe has been watering Choir Games flower pots now placed on EE sidewalks. We opted not to get recommended liability insurance to place them there. New Business • The Nominating Committee consists of Mary Dyer, Barbara Grace, Connie Greene, and Barb Rider. Give them suggestions for officers, so they can make a report in November (election at the Dec 3 meeting ): president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, city liaison, Columbia Tusculum liaison, community development liaison, NSP liaison, community relations chair. Contact: 2260 Riverside #407 (Mary), 3011 Riverside (Barbara G), 1927 Riverside (Connie), 2141 Riverside (Barb R) • Monica Miller of REA thanked the EEAC for Friday Power Pack ($3.50@) program provided last year. There is an 80% poverty rate at REA. 66 slots for students to receive Power Packs exist this year. The program is run by the Food Store. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM. Next meeting: Monday, Nov 5 at LeBlond at 7pm. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Aug 2012 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, August 6, 2012 Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm at the LeBlond Recreation Center on Riverside Drive. There were approximately 50 people in attendance, including 24 residents. Contact: Secretary’s Report Barb Rider ‘s copies of the July 2012 minutes were circulated; no edits were suggested, so the July minutes were filed as written. Contact: Treasurer’s Report No expenditures or income in the past month. Police Report – In the absence of Officer Love, Detective McBeth, District 4 Mt. Washington, gave the monthly crime report, mostly thefts from auto. Two thieves have been apprehended. Some kayaks were set loose and found downriver. Golf carts were taken. Det. McBeth lives in this part of town, and stays here because of the safety of the area. National Night Out is tomorrow night at Owl’s Nest in O’Bryonville. Paperwork has been submitted for the police substation; there will be a special event on Strader; those types of events are usually approved. LeBlond Recreation Center Director Alayne Kazin reported that she’s been here 5 months. There are 75 summer day- campers. The LeBlond master plan includes a track, warm water pool, enhanced parking lot, playground, outdoor shelter. A $6million fundraising campaign will be needed; kickoff will be next month; all will be financed privately. She contacted Chris Bingham from CRC about the adjoining vacant school property. He said the property is listed for $700,000; the CRC can spend only $150,000, so cannot purchase it. Stewart Barge Facility There will be a hearing on Wed, Aug 8th at 2 Centennial Plaza at 5:30. Guest Tom Wilson, resident of Twain’s Point in the 1000 block of Riverside Dr.: He wants EEAC support to oppose the zoning change request of 30 acres from planned development to manufacturing. He and his neighbors adamantly oppose this re-zoning. He presented a timetable: 2004-06: residents moved into Twain’s Point. 2008: PB46 Cinti Barge & Rail Terminal (a barge-to railcar operation) began constructing a dock/barge facility to receive and ship pig iron. 2010: CB&RT started sporadically unloading barge cargo onto railcars. 2011: regular unloading of barges, and loading of railcars. Problems: • Noise from dumping pig iron onto the conveyer belt at river and onto RR cars. The loader measures 70 DB, and runs constantly. 80 DB is the noise level of 2 Harleys racing. Every 10 DB doubles the noise. Normal conversation is 50 DB, so it is difficult to make yourself heard on residents’ decks. Hrs of operation 7AM-7PM. • Dust – during a recent thunderstorm, it looked “biblical”. • Railcars - Rusted, 2 of 3 are covered with graffiti, and placed in front of condos. Could they be parked elsewhere? • This is not what the city envisioned when the development was planned. He read aloud a Board of Revision report from the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office to show that property values have been lowered at Twain’s Point. Someone asked on where the east end of the Stewart property is. (Answer: include the Allied property, but not the Johnson property). Resident, Riverfront Terrace: motorcycle noise on Riverside is worse than barge facility. Jerry Krause, Kingston House (with 36 residents) on Bond’s Place: She can see the Stewart dock from her dining room. It was zoned residential, then residential T (transitional). PD (planned development zoning) was before 2006. Four zoning extensions were granted, even though the zoning code says you can have just one. The barge facility was given a 3 months zoning “reprieve". If the PD expires, it reverts to riverfront residential. She is worried about hazardous materials, especially from fracking. There was recently a benzene spill in the EE. Joe Corcoran, EE resident: His family has lived in the EE for 126 years. Business has been in the EE forever; this is a river town/train town. The Stewarts are helping bring in steel to make cars. Phil McManus, Twain’s Point/Towne Properties: Dust is real There are code violations. If manufacturing is permitted, other things will be allowed on the 30 acres. The city’s mission “to bring the river on Eastern Ave. back to the people (residents, bikers, drivers)” 30 years ago was led by George Stewart, Allen Zaring, and City Council. Train cars are now parked in front of the beautiful Friendship Park. The Stewarts should talk to residents as Vice Mayor Qualls asked them to. This is a reversal of 30 years of development. Has George Stewart has changed his mission? Jeff Stewart, owner of barge facility: Provided Sawyer Place Co. history, including its agree-ment with Friendship Park. They acquired over 100 abandoned properties. Some product goes out by truck. They are replacing trucks. First operations are 7:30-8:30 Saturdays only. There is a sound wall on the loading facility. OKI statistics state that 30,000 cars pass Twain’s Point daily. Barge facility is 75-100 ft from Twain’s Pt. Sound tests are within decibel limits. Zoning code violations are filed with the Cinti Bldg Dept. Tim Rowdy, terminal general manager: He has 40 years of barge terminal work. 2008 business plan: refurbish & remodel for $several million. They procured all necessary federal, state & local licenses. They do business with Fortune 50 & 500 companies. They provide mid- to higher paying jobs/benefits. They are attractive to their customer base because of their location on the physical ground above the flood plain (their competition shuts down operations when the river level reaches 52 ft.…CBRT can operate to 60 ft river level ). They ship out with rail and truck within a 300 mile shipping radius. They are proud of their facility, and encourage people to visit (but call first). Marilee Stillpass: Stated the area has been rezoned several times. CBRT was zoned RF2 when purchased, then R5 (city changes in zoning terminology). In 2003, Sawyer Place/Adams Landing was zoned PD/mixed use residential & commercial development, then the tenant vacated. They are operating in a Planned Development District/RFM, not planned development zone. Other questions/comments: • Where is competition? (Answer: on west side) • Jim, Resident: Why load railcars on Saturday morning, just to have cars sit all weekend? (Answer: Railcars can only go east to west. An order to transport is placed with I&O RR to pick them up, and the barge facility has no control over when they come). • Melisse May, EEAC: What are the decibel readings when unloading/loading the pig iron? Would he be able to share them? (Answer: Can’t remember exactly, and didn’t bring them, but have readings available elsewhere and is willing to share). Why is the zoning change for all of the 30 acres owned by the Stewarts, and not just the barge facility property? • Ruth Coon, resident: High-powered boats on