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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

EAST END AREA COUNCIL Minutes from November 3, 2014 President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. at the LeBlond RecPlex. There were 29 in attendance including 4 visitors, and 3 constabulary. Jeff thanked Charlene Myer and the Riverview East Academy for hosting last week’s Garden District meeting with Frank Russell of DAAP. We will continue to work with residents about parking plans in the area. The Secretary and Treasurer Reports were approved. Jeff Stewart was not in attendance but sent the figures. After paying for our newsletter and some mowing, our balance is $19,906.49. Guest Elias Leisring talked about the phenomenal success of Eli’s BBQ. Residents spoke about their parking problems, the obnoxious bull horn, the port-o-lets, underage drinking, open containers, possible drug deals and loud music. He said there would be no music next season. Other issues are being worked on.There were arguments for residential parking, green space and a 5 story parking garage. Officer Germain Love gave the report on B&E’s, thefts and one safecracking. She introduced District 2 Capt. Jeff Butler and Sgt. Jeff Scholl, a drug expert who has been moved to downtown. The Capt. gave us his # 979-4444 but said we should start by calling 911 whenever we see anything that should be reported. East End has the second lowest crime rate of his 14 neighborhoods. Sgt. Scholl said to call him at 979-4470 with any drug problems. Sandra Tucker, who gave us reports occasionally, has been moved to Youth Services. Alayne Kazan reported that the RecPlex and CRC are working with developer Terry Inman on his plans for the old school property. She will keep us in the loop. EEAC will not approve vacating Framer’s Alley until CRC responds to us. Charlene said the new Health Clinic is getting the word out. They have a doctor and a nurse practitioner in addition to the school nurse. She urged all to vote for the levy tomorrow. She also talked about a grant received to aid literacy by working with families. There will be 4 sessions in the subject areas of Science, Math, Social Studies and English. Jane Sites reminded all that Dec. is election of officers. Jeff, Michael and Jeff have agreed to stay on; Laurie Keleher has been nominated for Secretary while Tad Schroeder is willing to be our NSP Rep. There were no nominees from the floor. Gardener Ryan Doan has offered his name as a committee chair; he is willing to help, esp with greenspace. Under new business, Jeff asked for a vote on amending our by-laws to reflect the new Westernmost point of the East End at the beginning of Riverside Dr. There were 14 votes for, 2 against and one abstention. The 2 against wanted to revise the whole old paragraph; the abstention thought we should check with Downtown Council. CPC says that we may put the boundary wherever we want it. (!) Matt Andrew from DOTE says there is a lot at Vance St, which has a Water Works easement, ergo it is not buildable. DOTE plans to pave it for trailhead and commuter parking for bicyclists. There was one opposition who thought it was too disconnected to the trail and that it would be too dark, thus making it a potential crime area. Tom Brinkman waited through our entire meeting to introduce himself as a candidate in tomorrow’s election. What stamina!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

