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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vote is Monday, January 3 at the EEAC Meeting

$300.00 Email Community Newsletter

$300.00 Insurance

$350.00 Cooperative Projects with Columbia-Tusculum

$200.00 Eastern Avenue Beautification Project
Payment for Joe and crew to maintain sidewalk from Stanley to pedestrian tunnel along Stacon and Congress and for Keep Cincinnati Beautiful sign for Eastern Avenue clean-up by Tusculum Pizza

$150.00 Water Tank
Purchase of a portable water tank (on a vehicle) to water gardens, pots and planters in cooperation with the CTCC. Tank storage and water donated by Tarvin Plumbing on Eastern Avenue.

$800.00 East End Garden District (EEGD) maintenance:
hand tools, tool repair, gasoline and oil purchase for
lawn mowers and other power tools, tools purchase

$2000.00 Garden improvements:
Entrance garden at Kemper/River
East End Garden District entrance at Delta/Kellogg

$550.00 Dumping Fees
Dumpsters, chippers, trucks
removal of brush and tree roots from project clean-up areas

$700.00 Way-Finding Signs for entrance to East End Garden District

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Council Meeting Minutes, December 2010

EEAC MINUTES – MONDAY, December 6, 2010

Call to order
Laurie Keleher - called the meeting to order at 7PM. Nick Motz was appointed to Secretary Pro Temp, with no objections from the audience attending. Anne Gilliam, Volunteer Special Parliamentarian, presided over our meeting and will again in January. She will be helping with the changes to the bylaws as well as making recommendations on how we can run smoother meetings going forward. Contact:

Guest Speakers

Recreation Department
Christian Armstrong Owens – Leblond Xmas Breakfast is on 12/11/10. Full set of classes and events are in full swing. Holiday hours coming up, call for hours. Call the Rec center for latest events and more info @ 513- 281-3209. Contact:

Ohio River Way
Don Mills – Ohio River Way is looking for donations and support to privately fund and complete the Ohio River Trail on the Oasis Line from Carrel Street to Downtown Cincinnati. They have raised $1.5M of the necessary $4M needed to make this happen. The plan is to have a shared 50' right of way that can be shared by one lane of heavy rail (currently in use), one lane of light rail (proposed) and one lane of bike path (proposed). Contact the Ohio River Way @ for more information or to contribute to the fund!

Police Report
Officer Love – Presented crime stats. Same number of instances compared to last month, however some more serious offenses - two rapes and one assault are the highlights. A breaking and entry suspect was arrested that may have likely been completing a good number of the B&E's we have been seeing. Go to to get text message alerts on crime as it happens! Call 513-765-1212 for any non-violent/emergency crimes. Contacts:

Secretary’s Report
Nick Motz Pro Temp Secretary – Presented Michael Bolan's minutes. Accepted & filed. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report
Nick Motz – December 2010 status report was presented. Although we had initially proposed a profit of $480 for the year, it looks like we will finish the year carrying a loss of close to $2000. Nick explained the concept of income vs. expenses, and the fact that our income has not matched our expenses - in other words, we have spent approximately $2000 more than we brought in or produced for the year. The question was raised of where the money that we overspent has come from. Answer: a slow depletion of our checking and/or savings. He also warned that, as any entity must do, we need to get serious about adopting a plan to have income outpace expenses, or at the very least match expenses. A slow depletion of our reserves will put us in a position to be of little or no help to our community. Next, Nick presented the proposed 2011 budget. As it sits now, the budget is proposing a break-even scenario. However, break-even is assuming that for the first time in 4-5 years, we raise a minimum of $500 (after expenses)!! Fundraising of any kind in 2011 will be key to balancing the budget for the EEAC. Discussion followed on some minor allocation changes. Jackie Wiest made a motion to allocate $275 of our private monies for the LeBlond Recreation Center. It was seconded and approved. Due to the NSP program unknowns, final budget will be on hold until January. The treasurer's reports were accepted & filed. Contact:

NSP Report
Patrice Allen – The NSP program is still questionable as to whether funds will be allotted for 2011. We should know by January. Patrice ran thru our proposed allocations for spending the NSP funds, should they be allotted in the amount of $5000. All is on hold until we know for sure. Accepted & filed. Contact:

Unfinished Business
By-Law Changes: Lew Seiler spend copious amounts of time revising our by-laws, using the expertise of his lawyer background. He read aloud all the proposed changes. With a few questions, we moved on. The final reading will be at the January meeting, followed by a vote on whether to approve the changes. Thanks, Lew, for all the hard work!
LeBlond Pool and Facilities Committee Formation: We are thinking about the possibility of forming a committee to help keep our great facility intact in future. Stay tuned.
New East End Sign Location: We are meeting with city representative on Thursday to finalize exact location of our gateway sign at the East End of the East End - transition of the East End to California @ Salem and Kellogg Roads. If all goes well, our gateway entrance will be in place by the 1st of the year.