the river are noisier then the barge facility. Eastern Ave. has always been industrial. People on the hills caboshed high develop-ment. The tracks, trucks & barges have always been there. • Why not change zoning before you built the barge facility? PD zone expires every year. If not approved, then it will be zoned recreation. (Jackie: Referred people to zoning meeting to get answers to these questions). • Laurie Keleher, EEAC: City has changed zoning terminology. Planning Commission imposed lengths of zoning periods. Are you willing to do more sound or noise abatement, if that is what it takes to be a good neighbor? What track do you own? (Answer: Rookwood Terminals - used to be Cinti Railways. The barge facility does not lease other tracks. I&O picks it up and moves it to their tracks). Do you intend to extend your facilities? (Answer: Two buildings - one in full-time use, other in part-time use. We own the Joseph Beth bldg. Public hearing would be necessary to move cars to JB building). • Betty Zink, resident – Where do you want them to go? • Resident/barge captain: Worked at terminal behind Site station for John Beatty, beginning in 1964. Owns Queen City Riverboats, and has eaten dust of the Dayton Levee project for 2 years. Raised in East End. He brought in 2000 barges himself. Rookwood Oil used to unload oil at the current barge facility site. City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact: The Eastern Corridor update/discussion will be on the agenda next month Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact: • Consumer Energy Alliance & their energy audit providers were present at the July Meet & Greet. The Sept M&G will be on Sept. 18 at 6:30 at the Irish Heritage Center. • Health - Dental healthcare in the EE is good. Air pollution is a challenge. The Public Health Group will be coordinating health issues. They are currently surveying residents and providers, and will be trying to make health care more efficient and coordinated. • A list was passed around for those who want the newsletter mailed to their home. The sign-up will also be available at the BBQ on Aug 18 - Jackie Recycling program – Michelle Perkins. The Mayor’s Recycling Challenge was to be finished by April, but there was a systematic problem in the scanning system. Whenever a citizen got a new cart, it was to count in our favor. There were also 5000 undeliverable postcards. As a result, there were no winners, although this took lots of effort. She last spoke to them in early July; there is no news since then. Columbia Tusculum – Nick Motz, liaison • 3E business group currently has 50 members • Charlene Myers – Riverview Academy new principal Demolition of Highlands Heritage School. Not on O’Rourke’s schedule. Rep from Park Natl Bank declined invitation to speak. Historic designation not granted because it’s on a flood plain. EEAC has done as much as we can do. Lew Seiler sent letter opposing demolition of school. Announcements/Other: • EE BBQ, Aug 18 – Parade at 8:00 AM beginning at the Irish Community Center. Music at noon. Bring desserts. Mary Beth Wilkers has 6 confirmed crafters. Contact: 615-6003. • Councilwoman Yvette Simpson will visit the East End on Aug 15, 6 PM, picnic table at LeBlond. • Plan Cincinnati master plan will be unveiled Aug 30 6PM. Last spring we attended charettes held for this process, but the EE was not included as a neighborhood. • Traffic lanes on Riverside will be changing Aug 10. Hopefully, this will calm traffic. • Kroger in Walnut Hills may be closing. Try to shop on 2nd & 4th Tuesdays 4-8PM. Turn in receipts over $25, and you can request products for them to stock. • Ruth Coon asked how to get a ballfield named after someone. She suggested naming the Riverview East Academy ballfield after Mr. Brown, who was a beloved PE teacher/ coach in the East End for many years. It was suggested that she write a letter to CPS (not necessary to copy City Council, County Commissions, or City Hall). The more names on the petition, the better. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM. Next meeting: Monday, Sept. 10 at Pendleton Heritage Center at 7pm. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Sept 2012 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Sept 10, 2012 Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm at the Pendleton Heritage Center. There were 28 in attendance, including 17 residents. Jackie announced a change in the usual meeting format: the August minutes and financial reports are available, but will not be voted on. Contact Barb Rider for changes in the minutes, and Sandy Hoover for questions, etc. in the treasurer’s report. Contact: DAPP student report – Melisse May & Michael Bolan Melisse introduced 3 students from the University of Cincinnati DAAP program (Yua Wo, Lila Rasoulian, and Huniging Han) who are studying the East End. They presented their preliminary findings: existing conditions in the East End. Contact: Tour w. Yvette Simpson – Melisse May Councilwoman Yvette Simpson met a few weeks ago with East End leaders (Jackie, Melisse, Laurie Keleher, Michael, Joe Corcoran, Ruth Coon, and Betty Burns) outside LeBlond. Discussion included the Highland School being demolished, the importance of the East End, and our challenges. Councilwoman Simpson asked about our top three priorities. Melisse sent those to aide Kate Christoff after getting input from the EEAC Board: involving the East End in “place matters”, increasing the number of street trashcans, having more parking for our emerging business district, reducing the number of vacant properties, increasing police patrols/communication, and more funding. Long term goals include leveraging the jewel of the East End to other neighborhoods, and opening up LeBlond viewscapes (Melisse asked if anyone has past plans for this landscaping project). Longterm planning, versus knee-jerk reactions, is a goal. A tour of the East End, followed by dinner at Eli’s, was provided. Councilwoman Simpson mentioned the walkabout in her Sept 5 “Simpson in the City” newsletter; Kate Christoff said the East End walkabout was her favorite neighborhood visit. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Meyers, new principal Ms. Meyers, with resource coordinator Monica Miller, spoke about her goals. She is concerned because the REA went down a category in the State Report Card. It is important to identify and have partners, parents and staff focus on the same priorities: quality instruction, special needs students, increased parent involvement w. specific programs, staff morale, and attendance. The EEAC October 1 meeting will be at REA. Mrs. Meyers thanked us for being invited. Hazen/Glenn Alley Garden Project – Tom Kahle, new resident Tom presented a proposal to landscape a portion of the Hazen overlook, which the Greenes have cleared out and planted with 18 evergreen trees purchased by Randy and Sandy Hoover. The plan includes flower gardens with color, while preserving the view. Ruth said that the Greene’s work has kept neighborhood safer. The vote was unanimous to do the garden. Laurie will send the plan to the City, since we have revocable street privilege. Betty Burns asked if we could re-open a previous plan to have an overlook and canoe launch, etc. on Hazen; she asked if the property is private. (No, the riverbank there is owned by Johnson Electric). Police Report - Officer Love was not present , but a written report was made available (14 thefts, 3 B&Es, 1 aggravated burglary, and 1 felonious assault). There will be no police sub-station at Pendleton, so AIG funds that were to pay for that need to be re-assigned. The money could be used to purchase surveillance mobile video cameras to loan to EE residents. Laurie made a motion to change the use of AIG funds from funding a police substation to purchase of cameras. The motion was seconded. Questions: Will the person requesting the camera monitor the footage? Will spending $650 on cameras result in a high enough quality to produce usable evidence? Do we need signs by the City that there is video monitoring ongoing? Nick Motz asked if AIG funds must be crime-related (No, but they must be spent by the end of the year). Could we spend on something else? Can private citizens have camera on their property? (Yes). Motion passed. Melisse & Laurie will look into cameras. Barbara Grace is concerned about procedures for borrowing cameras. Gail Silver suggested seeing how it goes. LeBlond Recreation Center – Director Alayne Kazin was not present. The effort to raise capital funds has begun; Melisse is serving on the fund-raising board. Phase I includes enlarging the parking lot, moving the ball-field, building an all-accessible playground and multi-purpose sports field, and incorporating the Ohio River Bike trail through the property. The razed school site could be used. Columbia Tusculum Liaison – Nick Motz There are now 50 members in 3East; some businesses still need to pay. New Business: • EE logo contest – Jackie Newsletter editor Betsy Urban has suggested a contest to design an “I Love the East End” – type bumper sticker. Ruth Cain suggested advertising on our website. • An East End Run was suggested by Bryan Phillips. The idea was on the EE Facebook page and got no responses. Jackie suggested that he bring this up again after Riverside Dr. resurfacing work is finished (next spring). • Barry Ransick wrote about repair of sidewalks in front of Duke. A response was received that after the bike trail goes through the property, the sidewalks will be fixed. • “Spring in our Steps” is a new City project to save old steps, alleys, and rock walls. Contact Christian Huelsman on Facebook if interested in joining in the effort. Jackie suggested we add wrought iron to the focus list. City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact: She will summarize the proposed transportation link in the newsletter or at the next meeting, so the EEAC can vote and take an official stand on this. Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact: The next Meet and Greet (for East Enders) is Tues, Sept 18 at 6:30 at the Irish Heritage Center on Eastern Ave, hosted by Maureen Sullivan. There will be a cash bar with snacks available. Announcements: • Fundraiser for American Legion Hall – This Sat, Sept 15 in the Garden District • Bricks from Highland School – Ruth. Outside white bricks (not red brick) will be available for sale at Pendleton, as a fundraiser for the Pendleton Heritage Center. Jackie suggested she write this up for the newsletter. • Queen City Bike Club – Bike2Baseball on Sept 23. This 1:05 Reds game may have been changed to an evening game, in which case the event may not happen. • Wyatt’s Bar & Grill has opened in the Say Cheese location by the Antiques Mall on Kellogg. There may be a M&G there in the future. • Cinti Human Relations Committee has a new Community Outreach & Engagement Coordinator, Christina Brown. Contact: • A public hearing on the City’s proposed 2013 Requested Consolidated Plan/Action Plan Budget will be Thurs, Sept 20 at 5:30 at City Council Chambers. • A “ghost ride” through the East End was recently held to memorialize Andy Gast, killed near Lunken Airport while bike riding at 6AM on Aug 28. Other: Barb Grace is concerned with all the recent broken-out car windows (more than 50, she says). Laurie is going to call Councilwoman Simpson about the lack of police communication on this issue. Melisse suggested that residents call the sergeant – she’s always gotten a response. Barb also wondered why police did not question a man in a car for 2 weeks at Schmidt Park on St. Peter. Laurie talked about Citizens on Patrol. Should we consider a neighborhood watch program? Laurie will look into this with Officer Tucker. Jackie has contacted Sargeant Scholl. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM. Next meeting: Monday, Oct. 1 at Riverview East Academy at 7pm. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 2, 2012 EEAC Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, July 2, 2012 Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm at the LeBlond Recreation Center on Riverside Drive. Contact: Secretary’s Report Barb Rider ‘s copies of the June 2012 minutes were circulated; no edits were suggested so the June minutes were filed as written. Michael Bolan was appointed to take minutes at the meeting in Barb’s absence. Contact: Treasurer’s Report In the absence of Sandy Hoover, there was no June report. Jackie reported that an additional $250 was received from the efforts of the Flying Pig volunteers, making the total $1050. Police Report - Officer Love reported that there were 12 incidents of crime in the East End in June. All offenses were property crimes including: a robbery on Stanley involving a stolen mobile phone, two boats stolen from RiverTown, and an employee theft of $34k from an East End business. There was a citizen complaint about the ongoing use of drugs, trafficking and evidence of needles in the alley between Strader and Wool. Officer Love suggested that the Drug Hot Line 513.979.4416 be called to file a complaint. Drug related activity on the grounds of the LeBlond Recreation Center was also reported Ohio Bike Trail Don Mills of Queen City Bike presented plans to use the existing, under-utilized Oasis RR Line to connect to downtown Cincinnati. This path would complete a bike/hike trail from Cleveland to the Cincinnati core and make the East End “a Mecca for Bicyclists”. The proposal calls for private funds to build a trail on the 55 foot right-of-way while still keeping the existing two sets of tracks for future use. The bike/hike path would be leased from SORTA. The lease would be temporary in that it could be terminated if SORTA needed the space to provision for light rail. However, the plan envisions the trail co-existing with the future light rail. $1.5M of the estimated $4M necessary to build the improvements has already been pledged from private sources. Much of the funding would be used to overcome six “pinch” points along the rail line. The access to the rail path would begin at Carroll Street and terminate at Friendship Park. It was noted that one of the 2 tracks has not been used for 35 years and that the line cuts through the East End with no regard for weed/trash/litter control. SORTA has owned the rail line since 1994 but has yet to make any improvements. LeBlond Recreation Center Director Alayne Kazin reported that usage of the pool (open to 6 PM) and overall usage of the facility is up dramatically since it was repurposed with a broader agenda that includes a 33-kid day camp and 15-kid special program. The site’s exceptional riverfront location has been the impetus of an ongoing plan to unlock its potential. Alayne showed renderings and sought input about a path along the river and a dog park. Private funding would be sought to finance the improvements. City Council Councilman Chris Smitherman shared his concerns about the city’s finances but pledged his support for the Oasis Line light rail and biking in the East End. The city needs to find $34M to balance its $350m budget. A balanced budget will require hard choices by city council members with its different viewpoints. Candidate for Judge Steve Black outlined how he thinks a courtroom should be run based on his 37 years of practicing law. City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact: • Michael Moore confirmed that the city will start the road improvements for a bike facility through the East End from Carrel to St Andrews (first leg), and then to downtown. • Building permit for construction along Riverside Drive near the Duke Facility - Jerry Imbus is seeking a variance to build using a bus stop right of way and the purchase of a lot owned by the city. He had previously asked support of the EEAC for this project, but the EEAC withheld support pending the submission of a plan. Jerry showed a site plan at the meeting and asked for support. Concern was expressed about the how the elimination of the bus stop cut would affect the use of the bike path as a turn-off area amenity. There was also discussion about the purchasing of city lots for the purpose of development and the history of developers leaving the property neglected and not following through with the plan. An EEAC vote on the issue is holding until more information with a rendering of the project is supplied. Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact: • The University of Cincinnati DAAP program has a student outreach program that helps designated neighborhood plan improvements. A grad student has offered her services stipend-free this summer to render a Riverside Drive streetscape. More to follow… • Mary Beth Wilker is organizing an Arts and Crafts area on Strader Avenue during the Garden BBQ on August 11. More artisans and craftsmen are needed. • The date of the July Meet & Greet is changed to Tuesday, the 31st, and will be held at the Carnegie Center on Eastern Ave with C/T and Linwood. The special topic is energy with a presentation by the Consumer Energy Alliance. • There was no objection to the liquor license request by Wyatt’s Bar and Grille (in the former Say Cheese space at the Antique Mall). Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM. Next meeting: Monday, Aug 6 at LeBlond at 7pm. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 7, 2012 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, May 7, 2012 – LeBlond Recreation Center Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:00. There were 18 people present, including 14 residents. Contact: Police Report In the absence of Officer Love, Officer Duane Dawson provided handouts to encourage people to use Leads Online – a way to track personal property with serial numbers statewide. He reported 2 auto thefts, 1 aggravated robbery on Dumont, 2 burglaries, and 7 breaking & enterings for the past month. Secretary’s Report In Barb Rider’s absence, Ed Rider presented the March and April 2012 minutes; they were accepted and filed. Contact: Treasurer’s Report Sandy Hoover presented the 05.07.2012 balance sheet (including $26,635.70 in total liabilities and equity). $150 wine tasting fundraiser at Tusculum Pizza was deposited, and a $649 AIG check was received. Sandy provided the rules for use of these funds. We need ideas for spending the AIG funds within the next few months. Contact: Guests • LeBlond Recreation Center – Alana Kazin, director The new Get Fit program was described. LeBlond is offering a spinning class. It participates in the Reds Rookie Success League. Residents are encouraged to become members (application forms were provided). Alana reminded us that LeBlond was scheduled to close, but additional recreation offices and programs for developmentally challenged residents were moved here to keep it open and take advantage of the recently remodeled and handicapped accessible facility. She showed the new conceptual plan for the site, which includes more sports facilities, a fishing pier, a shaded seating area, an indoor pool, and a bigger parking lot. $5.2 million is needed; private fund-raising will be undertaken. Alana asked for ideas and opinions. Contact: • Riverview East Academy – Lin Yates, principal Mr. Yates described the school’s progress, including increased parent involvement. Great American is providing 82 tutors. He read a letter from a 4th grade teacher about the community garden, describing how excited the students are about working with Sam Dunlap from the Civic Garden Center, learning about nature and plants. Sandy Hoover explained how $150 was given to this garden project from the February winetasting fundraiser. . • UC Trauma Center - Richard Branson A regional research project testing a new procedure for blood transfusions to critically injured patients was reviewed. They are required to alert the public about this procedure. • Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library – Paul Burch (not present; no report) OLD BUSINESS Bike Facility There has been lots of positive responses from the April EEAC meeting devoted to the bike facility, but so far only traffic counters have been installed. Actual construction is to begin soon. Historic Signs – Michael Bolan, vice-president. Contact: The drawings for prototype signs will be ready in 60 days to completed, and then will be presented for input and approval. Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact: • The new event sign, to be installed at Delta & Kellogg, will be going in soon. We are waiting for city approval. • The next 3rd Tuesday Community Relations Event is at the Double Barrel Brewery on Eastern Ave. on May 22nd at 6:30 with Linwood and Columbia/Tusculum. The June event will be at the Brew River Gastropub, if it is open. • STRIVE, a local group to improve public education in Ciincinnati, Covington and Newport, will be announcing a new STEM initiative in July. City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact: • Laurie reviewed the Garden District Guidelines (hand-out). She will email a copy to anyone who requests one. There are no guidelines yet for signage. • A pilot for mobile produce truck zones is being worked on. There would be no more than three zones in the East End. This project started in the EE, and is now city-wide, so we should be proud. Thanks… – Jackie Weist • …to all who participated in the Great American Clean-up on Sat, April 21 • …to the many residents who helped at the Flying Pig PartyZone on Sun, May 6th, and especially to Laurie, who was in charge. The EEAC receives $1000 for this project. NEW BUSINESS Fundraiser for Corcoran family/fire – Ruth Coon There will be a fundraiser at the Pendleton Heritage Center on June 23rd, 7pm-midnight $10@ (21 or older) for the Corcoran family of 6 people who lost their Riverside Dr. home and three dogs to fire recently. The house was a total loss and they have no insurance. Laurie moved that we give $1200 from our emergency fund to the family. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Dayton KY levee 24/7 fill project The EEAC Board recommends that we send letters of protest about the 24/7 construction noise and bright lights on the Dayton shore of the Ohio River. Resident and attorney Lew Seiler has offered to draft a letter to the federal and Kentucky DOT, and the city of Dayton. It was also suggested that the media be notified. Laurie moved that the letters be sent. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously. Announcements – Jackie Weist The Neighborhood Summit is Sat, May 19 at SCPA to review the recent Plan Cincinnati char-rettes about Form Based Codes to make neighborhoods work with these priorities: 1) Inclusive, Thriving, Livable Communities 2) Well-planned and Developed Infrastructure 3) Safe Communities 4) Sustainable Built & Natural Environments 5) Commerce & Jobs 6) Leadership & Financial Stewardship 7) Efficient & Effective Basic Services RiverSweep is Sat, June 16. The local target area is Schmidt Field. Contact: Betty Hull from the Eastern Corridor group will be at the June 4 meeting. At a recent SORTA meeting, it was announced that new buses will be purchased. Jackie attended a recent meeting, where she learned that ORSANCO and MSD are working together to promote the riverfront, use of the Ohio River, and river clean-up. There is a meeting on May 10 for the Coalition for a Drug-Free Cincinnati. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM. Next meeting: Monday, June 4 at 7:00 at Pendleton Heritage Center. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have newsletters emailed to you at