East End Oct. 6, 2014 Minutes

EAST END AREA COUNCIL- OCT. 6,2014 President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7:05 at Le Blond Recplex. There were 21 residents or business owners in attendance and 10 officials or guests. The Minutes were approved. There was no Treasurer’s report. Officer Germaine Love gave the police report. There were 20 offenses in the East End this past month. She said that there have been complaints about the noise and loud music at Eli’s. She also said that they were not in compliance with outdoor entertainment rules and that there were no permits for the tents. The code officer in these matters is Larry Kieffer. Guest Dan Striley, Science Outreach Coordinator for the Museum Center, urged all to vote for Issue 8. This 5 year tax will revitalize the crumbling terminal. (Dan has East End roots that go back to 1849!) Guest Tim Neu urged voting for Issue 6, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment plan that will ask for 6 mils for 5 years. Guest Satolli Glassmeyer gave a brief overlook of his Road Rally business. ”History in Your Own Backyard” has over 50 sites in the East End,Columbia Tusculum area. These rallies can be used as fund raisers. Brown Street Developer Jim Kirsten said that he has revised his plans as the EEAC objected to closing off one end of the street. He reworked the sidewalks. There will be 4 single homes built in the $440,000 range. The Entertainment District had 2 liquor permit applications listed in the City Bulletin. John Tieman is converting a 1913 building at 3520 Eastern into a bar called “Pearls.” He is trying to save items of historic note. There will be 2 floors with an outdoor patio; hours will be 4 pm – 2 am. There were no objections. (This property is listed in the Bulletin as The Last House Standing.) The second permit application is for Nick Motz’s property at 3229 Riverside at Wenner. He is planning a bar and / or restaurant. Debbie Welsh asked about parking plans. Laurie Keleher asked for definite usage plans and Michael Bolan objected because of the same parking/noise problems at Eli’s. Jim Kirsten asked why one of the city lots could not be used for community parking. Melisse May said there were also commercial lots available. The Council voted (9 to 5) not to approve this license at this time. Alayne Kazin reported that LeBlond had 300 daily visitors during May-Sept. She reminded all that the Recplex is also for therapeutic recreation. In addition, it has reasonable classes such as Fitness for $20. She passed out new brochures about the 24 community centers under CRC. Charlene Myers, Principal of Riverview Academy East, said the opening of the new Health Center went well. President Jeff Kirschner spoke at the event. They received some checks from supporters. Charlene also said that the old pump station on CPS property will be leveled and landscaped. Guest and candidate Judge Carl Stich gave a short speech. He has been in law for 33 years and with the Dept. of Justice. He is running for Common Pleas Court. Jackie Weist reported on the new Neighborhood Quality of Life Advisory Board that she is serving on, headed by Gerald Checco, Director of the Dept.of Public Services. The first initiative is to have “Blitz” neighborhood clean-ups on Fridays. There will be a public hearing on this in Oct. Jane Sites said that the East End will have a picnic on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 5:30 on Strader. The Board has chipped in for fried chicken but asks all to bring a side dish, drinks and a chair. Melisse May has arranged for a Community In-Put Meeting with DAAP’s Frank Russell to discuss uses of City land and parking challenges in the Garden District. The objective is to find workable solutions for both residents and businesses. This will be at REA school library at 7 p.m. Oct. 29. The Garden District is defined as South of Riverside between the school and Schmidt Field. NSP chair Barb Rider said that neighborhoods will receive $4800.this coming year. We have proposed our funds be used for installing our sign at Salem, moving the Kemper Lane sign to the new boundary just past The Boathouse and purchasing our Liability Insurance. of Turner Farms; they are seeking a lease for a city lot on Setchell. Denise Muomi, a Walworth resident, had complaints about the odd hours of the trains, blowing long whistles at 5 a.m. She wanted to know to whom she should complain. We suggested SORTA and the I and O railway. Jeff reminded all that there will be a zoning review committee meeting soon. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

East End Area Council Minutes for Sept. 8. 2014

EAST END AREA COUNCIL MINUTES FROM SEPT. 8, 2014 President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7:03 at Le Blond Recplex. There were 16 people in attendance. Mary Dyar moved to accept the minutes; Virgie seconded. The Treasurer was absent. There was no police report. In his report Jeff said that we have 4 volunteers for the next round of Cincinnati Planning Commission boundary matters. No date has been set for that. He appointed Jane Sites and Joe Corcoran to the Nominating Committee. There should be one more. Principal Charlene Myers from the Riverview East Academy announced that all 7th and 8th graders now have computers, part of the “My Tomorrow” initiative. Help will be coming through the “Advisement” aspect of this program for non-academic skills. Ass’t. Principal Justin Leach said that the new Health Clinic will have an Open House on Sept. 30 at 4:30. REA is proud of its winning football team. There was some discussion on the MSD plan to eliminate the old pump station in front of the school. Bids are going out to have it leveled, but there are a few people who would like to know the feasibility of saving the silo as a water storage tank for the school and community gardens. In all probability that would be cost prohibitive. Residents and MSD people are looking into it. Jane Sites is working on a community picnic in the Garden District. This will be Oct. 14 at 6 p.m. Details to follow. Melisse May reported on the properties on Walworth and Brown St. The former wants to develop 3 lots; the latter has a new plan that will NOT close part of the street. There were no objections from residents or police, but the EEAC would like to see official coordinates. Melisse also filed the Community Priority Requests. Those will be chosen in April. Laurie Keleher gave an update on the mosaic wall progress. She wants old photos of the area, especially ones depicting local people. The artists are looking for a “place holder face” to represent the East Enders of the past. Two of the 14 mosaics are ready, waiting for CWW to weld the trellises. This should happen in Oct. When that is done, we will be able to get some publicity for this project. Grants are being sought for finishing the project. Liquor licenses have been applied for by Nick Motz and by The Last House Standing. This will be presented again when the police district has all the info. Both places are in the new Business District. Nick’s is on Riverside while Last House is on Eastern. Barb Rider sent word that we need to think about how to spend next year’s NSP funds. The $4800 must be applied for in Oct. Some suggestions so far include: a pocket park near the Linwood boundary near Terry’s Turf Club; landscaping the front of REA after the pump station comes down; moving our western boundary sign to near The Boathouse and installing our eastern boundary sign near Salem; giving a sum to Sam Dunlap for the REA Garden Program; Michael Bolan’s Historic Signs for the neighborhood; other branding ideas; add more money to the Water Works Wall project….the list goes on. We need a profitable money maker. Or a fairy godmother! Joe Corcoran announced that he will be volunteering with the USO for a Veteran’s Salute on the field at a Red’s game. Vets’ are asked to sign a huge American flag. They are trying to break a Guiness World Record. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aug 2014 EEAC Minutes