New Business
Public Nuisance Meeting on 2526 Riverside Drive Burnout Building: There is a public hearing on 12/17 concerning the building across from St. Rose that burned out almost 2 years ago. Lew Seiler volunteered to attend the meeting. A motion was made that the EEAC write a letter to present to the Department of Buildings and Inspections for the meeting, stating that the EEAC is in support of razing the building. The motion passed with one dissenting.
Bus Rapid Transit: There is discussion in the works on providing direct rapid transit buses from the outlying suburbs into downtown Cincinnati. Of course, the East End will be on the routes should they ever occur. Stay tuned for info as developments occur.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Council Meetings Minutes, November 2010

East End Area Council
November 2010 Minutes
The Nov 1, 2010 meeting was held at Leblond Recreation Center and called to order by President, Laurie Keheler at 7:00 PM.
Officer Love from District 2 gave the October police report. The number of offenses increased from 9 to 13 on a month-to-month basis. There were 10 thefts from autos including a catalytic converter removed from an exhaust system of a car.
Leblond Recreation Center:
Christian reported on the activities at the recreation center including a plan for a Breakfast Event December 18 with Santa.
Treasurer’s Report:
Nic Motz gave the financial report and outlined the actual versus budgeted spending. A current balance of $15K remains in the Mt Washington Savings and Loan account of the EEAC.
Secretary's Report:
The minutes of the October meeting were distributed and approved for the record.
Other Topics Discussed:
1 Sharon Smith of the Recycle bank discussed the changes to the Cincinnati waste stream. New trash cart have been issued to each residence with the goal of recycling most of the solid household waste to keep it out of the landfill as well as lower the demand we place on our environment. The special recycling containers are issued in three sizes: 96, 64 and 32 gallons. The carts will be emptied every other week and their contents taken to the Rumpke recycling center. There is an RF ID computer chip embedded in each cart that is used to positively identify the container and to monitor the waste stream The cart remains the property of the city not the homeowner. The goal is to recycle 80% of each household. The plan is to not only keep Cincinnati Green but also keep down the cost of the sanitary collection service.
2 Tracie Hunter is running for Judge of Hamilton County Juvenile Court. She discussed her vision of how the justice system might be better run by putting more emphasis on rehabilitation. Without behavioral change, the repeat offender rate stays at an unacceptable level. A more enlighten approach could brake the cycle of youths transitioning to non-productive adults that go on to commit crimes against you.
3 Patrice Allen talked about our NSP wish list for the 2011 budget. The NSP future funding remains in jeopardy because of the dire financial circumstances of the City. She also discussed some amendments to the EEAC bylaws with the intention of making our council more effective. The proposed changes will be put on the blog and discussed again at the Dec meeting. A motion was passed to hold off on elections till the January meeting.
4 The proposed accommodations for bicyclists along Riverside Drive were discussed. Laurie Keheler requested that the council offer guidance to the city on the 5 concepts offered by the city. A vote was taken. 90% where in favor of a bike facility for the East End. It was recommended that the city continue to search for additional parking resources as the Riverside Drive pedestrian and bike provisions impacts parking. It was suggested that the City stay engaged with the EEAC, that the bike trail initiative stay differentiated from the bike lane, and that the 3-mile stretch be optimized for unique situations. A vote was taken on the city’s proposals. Results: 0 in favor of #1, 0 in favor of #2, 5 in favor of #3, 9 in favor of #4, 0 in favor of #5 and 6 in favor of none of the 5 city proposals.

The meeting adjourned.

Michael Bolan, Secretary

Monday, November 1, 2010

Proposed Revisions to the existing CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS
Revision No. 12, 3 January 2011

The name of this organization shall be: THE EAST END AREA COUNCIL OF CINCINNATI, OHIO.

