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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Call to order
Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:09PM. There were 14 people in attendance (4 visitors, 2 business owners, and 8 residents). Contact:

Guest Speakers

Police Report
Officer Love – Presented crime stats for the 30 days previous to the meeting: It was a very good month, with only two reported offenses (both theft from autos).
She stated that the recent death of a local drug user may account for crime decline in the EE. She alerted us to a triathalon the morning of May 28 that may block traffic on Kellogg Ave. Contact:

LeBlond Rec Center Report
Jeff Sepate – Asked for ideas to keep the center occupied and profitable (fitness, dog training, rowing, etc). Patrice Allen suggested that he host a meeting with reps from other neighborhood councils (e.g. California, Mt. Lookout, OBryonville, Columbia-Tusculum) to get their ideas also. Laurie Kelleher suggested a juried art show at LeBlond, perhaps featuring river-related art. Sandy Hoover proposed a scrapbooking event. Jeff said that the center couldn’t be open on weekends, until more revenue comes in. If a good percentage of the 300 East End households joined the center, that would solve some issues.

Secretary’s Report
Barb Rider – February 5 minutes were accepted & filed. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Hoover – Feb’s report was presented. A $500 check to CrimeStoppers in 2009 was never cashed, and was voided. NSP funds have not yet been received, but are coming soon (likely $2500). Laurie said that councilman Cecil Thomas is aware and supportive of the need for better communication about NSP funds. Contact:

City Liaison Report
Laurie Kelleher – She will have met with all council members by the end of next week.
• When meeting with Laure Quinlivin and staff member Marvin Hawkins, she brought maps of the neighborhood to explain our challenges (being narrow and blockaded), our vision, and what NSP funds have been used for in the past.
• She voiced objections to the request for vacation (removal of public right-of-way) of Vance by a developer. The property was once part of an estate, and has already been surveyed for an unknown project by a relative of the previous owner.

Marvin Hawkins, Director of Community & Legislative Affairs for Laure Quinlivan –
• Reported that beautification funds have gone to shovel-ready projects in Mt. Lookout, Northside & Mt. Adams business districts (unused grant money from Jordan’s Crossing was made available and had to be used quickly). There could be another pool of money like this next year; be sure to stay in touch with council members so they know our needs and have an “eye on the neighborhood.”
• A scrapbook of councilmember Quinlivin’s first year in office was passed around.
• Councilmember Quinlivin is interested in funding for education, and will be talking with Robert Summers, Governor Kassich’s new “education czar.”
• There was discussion of public art being installed in the East End (murals on the Kellogg Ave. fences or statues in the garden district. Perhaps a ScribbleJam could be held at Verdin Bell. Contact:

Laurie also reported:
• There will be a bike facility open house sometime in April to present solutions to the problems previously reported by neighborhood residents, churches and Maribelle’s.
• Invest in Neighborhoods Summit will be on Sat., April 2 (no time yet). Laurie, Jackie, Nick Motz and Jamie Cecil will attend and do a 20 minute presentation on the East End- Columbia Tusculum partnership .
• We’ve been asked to delay installing the EE sign by Salem until the bike path is finished.

Columbia-Tusculum Liaison
Nick Motz – Jamie Cecil, the new CT liaison rep was introduced.
• Nick reviewed our partnership projects with CT: promoting events, Veterans Garden, using NSP funds to help Riverview East Academy power pack/Free Store project (nutritious food for students to take home for the weekend), cooperation on shooting investigations, use of adult probation workers, Eastside Business Association, fundraising, composting sites (possibly on Wenner), moving of neighborhood sign, SORTA, investigation of proposed high-speed commuter rail.
• The CT Business Association (a sub committee of the CT Neighborhood Council) is actively seeking to increase its membership this year. East End businesses are encouraged to join. Next year, it will include the East End and Linwood, to be known as a 501c3 East Side Business Association.
• The ArtWorks bike rack across from Lunken is on hold, because the parking plaza is not yet finished.
• The 1st ever Flying Pig Party Zone will be held at Stanley between Eastern & Kellogg on Sunday May 1and needs 15-20 volunteers. CT is not participating because they already are sponsoring a water station nearby. EEAC will receive $750 for set-up, hosting and clean-up (beginning at 7:30 AM). Nick distributed sign-up forms and encouraged all to get neighbors to participate. (Note: The Flying Pig also gives EEAC $200 for going through the neighborhood).
• Nick distributed flyers from the Hillside Trust newsletter explaining the proposed Public View Overlay, which he objects to because it will be another layer of bureaucracy for development. The East End is the neighborhood most affected by this proposal.

NSP Report
Patrice Allen – As funds have not yet been released, Patrice spoke of other issues. She thanked all involved in the CT partnership.
• The Riverside Restoration Adopt-a-Block program is on track, with a mailing and kick-off event for volunteers scheduled for a Sunday afternoon later in the spring.
• Fundraiser: Maribelle’s can have a wine/beer food pairing event in late fall or beyond. We would determine ticket price and hence our profit. This could become an annual event. Funds could be used to establish view corridors (with seating area like at the end of Corbin) at the end of Delta, Strader, Collins and Hazen. Costs, according to the Cinti Recreation Commission, would be $6000@, including the removal of 3’ x 300’ of honeysuckle.
• Damage to the Pendleton building roof & gutters, and the Fuel mural was determined to have been caused by Duke crews.
• Students will work with Joe C to put in gardens at the Wenner tunnel. Their proposal will be coming to us soon.
• Patrice has talked with Brian Collins, owner of the Dinner Train. He is providing an engine, passenger car and debris car to us, so we can help clean up the area along the tracks. To determine priorities, 8 EEAC members will ride on his private car on April 16. This project should provide publicity and good-will towards the EE.
• In May or June, brush will be cleared by SORTA along Wadsworth to Delta.

Community Relations
Melisse May – She is replacing Ken Corbus, who resigned due to moving.
• Arranged for the city to pick up mattresses that have been dumped along roadways in the EE.
• Two houses that appear to be uninhabitable (one due to fire) – next to 3251 and 2531 Riverside – are being checked on to determine future status with the city.

Other Announcements
• All EEAC residents are encouraged to participate in the Great American CleanUp on April 16th. Mt. Carmel Baptist Church will put the event in their newsletter, and there was a volunteer to call St. Rose with the same request.
• There will be a Meet N Greet at Maribelle’s Tuesday, Mar 15th at 6:00.
• The newsletter is out. Log onto to register your email for electronic delivery. For those without email, print copies are available at Soul Food, LeBlond and Tostados.
• Yvette Simpson, candidate for city council, introduced herself. Her goal is to attend one meeting of all neighborhood councils before the November election (EEAC is her 11th meeting). She supports strong neighborhoods, business development, and efficient/effective government. Contact:

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.