EAST END AREA COUNCIL MINUTES AUGUST 4, 2014 The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Kirschner at 7 p.m. at the Leblond RecPlex. There were 15 members and 2 visitors in attendance. The minutes were approved as was the Treasurer’s report. Kelly McBeth gave the Police Report. Thefts from autos were down 42%, but other robberies were up 28%. A complaint was made about open booze, possible underaged drinking and late music at Eli’s. Officer McBeth said she would pass this on to Officer Love. Don Ernst said that we must help make Eli’s a better place as it is such an asset to the East End. There was another complaint about prostitutes hanging around the area between Gotham and Lumber streets. Alayne Kazin reported that LeBlond was still very busy this summer. Some 400 bicyclists came through on a Cleveland-Columbus-Cincinnati ride. This was for the American Cancer Society. Charlene Myers, Principal of Riverview East Academy, introduced the new Assistant Principal Justine Leach. She said that the new Health Center will have an Open House on Sept. 30. She encourages East Enders to sign up their non-school families. There is also a summer reading program in effect. If students comply, they win a free “no-uniform” day. Jane Sites announced that there will be a 3-community Meet&Greet on Aug. 19 at 6:30 at Tostado’s. Jim Ortman of the Chamber of Commerce will say a few words about their new “Grand City Experiment.” There will be a door prize. Melisse May (City Liaison) had a list of 10 possibilities for the city’s Priority Requests list. She had them very well organized into categories including A) Best Fit, city likely to pay attention; B) Not appropriate, as not within city guidelines and C) all others, some of which might get done. That grew to 15 suggestions before the assembly voted. The winners were: 1)Tunnel Lighting for safety and to deter loitering; 2) Bike Lane Connection with O’Bryonville and 3) Weed Removal and Control on Hoff. Melisse will submit our requests to the city on Friday, August 8. Barb is advertising several things on the East End sign near Delta between now and Labor Day (the new Health Center, Meet&Greet, etc). No new news from NSP as our project has been approved. The Water Works Wall project is on schedule. Jeff thanked everyone who came to the zoning map viewing evening. The Planning Commission is studying responses from all Councils as we turn them in. He announced that our Sept. meeting will be the 8th because of Labor Day. Jane motioned for adjournment at 8:10 p.m.