ARTICLE II. Boundaries:
The East End Area is bounded on the west by the center line of Kemper Lane extended to the Ohio River. The northern boundary is the center line of Columbia Parkway beginning at Kemper Lane and extending to Delta Avenue, then north along the center line of Delta Avenue to Kroger Avenue, then easterly to the intersection of Eastern /avenue and Wortman Avenue south to the mouth of the Little Miami River at the Ohio River, which is the southern boundary of The East End Area.

This Council is an organization through which individuals residents, neighborhood groups, businessmen, business owners and others interested in the East End Area may plan and promote actions and activities to address community needs, services and growth.

The purpose is:
• To promote better relationships between neighbors among residents living in the entire East End Area.
• To develop and promote a feeling of group cooperation in the community.
• To stimulate interest in address the social welfare needs for of the community.
• To promote discussion of, and action on, matters of community interest and importance.
• To bring educational, economic, and cultural opportunities to the citizens residents of the community and to encourage and facilitate participation in these activities.

ARTICLE IV. Membership
Membership is open to any person over eighteen (18) years of age living, working, or owning property who is a resident, business owner, or property owner in the East End Area with an interest in the purpose of the organization.

SECTION 1. Voting Members
Each voting member shall have a membership card on file with the Executive Board of the East End Area Council. The membership card will indicate name, relationship to the East End Area Council (resident, property owner, or place of employment), and contact information in order to confirm, if necessary, the stated relationship. By signing the membership card, the member indicates his commitment to uphold the Purpose and By-Laws of the East End Area Council.
Voting privileges will be extended to all members effective after attending 3 two (2) formal meetings of the East End Area Council within a 12 month period. The Secretary will be responsible for retaining the member sign-in sheets for each formal meeting as proof of attendance.

SECTION 2. Suspension of Voting Privileges

Resident members who are voting members may at any time by a two thirds majority with at least five members voting in favor of the suspension suspend the voting privileges of non- resident voting members.

Any member, eighteen years of age or older, is eligible to hold office or chair a Council committee. All officers and Committee chairs must be members in good standing of the East End Area Council.

The officers of this organization shall be: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and two Trustees. and the NSP Program Manager.

SECTION 1. Officers

President: The president shall preside at all Council meetings, regular or called, shall serve as ex-officio member of all committees (except the Nominating and Election committee), shall appoint all committee chairpersons (except the Nominating and Election Committee, the Community Relations Committee, and the Community Development Committee), shall call all Executive Board Meetings, shall delegate tasks to other officers and committees, shall compile and oversee the meeting agendas, and shall interpret and see that the By-Laws and Robert’s Rules of Order are followed.

Vice President: The Vice President shall serve in the capacity of the President in the President’s absence. In the event of the President’s impeachment, death or resignation, the Vice President shall automatically become President. The Vice President shall contact meeting speakers at the President’s request.

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall take minutes of all East End Area Council meetings and Executive Board meetings and shall be responsible for all records of Council business, membership sign-in records, committee reports and other important records. and shall have membership cards at all meetings. Council minutes shall be recorded and read or distributed for approval at the next meeting.

Corresponding Secretary: The Corresponding Secretary shall manage mail for the East End Area Council and ensure that it is handed to the appropriate member of the Executive Board. In addition, the Corresponding Secretary shall carry on correspondence as directed by the President. All verbal and written correspondence must first be approved by the President. The Corresponding Secretary shall keep all incoming and out-going correspondence.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all incoming monies directed to the East End Area Council and their deposit into the appropriate East End Area Council account. In addition, the Treasurer is responsible for the issuance of all checks for duly authorized obligations of the Council as set forth in the budget. All records shall be kept in a ledger available for review by the Executive Board for a yearly audit by the Executive board or any designee of the Executive board who will be required to provide a written report to the East End Area Council. The treasurer shall provide the NSP Chair Program Manager with copies of all invoices and checks related to NSP reimbursable funds for their report to the NSP.

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian shall assist the President during meetings, shall interpret and see that the By-Laws and Robert’s Rules of Order are followed, and shall perform such tasks as the President of the Council may direct.

Trustees: The East End Area Council shall have two members-at-large elected to the office of Trustee. Trustee responsibilities include full participation as voting members in the business of the East End Area Council, full participation in the business of the Executive Board and specific duties assigned by the President.