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Apr 2, 2012 EEAC Council Mtg Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, April 2, 2012
Riverview East Academy
Call to Order
Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm. There were approximately 45 people in attendance, including 20 residents, two city council members, members of the Queen City Bike Club, a representative of the Linwood neighborhood council, and the president of the Madison-ville council. Channel 12 filmed the beginning of the meeting. Contact:

• Riverview East Academy – Lin Yates, principal
Mr. Yates welcomed the meeting participants, and encouraged all to visit the K-12 school. He will provide personal tours of the building.

• Police Report – In Officer Love’s absent, the report was given by Officer Kelly Macbeth, District 2. The report covered the periods Mar 5 - 29, 2012. She said there are lots of B&Es and property thefts in our neighborhood, but very little violent crime. Residents and passers-through were encouraged to keep vigilant. In response to two questions, she said to report copper thefts and barking dogs. It is not a waste of time for the police.

• Jackie welcomed city council members Wendell Young and Roxanne Qualls, Transportation Director Michael Moore, Madisonville Council president Bill Collins, Linwood council rep Ralph Jacobs, and NSP head Rick Deiringer.

Bike Lane Introduction – Laurie Keleher
Laurie summarized the reason for meeting: the intent to delay the promised bike lanes on Riverside Dr. She provided a history of the project: the EEAC approached the City in April 2010 to participate in the city bicycle plan. The EEAC worked with neighborhood, providing opportunities to learn about options for a bike facility and to provide input. The goals of the project include managing speed on Riverside to provide a safer environment for bikers and pedestrians. Contact:

Bike Lane Comments, Questions & Answers (speakers identified when known)
• Maren Ostendorf, representing the Queen City Bike Club. She had biked from North-side, and was glad that the bike lanes were regarded as a positive asset to the East End.

• Betty Zink, 53 year East End resident and owner of 3 businesses, recalled similar discussions about speeding traffic in previous years. She thinks cars, not trucks, speed through the neighborhood.

• Biker explained how 4 lanes of traffic seems to cause cars to drive faster and more recklessly. It is difficult for bikers to get into the left hand lane. Opening doors on parked car are very dangerous to cyclists.

• A resident noted that sometimes bicyclists drive 4 wide; the law calls for 2 wide.

• We need more education for both bicyclists and drivers of vehicles.

• Money has been budgeted for the project. If it doesn’t go forward now, the money might be wasted. Answer: The study will not have to be done again.

Michael Moore, City Director of Transportation and Engineering.
Mr. Moore stated that he is committed to slowing traffic and making Riverside a better neighbor-hood street. He explained the thinking for delaying the bike lane installations: 471 N (in N KY) started construction today (replacing pavement). The project will take until the end of 2012, and next year 471 S will undergo the same construction. Rush hour traffic from Mt. Washington, Anderson and Eastgate to/from downtown will likely switch to use Riverside or Columbia Parkway to avoid 471. Riverside morning rush hour traffic is already 800-900 vehicles/hrs/2 lanes (capacity); afternoon rush hour traffic on Riverside is 1200-1400 vehicles/hrs/2 lanes. Reducing Riverside lanes to one lane for the bike facility at this time could be problematic.

Traffic gridlock (on 471 and Riverside) is dangerous for many reasons (i.e. getting emergency vehicles through). He suggested waiting a month to see what happens (this is spring break week, so there isn’t a true picture of the traffic change). Money for bike lanes won’t go away, unless Council decides there is a better use for the funds. The morning rush hour is the primary concern – commuters from the eastern suburbs working in the city pay income taxes, and they are stakeholders also. Mr. Moore thanked EEAC and QCB for their commitment and concern. 200 emails were received protesting delaying the project. He asked that we be more patient, and said we’d talk again.

Mr. Moore explained the project (from S to N): bike lane, traffic, traffic, bike lane, parking.

Questions and comments addressed to Mr. Moore included:

• Tom Flotman, new EE resident. Says he’s been patient for a year waiting for the already delayed bike facility, and wants it to go in now.

• Concern was expressed about waiting 8 wks to start construction. Won’t that be too late for construction in 2012, and cause a one year delay? Answer: No, the hot summer months are best for this type of construction anyhow. And the city can go ahead with the concrete work now to show its commitment to the project.

• Can 471 work be done at night? Answer: It’s already a 24/7 project.

• Will the Riverside bike project be done at night? Answer: No

• Can trucks go on Columbia Parkway? Answer: No. People drive too fast; it’s a parkway not intended for truck traffic. Columbia Parkway is near capacity: 25,000 vehicles/hr.

• Why wasn’t the project done last year?

• Jackie Weist, president of EEAC: Is the City doing PR work to suggest commuters ride their bikes, take the bus or carpool? She thinks 95% of cars have only 1 occupant.

• Ken Welsh, EE resident: Is it possible to shut down one lane for a few days to see how it works? Answer: Let’s try counting vehicles first.

• What about the Oasis bridge project? Answer: It (Eastern Corridor Project) is at least 10 years off.

• Jane Sites, EE resident: Why isn’t the bike path on RR tracks? Answer: There was an exhaustive study done 4-5 years ago to see if this could happen. The RR property is owned by SORTA; there are other ‘players’, and they couldn’t reach agreement among all. This is still an active RR line. Clearances are also needed for this project. Laurie explained that the East End neighborhood requested Riverside Drive bike lanes.

• Betty Zink: Why didn’t I know about this? Answer: There will soon be an informational sign at the corner of Delta & Kellogg. LeBlond has newsletters, and posts EEAC meetings on its new sign. You can also subscribe for free to an online monthly EEAC newsletter.

• Paule Asch, QCB: Make bike lane wide enough for my wheelchair, because it will take so long, I’ll be in one when it’s finished. Wait until gas is $5, and educate citizens about benefits of biking.

• Frank Henson, QCB: Will the contractor hold its bid open until the end of summer to accommodate this ‘wait and see’ delay? Answer: Yes. Originally, the Dept of Transportation recommended starting over, but has now changed its opinion and reached agreement with the contractor to hold its bid until the end of this summer (unless asphalt prices raise too much).