Friday, February 7, 2014

East End Area Council Minutes, Feb 7,2014

EAST END AREA COUNCIL MINUTES FOR FEB 3, 2014 Call to Order - President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. at the LeBlond RecPlex. There were 22 members present and 6 visitors. ( Secretary’s Report - Barb Rider had prepared the minutes in the absence of Jackie Weist. There being no additions or corrections, Dennis Camp made a motion to accept the minutes; it was seconded. ( Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart was not in attendance. There was no change in the $22,580.43 figure from last month. ( Guest Heidi Black, an advocate of the Preschool Promise Campaign, addressed the importance of early learning.( Police Report – Officer Germaine Love was pleased to announce the arrests of 2 of our regular bad guys. There were 10 B&E’s, 10 thefts and 1 burglary in Jan. Because of bad weather, the Town Meeting has been postponed. LeBlond Report – Katie Lear suggested that a fitness card would be a good Valentine gift. The RecPlex will have a team for the Mini Heart Marathon. Interested? Call 352-4013. Feb. calendars are at the desk. Riverview East Academy – Principal Charlene Myers announced the appointment of new Assistant Principal, Randy Yunker. She said that the school has had 2 hours delays almost every day during this weather crisis. But the Health Center is moving forward. Melisse May noted that this Center will open up lots of opportunities. Through partnerships with the Y, the school has been able to procure the services of Women Helping Women and Coaching Boys to Men. Joe Corcoran asked if the teaching garden will continue now that the Civic Garden Center and Sam Dunlap project is winding down. The answer is yes, but they need some volunteer help. ( President’s Moment -Jeff said that we have accepted the KDHK bid for the necessary Liability Insurance required by NSP. He thanked Laurie Keleher for submitting the annual AIG report. The St. Andrews street sign and light pole went missing after an accident. The City was called and Regina Moss reported the light is now working. Michael Bolan and Clean-ups - Michael has arranged for several clean-ups with KCB. Slogan for the year is “Don’t Trash My ‘Nati!” March 22 will be the first big tire sweep, followed by a general clean-up on April 26, the week end before The Pig. There will be an after party. Another general spruce up will be May 10. Targeted areas will be Babb Alley, Hoff St., St. Andrews, the Delta 7 points and Waterworks areas. New this year will be the Kemper to Boathouse run, anticipating their inclusion in the EE boundaries. Several groups have committed to help us: ODOT, Public Allies and a UC group connected with DAAP, in addition to special tire dumpsters and super cans coming from Alicia Kravitz and Adam Curry from KCB. We need to insist that the city maintain the bike lane. EEAC could also join the ORSANCO effort next summer, in preparation for PaddleFest. Jane Sites – The 3-way Meet and Greet will be at Tostados on Feb.18 at 6:30. The new presidents of EE, C/T and Linwood will be introduced. Nick Motz will talk about the 3E Entertainment District plans. Melisse May said that the Eastern Corridor meeting to discuss the location of the terminal has been postponed until Feb 27. Time and place TBD. Laurie Keleher – Laurie explained details of the proposed Water Works wall beautification project with its specially designed mosaics depicting real people from the East End. Dennis Camp asked if there was any chance the wall could be taken down to expose the beautiful building. No, as that is a flood wall. He also asked what the final total will be. $80,000 + or -. Laurie explained that NSP funds, in-kind donations and private monies will cover the costs. These include security cameras, engineering fees, plants, watering and maintenance. Patrick Ormond asked if neighboring properties had been informed. No, but this project has been discussed at the last 3 meetings, the topic was posted on the Delta sign and printed in the emailed newsletter. Barb Rider made a motion to use the $5000 NSP fund for the project; it was seconded. The vote to proceed was overwhelmingly in favor of the project. Attorney Brad Thomas - Brad updated the 3E Entertainment District plans to be respectful of the school and private homes. Joe would like to see the area behind Eli’s included as that is zoned for business. That area has private residences and as such would not be eligible for inclusion. The Fuel Coffee Shop and the Pendleton Center are included in the Entertainment District. Nick Motz made a motion asking for a Letter of Support from the EEAC. It was seconded and approved unanimously. Brad explained that the Entertainment District can be amended when there are zoning changes. The 3E plan must first go to Livable Communities before going to the full City Council. As stated earlier in the minutes, the 3E plans will be discussed at the Meet and Greet, Feb. 18. There being no further business, Dennis made the motion to adjourn at 7:55. Motion seconded and carried. Next meeting: March 3 at 7 pm, LeBlond.