NSP Support Program: The Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) may be a committee of one called the NSP Program Manager. This committee shall supervise project work falling under NSP funding, shall facilitate and coordinate proposals for next year’s NSP monies, shall attend training sessions when available, and shall provide periodic written progress reports to the East End Area Council.

SECTION 2. Guidelines for Holding Office

Guidelines for holding office include:
• Any officer may run for re-election to office.
• No officer can hold more than one office.

SECTION 3. Impeachment

If a quorum of the Executive Board rules by a two-thirds vote that any officer is to acting in the best interest of the Council, said officer shall be impeached (falsification and misrepresentation are two such examples). Any officer of Committee Chairperson who has been impeached by the Board shall not be eligible to hold office or committee chairmanship for a full three (3) years.

SECTION 4. Resignation

Resignation from any office or committee chair shall be presented to the Recording Secretary in writing – all books and material shall be turned into the Recording Secretary at that time.


SECTION 1. Regular Meetings

Regular meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at a location designated by the President at the previous meeting. Should the first Monday fall on a holiday weekend, the meeting will be held the following Monday.

SECTION 2. Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President or by the direction of three members of the Executive Board. Notification must be provided with as much advance notice possible and every good faith effort made to inform all voting members of the special meeting.

SECTION 3. Quorum

Seven (7) A simple majority of voting members present at an East End Area Council Meeting shall constitute a quorum for such meetings.

Five (5) A simple majority of voting members present shall constitute a quorum for an Executive Board Meeting with a minimum of three (3) members present.

The Executive Board shall consist of elected officers, trustees, and chairpersons for all standing committees.

SECTION 1. Responsibilities

The Executive Board shall recommend policy to the Council, shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Council between its regular meetings, and shall propose a budget in November to be presented to the East End Area Council for consideration and revision, and to then be voted on in December. In addition, the Executive Board shall identify and oversee fund-raising and community-wide efforts to improve the quality of life and appearance of the East End. It is subject to the orders of the Council and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the Council.

SECTION 2. Vacancies

Vacancies in any elective office shall be filled by the Executive Board for the interval until the next annual election.

SECTION 3. Meetings

The Executive Board shall meet as needed by the demands of the East End Area Council business. Members missing three (3) meetings during a twelve (12) month period may be removed from the Executive Board.

There shall be the following standing committees which are required to give written monthly progress reports. One copy shall be submitted to the Recording Secretary at the Executive Board Meeting and a second copy kept for the committee file to be turned in at the end of each year. The standing committees will coordinate their efforts and activities as directed by the Executive Board.

Welfare and Emergency Help Committee: This Committee shall investigate and report on all matters pertaining to Welfare and Emergency Help for area residents.

NSP: The Neighborhood Support Program Committee may be a committee of one as appointed by the Executive Council. This Committee shall supervise project work falling under NSP funding, shall work on proposals for next year’s NSP monies, shall attend training sessions when available, and shall provide periodic progress reports to the East End Area Council.

Community Relations: The Community Relations Committee shall be responsible for publication and distribution of the community newsletter. The East Ender. The newsletter shall be mailed to all members who order The East Ender and are willing to bear the cost of handling and mailing. Copies will be made available to residents and members through area businesses. In addition, the Community Relations Chair committee will be responsible for any social activities, outreach and educational programs carried out on behalf of the East End Area Council in the neighborhood it serves.

Environment: The Environment Committee shall identify and oversee projects to improve the environment and appearance of the East End. The committee shall be responsible for projects such as the Keep America Beautiful clean up day, work with the City of Cincinnati for removal or resolution of eyesores in the community, and/or landscaping which improves the appearance of the East End or allows enjoyment of the river view. The scope of work shall be identified by the Environmental Committee and approved by the Executive Board.

Community Development: The Community Development Committee shall monitor and oversee, projects within the purview of development plans endorsed by the East End Area Council, shall in cooperation with the City of Cincinnati Liaison, develop and forward to the East End
Area Council responses to the City of Cincinnati requests for input on development and zoning matters and shall identify and encourage new developments that will enhance the value and quality of living in the East End. In addition, the committee will identify and oversee projects to improve the environment and appearance of the East End. The scope of work planned by the Community Development Committee shall be presented to the Executive Board for approval.

City of Cincinnati Liaison: The City of Cincinnati Liaison may be a committee of one. This committee will remain informed and current on any and all City and area–wide matters affecting the East End including but not limited to zoning, planning, transportation, and development and communicate these matters to the Executive Board as needed but at least monthly.

