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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

EAST END AREA COUNCIL Minutes from November 3, 2014 President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. at the LeBlond RecPlex. There were 29 in attendance including 4 visitors, and 3 constabulary. Jeff thanked Charlene Myer and the Riverview East Academy for hosting last week’s Garden District meeting with Frank Russell of DAAP. We will continue to work with residents about parking plans in the area. The Secretary and Treasurer Reports were approved. Jeff Stewart was not in attendance but sent the figures. After paying for our newsletter and some mowing, our balance is $19,906.49. Guest Elias Leisring talked about the phenomenal success of Eli’s BBQ. Residents spoke about their parking problems, the obnoxious bull horn, the port-o-lets, underage drinking, open containers, possible drug deals and loud music. He said there would be no music next season. Other issues are being worked on.There were arguments for residential parking, green space and a 5 story parking garage. Officer Germain Love gave the report on B&E’s, thefts and one safecracking. She introduced District 2 Capt. Jeff Butler and Sgt. Jeff Scholl, a drug expert who has been moved to downtown. The Capt. gave us his # 979-4444 but said we should start by calling 911 whenever we see anything that should be reported. East End has the second lowest crime rate of his 14 neighborhoods. Sgt. Scholl said to call him at 979-4470 with any drug problems. Sandra Tucker, who gave us reports occasionally, has been moved to Youth Services. Alayne Kazan reported that the RecPlex and CRC are working with developer Terry Inman on his plans for the old school property. She will keep us in the loop. EEAC will not approve vacating Framer’s Alley until CRC responds to us. Charlene said the new Health Clinic is getting the word out. They have a doctor and a nurse practitioner in addition to the school nurse. She urged all to vote for the levy tomorrow. She also talked about a grant received to aid literacy by working with families. There will be 4 sessions in the subject areas of Science, Math, Social Studies and English. Jane Sites reminded all that Dec. is election of officers. Jeff, Michael and Jeff have agreed to stay on; Laurie Keleher has been nominated for Secretary while Tad Schroeder is willing to be our NSP Rep. There were no nominees from the floor. Gardener Ryan Doan has offered his name as a committee chair; he is willing to help, esp with greenspace. Under new business, Jeff asked for a vote on amending our by-laws to reflect the new Westernmost point of the East End at the beginning of Riverside Dr. There were 14 votes for, 2 against and one abstention. The 2 against wanted to revise the whole old paragraph; the abstention thought we should check with Downtown Council. CPC says that we may put the boundary wherever we want it. (!) Matt Andrew from DOTE says there is a lot at Vance St, which has a Water Works easement, ergo it is not buildable. DOTE plans to pave it for trailhead and commuter parking for bicyclists. There was one opposition who thought it was too disconnected to the trail and that it would be too dark, thus making it a potential crime area. Tom Brinkman waited through our entire meeting to introduce himself as a candidate in tomorrow’s election. What stamina!