• Will there be reversible lanes? Answer: No, never again unless there are physical barriers to put up to stop traffic. They are very dangerous and cause fatalities.

• What can we do for safety now?

• Bill Collins, Madisonville Community Council: He is in attendance, because the EE is part of the Eastern Corridor planning (from 71 to Red Bank Rd), and he supports the EEAC. He is hopeful to have an eastside bike path that extends thru Ault Park & Linwood. He thanked Mr. Moore, and said he is one of the biggest allies for bike-friendly planning. He is most worried about ODOT’s policies and practices.

• Has only seen one police car during rush hour. Answer (from resident): Rush hour occurs during shift change. Answer (from Mr. Moore): We’ll work with police during changes.

• Can we have cameras in school zone? Betty Zinc: There already is a camera near Riverview East Academy. Laurie: The EEAC may invest in infra-red deer cameras that can be loaned out to different parts of the neighborhood. This is being discussed at the next Board meeting, and would have been on the agenda tonight, had it been a regular council meeting.

• Betty Zinc is worried about slow traffic or traffic tie-ups during construction of the bike facility effecting EE businesses. Answer: This project should lengthen pavement length by 6-7 years, therefore reducing the need for as much future construction. And the construction should be less disruptive than a normal street rehabbing project.

• Councilman Wendell Young thanked all for attending and inviting him. This is part of his listening tour. He believes that communities should have a voice in what’s going on. He is really impressed with what the EEAC is doing; it functions much better than some other neighborhood councils. He stated that Michael Moore is doing a good job at representing the city. He will always try to have a presence at our meetings; he introduced his aide, Josh Sabo.

Laurie thanked Mr. Moore and reiterated our position that there be no delay in the bike facility project. The EEAC wants people to come TO our neighborhood, not speed THROUGH it. She stated that most of the neighborhood has embraced the project.

CORRESPONDENCE: Jackie read EE residents Meg & David Nauss’ letter, concerned about losing curbside parking due to the bike facility, and reminding the EEAC that not all residents are for the project

Additional comments on the bike facility:
• Betty Zinc has concern for bikers riding after 6 PM. She said there is a need for more police presence. This is the only concern she now has.

• Jackie Weist said that Mariemont has a 25 mph speed limit. Couldn’t the East End? Answer from Michael Moore: To lower speed limit, there would need to be a speed study, which gets a little complicated because of Riverside being a federal highway (US Rt 50). Bill Collins suggested that we can learn from Mariemont and other suburban communities.

• Bob Little, EEAC business chair: Should we have a vote or approve an action plan? Answer: Laurie Keleher – Not necessary at this point; the EEAC has already voted. Councilwoman Roxanne Qualls: The issue will be taken up by her committee on Livable Communities next Tuesday at 1:00 in council chambers. You can speak for 2 minutes by filling out a speakers’ card at the meeting. Michael Moore: He will have information on the traffic counting that will begin in a few days on Riverside.

Resident Request: Jackie – Resident David Wendell wants to know if there are objections to him buying the lot next door to him on Worth Ave. Laurie stated that he needs to present his case himself in front of the EEAC. This is a Rec. Dept owned city lot. FEMA rules in ‘97 and ‘04 prohibit sale to private individuals to build on, although it is believed this would be green space (but not a community garden). LeBlonde Rec Center director Alayne Kazin offered to have someone from Rec come to a meeting; it was decided to have David Wendell speak first.

All other business of the EEAC was tabled until the May meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.

Great American Clean-up is Sat, Apr 21. Meet at LeBlond at 9AM
for donuts, coffee, gloves & bags.

The May 7 EEAC meeting will be at the LeBlond Recreation Center.

NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Monday, April 2, 2012

EEAC Mtg March 5, 2012

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Mar 5, 2012
Pendleton Heritage Center

Call to Order
Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. There were 23 people in attendance, including 15 residents.

Secretary’s Report
Barb Rider presented the Feb 6, 2012 minutes; they were accepted and filed. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Hoover presented the 03.05.2012 balance sheet (including $26,693.34 in total liabilities and equity). The 2012 budget has not yet been approved. Contact:

• Police Report - Officer Love
Officer Love gave a brief report (Ryan New in a white van was arrested for air conditioners/ copper theft on Feb 6….Putting in a police substation at the Pendleton is not as easy as previously thought), so her colleagues working on regional terrorism could speak.

• Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group – Buddy Blankenship and Lesa Smith, Cincinnati Police
Work has been ongoing 10 years on the Fusion Center Concept (aka Joint Terrorism Task Force) and they are now going to community councils to inform them about their work. The US has been divided into 50 regions – 12 counties are included in the local tristate task force, which the Cinti Police coordinate, under leadership of the FBI. They look into HVE (Homegrown Violent Extremists); most terrorists are US citizens. With purchased equipment, they are able to track criminal activity, and help fight the war on terrorism. They are assigned by the FBI; they explained that the threat of force against people has caused a shift in the government’s posture; they have been able to disrupt a number of plots. Handouts were provided. If we develop a Citizens on Patrol group, they would work together. Everyone should know who to call; an example of when to call is a car parked outside the water treatment plant taking photo-graphs. Other places to focus on are: Kinder-Morgen, Duke, and Cinti Water Works Contact: 765-1212 (police non-emergency #).

• Mark & Connie Greene spoke about asking the city to sell them 20 of 80 additional feet west of their current property in the 1900 block of Riverside between Verdin Bell & Site gas station. They have built 4 homes, and plan to build more so need more property. They would buy the grass, not pavement part, and currently take care of it. The set-backs are clear.

• LeBlond Report – Elaine Kazan
There is an Open House on Friday, March 16 5:30-7:30pm. Three new signs are being installed on the LeBlond grounds, as well as a directional signs near Schmidt Field. Program information is available at They will be pursuing the soapbox derby project. A man with a black dog was observed sawing tress and bush on the river side of the fence (apparently to make a better view). There was speculation that the activity may be to take core samples for the bike path that will go along the river.

Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact:
• The February wine/pizza pairing at Tusculum Pizza made $153 for beautification of the Garden Area (planting of trees).
• Tonight marks the first attempt to move the monthly EEAC meetings throughout the neighborhood. Pendleton host Anna Huiri was thanked. Next month and in October, the EEAC meeting will be in the lobby of Riverview East Academy (provided free of charge).
• The 3rd Tuesday social event will be at the Sky Galley Restaurant at Lunken Airport; in April at Tostados.