Columbia-Tusculum Liaison: The Columbia-Tusculum Liaison may be a committee of one. This committee will act as the liaison between the East End Area Council and the Columbia-Tusculum Community Council, working to increase communication and cooperation in activities and goals. This committee shall communicate these matters to the Executive Board as needed but at least monthly.


SECTION 1. Nominating and Election Committee

• A Nominating and Election Committee consisting of not fewer than three (3) members of the Council shall be named to nominate candidates for election to office for the ensuing year beginning January next.

• The Nominating and Election Committee shall elect a chairperson from among its members.

• The Nominating and Election Committee shall make diligent effort to nominate one or more qualified Members of the Council for each office and shall obtain the consent and commitment to serve of each person nominated.

SECTION 2. Calendar and Responsibilities for the Nominating Process

August – President appoints Nominating and Election Committee.

November – A Nominating and Election Committee shall submit a written report of nominations to the Council at the regular meeting of the Council. After accepting the report of the Nominating and Election Committee, the President shall ask whether there are additional nominations from the Floor. To be valid, each nomination from the Council must have the acceptance and commitment to serve stated by the nominee orally, if the nominee shall be present, or in a written statement of the nominee, if the nominee shall be absent.

December – The Nominating and Election Committee shall oversee the election of officers and their installation. New officers shall be installed the same night as elections are held. Date, place and time of “transfer of records” meeting shall be announced before the close of the election meeting in December.

New Officers will be sworn in by publicly confirming they will fill their position to the utmost of their abilities in accordance with the By-Laws. The swearing may will be led by the current Parliamentarian President or another current officer if the Parliamentarian President is unavailable.

January – As early as possible, transfer of all books, files, and information from old officers to new officers shall be done at a documented meeting. All old officers and all new officers and all old Committee Chairpersons shall attend this “transfer of records” meeting.

There shall be an audit of all financial records of the East End Area Council in the month of January of each year every three years. This audit shall be done by some person outside the Council.

Amendments of this Constitution and By-Laws may be proposed at any regular meeting of the East End Area Council and passed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the quorum established members present and voting at the second following regularly scheduled monthly meeting, notice shall have been published in The East Ender the community newsletter.

The Constitution and By-Laws of the East End Area Council shall at no time conflict with the laws of the City of Cincinnati, the State of Ohio or the Constitution of the United States of America.


Call to Order
Guest Presentations or Reports
Financial Report
Reports of Standing Committees
Reports of Special Committees
Old Business
New Business
Open Forum Adjournment

This Constitution and By-Laws shall govern the East End Area Council. “Roberts’ Rules of Order” shall govern all areas not covered by the East End Area Council Constitution and By-Laws.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Council Meeting Minutes, September, 2010

East End Area Council
September 2010 Minutes

The September 13, 2010 meeting was held at Leblond Recreation Center and called to order by president, Laurie Keheler at 7:00 PM.
Riverside East Academy:
Monica Miller, Resource Coordinator for Riverview East Academy, gave a school update about the 2010/11 school year. A new principal is at the helm and enrollment is steady as the school continues its educational mission. Monica expressed interest in improving the connection between the school and its home base neighborhood, the East End, while also serving the youth of Columbia Tusculum, Linwood and Mt Adams. The school library is open to the community on Tuesdays. Call the school for details.

Officer Love of District 2 reported 24 offenses for the month of August. Six were thefts from UDF at Kellogg and Wilmer. Among the property thefts were garden tools stolen from a shed located in the main community garden on Strader Ave. Sadly the tools taken where used by volunteers in the East End Garden District to keep the neighbor clean and as well as make ready the additional garden space granted by the city. Residents can call District 2 or 911 to report any suspicious activity or to aid in the recovery of stolen goods. Neighborhood watchfulness is a proven crime deterrent.

Leblond Recreation Center:
Christian reported on the Great Outdoor Weekend to be held Sept 25, 26. She also talked about a program that is being held at the Mt Auburn Recreation Center that teaches swimming lessons. Call the Mt Auburn Recreation Center for details. Cincinnati Recreation Commission is recruiting people with special skills to teach courses as program instructors. Interested parties should contact the CRC.

Treasurer’s Report:
The NSP funding from the city is likely to be cut further next year from $5k budget this year so our 2011 budget will have to be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, we have only received $2543.20 of the $5k in our 2010 budget.