Monday, February 3, 2014

East End Area Council Minutes

Call to Order – Jeff Kirschner, president The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm at the LeBlond RecPlex. There were 23 people in attendance, including 14 residents. Contact: Secretary’s Report – Barb Rider (in absence of Jackie Weist, secretary) The Dec 3, 2013 minutes were circulated; there were no corrections. Contact: Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart We have total liabilities & equity of $22,580.43. Expenses in December were $195.26 to Riverview East Academy for an academic award breakfast, $32.02 to Wimberg Landscaping for lawnmowing, and $15 to Chase Bank for service fees. Contact: Police Report – Det McBeth (in absence of Off. Germaine Love) There was a District 2 town hall mtg on Jan 7 with new Chief Blackwell and district commanders. The December crime report included 6 B&Es, 13 Felony/Larceny/Thefts, 1 Burglary, and 1 Aggravated Robbery Armed (known suspect). The usual report/map was not available as the crime analysis has been away. Det. Bellamine has investigated most of these, and has signed warrants on most. Betty asked about a break-in on Sat night. Det. McBeth was unaware of it, but will report on it at the Feb. meeting. Contact: 979-4480 or LeBlond – Alayne Kazan, director Alyne reviewed membership costs: $10/yr. adults; $2/yr. children; $70/yr fitness. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers, principal • The Health Center planning grant has been approved. Architectural plans will be finalized at the next meeting, which includes about 30 people (the Local School Advisory Comm). The center should be open in Aug. It will be primarily for students, but there will be community hours. Withrow HS has just opened their Health Center, and the REA committee will tour it. They have a lot of latitude on what they want to do with it. • They are encouraging volunteerism, but recognize that it can be challenging for some. Dr. Vickie McMullen, the new school resource coordinator, is developing ways to encourage and support volunteers. Volunteers are needed for office work, etc. as well as tutoring. Contact: NSP – Barb Rider, NSP manager Barb explained that each of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods will receive $5000 in 2014. She reviewed what NSP funds can be used for (i.e. neighborhood improvement, communication, development, services, education). The next deadline to submit proposalsl is February 7; the last is April 18. At today’s meeting we will hear more about the Waterworks wall art project that was discussed in December. At the February 3rd meeting, a vote will be taken on using NSP funds for the project. Barb said that it is advisable to have one project, rather than a number of small projects (to reduce paperwork with NSP). Contact: Community Relations – Jane Sites, co-chair Sandy Hoover, co-chair, will produce the online newsletter while out-of-town. She met with former editor Betsy Urban to transition the work. The next Meet and Greet will be Tuesday, Feb 18 at 7:00 at Tostados. It is pay-as-you-go; Jane will have nametags & sign-up sheets. Jane will try to get a speaker on the Eastern Corridor. Jane said that the Community Relations Committee is supposed to do Outreach & Educational Programs. Patrick Ormond said that should involve reaching out to residents & businesses to tell them what EEAC does (i.e. advertising a meeting at a park and inviting East Enders to attend and get more involved). There was a discussion on neighborhood boundaries (Jane suggested inviting residents from the condos between Kemper & Eggleston, shown as the EE on the Proposed Land Development Code Use Based Zoning map). Jeff said that the planning department is going to redraw a master map of all 52 neighborhoods. Patrick Ormond said that there’s been a boundary controversy between Mt. Lookout, CT, Mt. Lookout, EE, Linwood for decades. In the 1990s, it was decided to let the boundaries overlap. An example of the confusion: Walworth residents benefitted from being in the EE and getting low-cost mortgages, but now claiming they are part of CT. Contact: 3E – Community-wide Entertainment District (CED) - Nick Motz Nick explained that a CED is a designation on paper that provides businesses with a pool of liquor licenses. In 2012, Columbia Tusculum initiated a CED on Eastern Ave, but lost momen-tum. In 2013, the EE, CT and Linwood got a 501c4 designation for a joint district (3E). Their goal in 2014 is to restart the process with a 3 community-wide CED. They have hired Bradley Thomas, attorney at Manley-Burke. He has created CEDs for Short Vine, Clifton Heights & OTR. Brad explained the boundary map that he has created for 3E and will file with the City. The applicant will be 3E Business Association. The map follows zoning; no single family homes are in the CED. A traditional liquor license, for businesses not in a CED, costs $30,000 +/- on the open market. With a CED, the liquor license fee is $2500+/-. The liquor licenses must stay in the CED area and can never leave. Licences in CEDs are issued according to the same criteria as regular licenses. Businesses in CEDs are issued a license if/when they qualify and if there are available licenses. If the business closes, the license goes back into "escrow" and becomes available to another viable applicant in the CED area ONLY. A CED can help create new restaurant licenses (i.e. Cilantro in CH, Venue 222 in OTR). There were many questions, with the