City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact:
• We will be receiving $5000 in NSP funds. Our proposal for a sign will be presented for April review.
• There is a potential delay with the bike facility on Riverside, due to the re-=routing of traffic from Kellogg to Riverside during upcoming 471 construction.
• Ohio and the Hamilton County Depts of Transportation are proceeding with planning for light rail through the East End from Milford to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse to 4th St. There would be a terminal at Delta. Information is available at

Branding of the East End
• Michael Bolan is continuing work on a pilot project to install a historical sign (with a photograph etched in steel of a building “back then”). One would be built, and then a defision could be made to decide if we should build more. Pilot sign will probably go on private property to bypass permit issues somewhere along Riverside.
• Sandy Hoover reported that phone pole banners will cost $250-$350@. They would be 5ft. tall on telephone pole with a steamboat logo along the East End’s 5.2 miles stretch of Riverside and Kellogg. It is yet undetermined where they would be located or how many are needed to make an impact.

Columbia/Tusculum Report – Nick Motz, chair. Contact:
• The emerging eastside business association met last week with 20 businesses represented, and is officially forging ahead. It hopes to have its own 501c3 by the end of year. Next step is to find a name.
• Volunteers are needed for the Flying Pig Marathon Party Zone on May 6 at Eastern and Stanley The EEAC will make $1000 profit. Email Nick for forms.

Business - Bob Little
• The latest issue of Venue Magazine has an article “Inside the East End” featuring a new art studio, residences, etc.
• Bob is planning a fundraiser, likely fishing during the BBQ in the Garden District. He is working with the Ohio River Launch Club.

Old Business
• Recycling - Michelle and Kevin Perkins are putting doorknob handouts on the 150 homes that have not yet used their recycling carts. The city-wide neighborhood recycling challenge might be extended.
• Keep Cincinnati Beautiful – Ruth Coon gave details about the “2012 State Roadway Cleanup” on Sat, Mar 31 9-1. The annual East End clean up, with staging area at LeBlond, will be on April 21. She also announced that all 4 Pendleton air conditioners were stolen last week. Trash behind Pendleton needs to be cleaned.

Announcements – Jackie Weist
• Veterans’ Parade organized by Joe Corcoran – May 19 (may be moved to September)
• Open House for Cincinnati Comprehensive Plan – Mar 19
• Changes to Historic Conservation – Mar 12 Centennial Plaza 3:00
• Letter from Peniel Missionary Baptist Church – Mar 24 to celebrate Rev. Driver’s 9th anniversary
• City/liquor license input – Apr 3 2:00 and Apr 17 6:00 Rm 300 City Hall.
• Ruth asked if we could write a letter complaining about city weeds.
• McClure from Councilman Wendel Young’s office spoke.
• There was a break-in at St. Rose’s through Montessori School – 3 wks ago.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 PM.

Next meeting Monday, April 3 at 7:00 at Riverview East Academy

NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Monday, March 5, 2012

Feb 6, 2012 EEAC Meeting

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Feb 6, 2012

Call to Order
Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm. There were 21 people in attendance, including 14 residents. Jackie provided a special welcome to George & Vergie Mullis, who have not attended in a while. Contact:

Secretary’s Report
Barb Rider presented the December 5, 2011 minutes; they were accepted and filed (there was no January 2012 Council meeting). Contact:

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Hoover presented the 02.01.2012 balance sheet (including $26,461.80 in total liabilities and equity). The 2012 budget has not yet been approved. Only one check was written since the December meeting ($52 for two years for the EEAC post office box) and one check was received $100 (from the Recycling Challenge). Contact:


• Police Report - Officer Love
The report covered the periods Dec 2, 2011 – Feb 2, 2012. Most crime involved businesses, not personal property. There were 27 cars break-ins, and an aggravated robbery at the Shell station on Kellogg – the perpetrator, on a bike, showed the cashier a knife and asked for money. Officer Love has investigated the complaint made at the Dec 5 EEAC meeting of dogs loose by Schmidt Field. The police received a formal notice about someone trying to buy property at 204 Worth (Garden District). Laurie Keleher said we have always opposed the sale of city property, but this sale could be a good thing. We should receive notice also, and Laurie will check on it when at City Hall. There were no objections to Laurie handling this.

• Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group – Robert Blankenship and Lisa Smith, Cincinnati Police
They will talk to us next month about critical structures (i.e. the Duke substation and the water treatment plant), and how we can help them. The definition of terrorism has been expanded to include activist groups like anti-abortionists, animal rights advocates, and white supremacists.

• City of Cincinnati, Dept. of Public Services – Andrew Glenn
DPS has spent the past two years working on balancing tonnage and efficiency of city trash routes. Because the system is not fully automated (with “one arm bandit” pickups), it takes 6 hours/day to get a route done. There are 122,000 residences where trash is picked up. The system is complicated by the many ‘paper streets’ (i.e. alleys without residential addresses). There will be fewer garbage routes in the future (currently 36 routes in 4 districts; in March, there will be 31 routes in 3 districts), so trash and recycling days will be changing for some. Hyde Park, Evanston, Walnut Hills will have more changes then the East End. To communicate the changes, DPS representatives are going to all neighborhood councils. They will provide emails, apps, and a website so residents can check their trash and recycling days. Residents who will experience a change will receive a postcard: “Your Trash Day is Changing” (one will be mailed to owners, and one to property owners – 65% of residences involve renters). If you don’t get card, there is no change.
In other trash news, ordinances are being reviewed. An example is possibly regulating bricks, rocks and stones mixed with trash, as the city has experienced $1million in workmen’s comp from this. There is a proposal to wrap everything in plastic to prevent the spread of bedbugs. They may also look into uniform carts. Laurie asked about tires – each residence can put out three tires each trash day, or take the tires to the city dump (as well as yard waste and wood) by Spring Grove and Westwood M-F. Bob Little asked about large items; residents should call the haul truck for sofas, etc. Waste tonnage has gone down, because metals are taken by scavengers.