Other Topics Discussed:
• Volunteer based clean-up along Eastern Ave starting at the RR underpass (across form Tostados) has been completed all the way to Stanley.
• The city now agrees that with East Enders that the traffic on Riverside Drive, especially during rush hour, is excessive. A study reported that 95% of the traffic during rush hour averaged 46 MPH.
• The EEAC approved a motion to establish a neighborhood garden on Worth Street as part its commitment to the East End Garden District bounded by Riverview East Academy, Riverside Drive, Corbin St and the Ohio River. The new garden will be made from formally vacant city lots. Clean-up of debris and soil preparation is underway for spring planting.
• The Leblond pool is in jeopardy of being closed. A call by Laurie Keheler was made for a committee to save the pool and to insure the continued availability of the Lebond Center. Volunteers are being accepted.
• Patrice Allen solicited project suggestions that will help build the community. Ideas put forth included clean-up of the tunnels, placement of an East End sign at the Miami Bridge and landscaping at the corner of Delta and Kellogg.
• The EEAC approved a motion to oppose a change in the zoning variance procedure that is before Cincinnati City Council.
• John and Margaret Powers over many years put much effort to revitalizing the East End. Mr. Powers has passed away and Margaret is in falling health. There was widespread support for honoring the tradition they established for community service in some kind of reoccurring memorial. TBD
• Notice was given of a Meet-and-Greet to be held at Maribell’s on Sept 21 6pm. All are welcome.
• A guest speaker from the Ohio Attorney Generals Office spoke on consumer scams. In the past 2 years the internet has replaced the phone as the number one contact method of scam artists. These perpetrators often fish off of public documents to target homeowners.

The discussion adjourned at 8:40 p.
Michael Bolan, Secretary

Council Meeting Minutes, August, 2010

East End Area Council
August Minutes

The August 2, 2010 meeting was held at Leblond Recreation Center and was called to order by board member Jackie Weist at 7:00 PM.
Officer Love was accompanied by Paul Broxterman, the Commander of District 2, and Sargent Cordova of Crime Investigation Unit. There were 15 break-ins since March along Riverside Drive as the rash of property crime continues with items stolen from residences, businesses and autos. A robbery at St Rose Church in mid-July was among other property thefts reported. Police advised that leaving belongings in cars can be advertising for opportunistic theft. Residents can call District 2 or 911 to report any suspicious activity to aid law enforcement effort. Police have established a new crime program tailored to what is going on in our particular neighborhood. Not general purpose, but rather, specific purpose for the East End. A crime investigation is ongoing concerning the storing and reselling stolen property from the East End.
Leblond Recreation Center:
A $100 subsidy fund from the NSP account has been made available for children who cannot pay an admission fee.
Treasurer’s Report:
A $200 contribution was made to the Flying Pig event. There were no contributions to the soap box derby make this year.
Other Topics Discussed:
• A schedule was presented to complete the volunteer based clean-up along Eastern Ave starting at the RR underpass (across form Tostados) and continuing on to Stanley. The plan calls for the task to be done before
September 1. The city has advised that weed and trash ordinance violations are being cited when property is non-conforming.

• Progress continues in the East End Garden District as new plantings of elderberries, raspberries and cherry bushes have been established in the garden adjacent to the Riverview East Academy.

The formal meeting adjourned at 7:45 p to allow time for a presentation by the Queen City Bike Club.
The next meeting is October 5, 2010 7:00 pm at LeBlond Rec Center
The Queen City Bike Club and the City of Cincinnati Transportation Department gave a presentation concerning the future of bicycling in the East End. A lively discussion followed……
The discussion adjourned at 9:00 p.
Michael Bolan, Secretary

Council Meeting Minutes, July, 2010

East End Area Council July Minutes

The July 12, 2010 meeting was held at Leblond Recreation Center and called to order by president Laurie Keheler at 7:00 PM.