following answers: • With a CED, there can be no open containers; there must be a level 2 (minimum) food service license. Community councils, schools, churches maintain the right to challenge a license. • The proposed 3E CED doesn’t go west of Schmidt Field because it must be contiguous, and not involve single-family homes. • Existing liquor license owners, especially when they go to sell (unless they sell to someone not in district), may be at a disadvantage. • The timeline: Meetings with other 2 neighborhoods this month, vote and obtaining letters of support in February, then 60-90 days are needed for approval. • Licenses stay within district, and cannot be sold outside of district. • Wine stores would be allowed (only if serving food as well). • Existing protections for schools remain in effect (i.e. 500 ft minimum from establishments that sell liquor). • The City benefits via more income tax, the county benefits through increased property taxes paid, and the state receives the license money. • Marinas have special licenses that are less expensive. • This is not a zoning overlay; rather, just a designation to liquor control. • City Council can eliminate or modify the CED at any time. • The CED application intent is published in the Enquirer, but notice is not mailed to residents adjacent or in the CED. Betty moved (seconded by Patrick – withdrawn*, then seconded by Regina Moss) that we notify residents living adjacent to this district by simple letter and invite them to the Feb 3 meeting. The motion failed. The vote on Feb 3 will be emailed to the 300+ news-letter online recipients and will be posted on the Delta sign. *Laurie Keleher had a point of order, challenging Patrick’s right to be involved with votes/motions, as he is neither an EE resident or business owner. He said he received a lifetime membership for serving as president for 10 yrs in the 1980s and 90s. Contact: President’s Announcements - Jeff • Flower pots – Jeff was contacted to see if we want flower pots through the Business Improvement Program (No). The other flower pot program involves the large pots we received from the World Choir Games in 2012; Laurie can contact those who maintain them on their property to see if they’d like to continue. • Clean up Sat, April 26 – before the Flying Pig Marathon. 5 dumpsters will be made available from Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. We can get rid of used tires. Michael Bolan will find locations (i.e. Hof) for dumpsters. We’ll need a packer at each dumpster. • Liability insurance is required by NSP; Jeff is getting bids and will present them to the Board. Old Business Clean & Safe Grant Project – Matthew Andrews (architect with City Dept of Transportation) Matthew provided an overview of the proposed project that will improve safety and appear-ance of the Waterworks wall east of St. Rose’s Church on Riverside. Phase 1 would go near the main entryway. He has teamed with Melisse May, Michael Bolan and others to create a design, which has been awarded $5000 by the KCB Clean & Safe Grant Project. Matthew has done many of Cinti’s gateways; he believes this will be a regional draw. Phase I includes the first 4 panels of vertical gardens (supported by steel trellises and bordered by vertical tile mosaics), security cameras, and solar lighting. The cost of Phase 1 is $20,000 and is covered by $5000 from Safe & Clean, the proposed $5000 from EEAC/NSP funds and over $10,000 of in-kind services and personal donations. Matthew is volunteering his design and architectural services. The mosaics will be created by EE artists the Kovermans and will feature historic figures from the EE. They are donating one panel and providing the other three in Phase 1 at reduced cost. Ridge Engineering from Northside will provide the steel for $4000, and a company in Oakley will do the galvanizing. Waterworks will fabricate the steel trellises ($4000 in kind contribution), and will provide ongoing maintenance of the wall and plants. The sidewalk will be cut out and soil put in for native plants. Volunteers will install the project. Once the first 4 panels are underway, other grants (i.e. NEA) and sources of funding will be pursued to complete the 22 panels needed to cover the entire wall. Melisse has worked to register the EEAC to enable the EEAC to apply for federal funding. Completion of Phase 1 will serve as the basis for grant requests to complete the project. Total cost estimates for the entire project are $40,000 (trellises) and $40,000 (22 panels), including the $20,000 cost of Phase 1. We will vote on using NSP funds for the remaining $5000 needed for the first 4 panels (Phase 1) at the next EEAC meeting, Feb 3. Announcements or New Business • Regina reported that a recent accident at St. Andrews knocked down the pole, street light & street sign. Jeff said that he will be happy to make contact with the City to correct the situation (Officer Love was suggested as a contact). • Alayne reported that LeBlond received a $50,000 grant from Interact for Health (previously the Cinti Health Foundation) that will be used to purchase outdoor exercise equipment, interactive playground equipment, and to add connectors when bike trail comes along river. She has also met with police to upgrade security cameras. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm. Next Meeting: Monday Feb 3, 2014 at 7 pm at LeBlond RecPlex. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes or sign up to have East End news emailed to you at