• CMHA - Kelly Kramer (not Sharon Smith) and Lisa Eisham (voucher program)
Annual reports and power point notes were made available. CMHA is the housing authority for Hamilton C, providing 3 types of affordable housing for low to moderate income families: 1) public – CMHA owns & manages 5200 units; 90% of these are in the City of Cincinnati, 2) vouchers - formerly known as Section 8 - the subsidy stays with the person who can go to any private landlord, and 3) affordable housing program – city owned, but privately managed rentals. 25% of city residents are at poverty level; 15% when the entire county is included. The voucher program was developed in 1970s as a federal program; recipients pay 30% of their income towards rent and utilities. Average income is $12,000; recipients include the working poor, elderly, and disabled. Properties that qualify have voluntary landlord participation. Housing quality standards are set by HUD. There are initial and annual inspections. Rents must be comparable to the market rate in the area; there can be no delinquent property taxes or building code violations. Owners cannot have a history of fair housing rule violations. There is a waiting list for CMHA housing (13,000 people); it will take 3-4 years to go through the list. The last time the waiting list was opened was Apr 2010; there was a lottery for the 19,000 applicants in a one week period. There must be a criminal background check for a tenant to qualify for vouchers, but the landlord decides ultimate rental qualifications. The voucher holder cannot owe money to the public housing authority. Tenants must attend a briefing explaining the program.
Laurie asked about visitors who move in, use drugs, etc. and wondered how landlords are removed from the program. There is no master list of violations; HUD regulations are used (Part #982). There is a “talk to us” hotline 513-721-2642.
Michael Bolan asked about building code violations; there is annual re-certification for each landlord. CMHA cannot exceed federal regulations in its own regulations.

• Building Institute Core Change - Mr. Herrington was not present; there was no report.

• LeBlond Report – Alayne Kazin
There has been lots of activity – an accessible swing and door are being installed; yoga and “stroller strong” (9:40 M-F) programs are popular, with 25 participants; the pre-school program continues with Katie. Le Blond has received the following liquor license requests/renewals: Irish Heritage Center 3905 Eastern Ave.; Brew River GastroPub (formerly Maribelles; .Bacchus Nightclub 5307 Pete Rose Way and The Whiskey Bar (the latter two are not in the East End).

City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact:
• NSP $5000: Melisse May described the 8x10’ one-sided informational sign with 6-8” changeable letters to be installed on the corner of Delta, Kellogg and Riverside (similar to the Riverview East Academy sign. It will have a locked cover, a steamboat logo and the name of our organization. This will assist residents without internet access to the EEAC newsletter, and enable us to communicate more broadly. The cost estimate is $5000; we will get competitive bids. A rough schematic on tablet was passed around. There were no questions; we should vote on this before the March NSP peer review. Melisse made the motion to use our $5000 in NSP funds for such an informational sign; there was a second. The vote was 14 yes, 0 no.
• The Garden District meetings have gone very well; there have been a few zoning questions. The next phase is to explore regulations regarding FEMA properties, and what it would take to build there.
• A petition supporting lighting the tunnel at Stacon and Stanley signed by neighboring residents will be presented to the Transportation & Engineering Office and Laurie Quinlevin. The lights would be installed on the existing pole with no assessment.
• 25 trees on Gladstone Ave. were cut down while the property owner was away, without his authorization. It is believed this was done to improve the river view from a deck above the property. This was reported to the police. There has also been some drug activity under the Columbia Parkway bridge on Collins (as evidenced by needles on the street and sidewalk). There has also been an occasional congregation of people in the LeBlond parking lot; when called, the police came right away.

Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact:
• Our next 3rd Tuesday gathering (Feb 21 at 6:30) will be a fundraiser co-sponsored by the Columbia/Tusculum and Linwood councils at Tusculum Pizza on Kellogg. Laurie will share Garden District plans. Wine & pizza pairings will be available for $20@ or $50 per family. Donations will also be accepted. Evites were sent; please RSVP.
• The committee is looking to more broadly involve the East End community, and will change monthly EEAC meetings to social institutions (LeBlond, Pendleton Center, Riverview East Academy). Signage will be helpful. We need more yard signs (i.e. at Collins), and re-directional signs for doors (i.e. LeBlond). Nick may have some signs.
• Tell Melisse of suggestions for topics for other 3rd Tuesday gatherings.
• Melisse also supplied snacks she brought back from a recent visit to Kenya.

Columbia/Tusculum Report – Nick Motz, chair. Contact:
• An eastside business association has been formed. Nick is VP of Marketing; the next meeting is this coming Friday at noon at Eli’s on Riverside.
• Part of Babb Alley by Eli’s has been prepared for parking with the help of Joe Corcoran. The building next to Eli’s is scheduled for demolition (still in name of deceased owner).

Business - Bob Little, chair. Contact:
• The vacated school on Riverside has been taken over by a bank, and is being boarded up.
• Nick is doing a great job making Eli’s BBQ a success.
• There has been good cross promotion among businesses (i.e. a Fuel mailing promoted Eli’s)
• Say Cheese, a new restaurant at the cleaned up Antique Mall on Riverside, has opened – with good food, service & prices. The owners previously were with Bob Evans.
• Fuel would appreciate your help. Curb service is available. There will be no Sat car shows in the winter.
• C/T eateries: Allyn’s is going Cajun…Green Dog CafĂ© and Brueggers are doing well… The Precinct has installed a historic bar from Connecticut in their new sports bar.
• There is a new internet retail consulting business at Riverwalk.
• City Councilman PG Sittenfeld is promoting the sale of produce at The Gardens. Laurie will be meeting with him later this week.
• The February issue of “Venue” Magazine featured East End businesses. The April “Venue” will feature “Inside the East End” with a look at residences.

Old Business
• Recycling - Michelle and Kevin Perkins attended a recycling meeting, and are visiting residents to hang flyers to either participate or turn in their green recycling cart. The points that residents use can be donated to schools to build gardens.
• Proposed Budget: $1000 Garden District (tools, maintenance)…$100 gas…$130 newsletter…$800 C/T Wedge: tree maintenance & installation...$750 Riverview East Academy (Sam Dunlap with the Civic Garden Center)…$400 Community Relations (volunteer recognition, Meet & Greets)…$250 incidentals (LeBlond, Soap Box Derby) …$5000 branding (historic sign - $300-500 & banners - $200@ along Riverside Dr.) = Total 2012 Budget = $8430. Sandy suggested that the $5000 branding budget be postponed until we have more exact prices; the total budget uses half of our savings. Mary Beth Wilkens will work on putting a plan together on branding. Nick reminded us that we should disseminate all budget items and then vote on them in March.
• Landscaping: Bob asked that the LeBlond sign garden be maintained. Duke is tearing up sidewalks between Corbin and Delta; we’ll ask for tree holes to be left. 62 trees have been ordered through Urban Forestry.
• Keep Cincinnati Beautiful: no one knew the 2012 date. Maybe Ruth Coon will head up this project again.
• Nick is heading up the PartyZone fundraiser at the Flying Pig on May 6.

The March 5 EEAC meeting will be at the Pendleton Center.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:48 PM.

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