Police: Officer Love was present. Breaking and entry is on the upswing. An investigation is under way concerning the storing and reselling stolen property. Thefts from autos break-ins continue at high rates as opportunistic crimes. Keeping know offenders who make a business of stealing in jail is contributing is an ongoing enforcement problem. Police are working on a new crime program tailored to what is going on in our particular neighborhood. Not general purpose but rather specific purpose for the East End.
Resident comments: Police follow up of suspicious activity is non-responsive; 220 Strader and the burned out building on River side Drive near the waterworks are re-occurring sources of crime and blight.
Leblond Recreation Center
Heather Smith was present. The pool is open and a $100 subsidy fund for children who cannot pay the entrance fee has been established. There is also as a free breakfast and lunch program to help children in need. Call the Recreation Center for details. Low utilization rate of the pool makes it venerable to closure. However, the pool did have an attendance of 30 on a hot day in June. A 1-year reprieve has been granted to see if pool attendance comes up. Residents are encouraged to offer suggestions on how to increase utilization.
Insurance - Resident Comment
FEMA has changed the floodline to 500 feet in the East End which is increasing the insurance rates for some of our residents. Rate reductions may be available if building improvements/additions/infills make structures more resistant to water damage by employing flood tolerant construction practices. See FEMA web site for details.

Our neighborhood is holding monthly, informal meet-n-greet gatherings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Maribells starting at 6:30 PM. All are welcome.
The Riverside Drive restoration project is continuing. A stretch along Eastern Ave starting at the RR underpass ( across form Tostados) was cleaned up by volunteers. As the weather cools, volunteer efforts will step up. Meanwhile, weed and trash ordinance violations are being cited by the City of Cincinnati for non-conforming property. The tree plantings along Riverside have been halted pending clarification of the bike paths. The Queen City Bike Club will give a presentation at the August 2, 2010 EEAC meeting at Leblond Rec Center concerning the future of bicycling in the East End.

The East End Garden District will hold its annual Garden Fest at the main garden on Strader Avenue starting late afternoon August 7, 2010. Three separate bands will perform live entertainment. Vegetarian cuisine will be served using the bounty of the garden produce. In addition, a barbeque menu will be provided by an on-site pig roast. Ice tea will be donated by Fuel but guests can bring other beverages of their choice. Food service begins at 5 PM but cooking and social gathering will start in the afternoon. ALL ARE WELCOME. Come and experience the progress being made in our neighborhood of gardens! Admission free.
June minutes well approved as written after a correcting the date of the East End Garden District Fest to read August 7.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20. The next meeting is August 2, 2010 7:00 pm at LeBlond Rec Center

Michael Bolan, Secretary

Thursday, May 6, 2010

EEAC meeting minutes May 2010

EEAC Meeting Minutes

3 May 2010

The meeting was called to order by President Laurie Keleher.

Officer Love gave the neighborhood crime report. Theft and burglary oriented crime is on the increase with 10 such incidents reported for the month of April. In one instance, the copper wire was cut out of equipment room of a cell tower in the East End. The eyes and hears of the residents will be needed to help curtail the thievery.

Christian presented the CRC LeBlond Center update. In addition to the management of the Center, she is responsible for the employment of 90 youth this summer. This work program is intended to give young men and woman insight into the workplace as well as income. Plans are also underway for movie showings this summer at the Center to be announced later.

The Great American clean-up, previously post poned by rain, is now scheduled for May 15th with a sign up board at LeBlond. The trash removal along Riverside Drive is being targeted for this event as well as the volunteer work by Joe Corcoran crew throughout the summer months. All are encouraged to pitch in and make our Riverside Drive tidy this summer.

The dedication of the Mural at RR overpass along Delta and Eastern is scheduled for Thursday May 6th. This is effort has the support of both EEAC and the Columbia Tusculum Council.

We discussed the possibility of having a remote monthly EEAC meeting in the East End Garden District latter this summer.
Nick Motz, the treasurer, reported no new financial activity for the EEAC. Minutes will be approved at next meeting.

Meeting was adjoined at 7:30p

Secretary: Michael Bolan 5/6/2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

East End Women's Health Screening Event

Saturday, April 17, 2010
LeBlond Recreation Center 2335 Riverside Drive.
Free Heart Health Screening
(Total Cholesterol, HDL, Glucose, Body Mass Index & Blood Pressure)
Free Osteoporosis Screening
Mammogram Screening (For women 40 or older)
Open to Women with or without Health Insurance.
Screening mammogram is at NO COST to Uninsured & Underinsured Women.

Event sponsored by Good Samaritan Hospital
Healthy Women Healthy Lives Program
In Collaboration with East End Health Center, The Women's Wellness Center & LeBlond Recreation Center.

This event is for women 18 years and older

Friday, March 5, 2010

Save the Date!

Please mark your calenders for Friday, April 3rd for LeBlond Recreation Center's Fling into Spring Family Movie Night! Stay tune for more BLOSSOMING details to come!

Also, remember to check our website, stop on by or call us at (513)281-3209 for newly added programs!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

EEAC Meeting Minutes

1 February 2010

The meeting was called to order by Nick Motz as President Laurie Keleher was unable to attend. The minutes from the November meeting were not approved as Secretary Michael Bolan was unable to attend.

Christian presented the CRC LaBlond Center update. She reminded everyone that membership dues to LaBlond are free during January and February. There is also a new schedule for existing classes and many new classes offered. For more information, please contact the center’s program guide at the center or online at.
Norman Merrifield, Ed.D., Director CRC, spoke to the changes and adjustments within the Commission due to the current economic realities. He stated the CRC is one of the best in the Midwest – even after 10 years of budget cuts – because the personnel are accessible and responsive to the community and so better meet its needs. He reviewed the rationale used to determine which pools within the city will be closed during the summer of 2010. Those pools with the least amount of use for the largest age group will be closed. Also, older pools (which require costly yearly maintenance) will be evaluated as well with some being converted to the “aquatic center’ model which can be used by all ages for longer hours over more months. Specific budget information was not reviewed at this time.
Dr. Merrifield requested the EEAC support the proposed model for LaBlond while there are finances available to do the construction. The new aquatic center would be ready for use in the summer of 2011. He will return to the EEAC with a specific proposal in the spring for the community to review .Nick Motz asked for specific budget information regarding current and projected costs .
George Frank, a member of the Parkside Christian Church, which holds some services at the LaBlond Center Sunday morning, asked for volunteers for an outreach program. They are holding a community event, packing meals for the victims of Haiti, February 28th, 11:00 am with pizza for all at the LaBlond center and all community residents are welcome to help.

Patrice Allen presented the proposed project list for the Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) which is funded by the City of Cincinnati. Jackie Weist requested the Music Scholarship Program be omitted as the principal of Riverside Academy did not provide the names of students wishing to participate. The motion was seconded by Donna Meakin and passed unanimously. After a description of the remaining project list and discussion, Joe Corcoran made a motion to adopt the entire list as presented, the motion was seconded by Nick Motz, and the motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Patrice Allen for Secretary Michael Bolan

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Next East End Area Council Meeting
Monday, March 1st, 7:00 PM
LeBlond Center, 2335 Riverside Drive

Plan to attend this meeting and hear from community volunteers on current and upcoming events. Talk to our local police who provide us with the latest information on crime and investigations.
Share your opinions. Let your voice be heard. Make a difference in our community.
East End Community Council
Neighborhood Support Program (NSP)
Approved Project List for 2010

$1150.00 #1 Project: Community Newsletter

4 issues, March, June, September and December for 437 pieces to be printed and mailed at a cost of #287.50 per issue.

$500.00 #2 Project: Recreation

Fund 3 holiday events at the LeBlond Recreation Center for area children and their families with the Cincinnati Recreation Commission

$3050.00 #3 Project: Riverside Drive Restoration

A clean-up project along Riverside Drive from Delta Avenue west to Kemper Lane supervised by area volunteers and using Hamilton County Community Service individuals and other volunteer groups . Tools and supplies purchased through NSP funds will be used with Keep Cincinnati dumpsters to clear vacant lots and sidewalks.

$300.00 Insurance for EEAC

Insurance premium required by the City of Cincinnati for all Community Councils

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Why? Each year, the 51 Cincinnati Area Councils receive Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) funds from the Cincinnati City Council through the Community Development office. This year each Council will receive $5000.00 to be used by the East End Area Council (EEAC) to enhance the quality of life in the East End.

What? We want to know what you think - your “wish list” for our community. Any resident 18 years or older can submit and idea and cast a vote. This year, the proposal includes funding for cleaning up Riverside Drive, the holiday parties for kids and families and LeBlond Center, and 4 music scholarships for four students at the Riverside Academy.

How? Contact EEAC President, Laurie Keleher at or write to the EEAC, PO Box 26182, 45216.

When? A vote will be taken at the February meeting. Feb 1st, 2010 at7 pm at the LeBlond Recreation Center. Please come and make your voice heard!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

EEAC MINUTES – MONDAY, January 4, 2010

Extreme Winter Conditions limited attendance- ice, snow and very cold conditions!

Call to order

Laurie Keleher - called the meeting to order at 7PM. Contact:

Guest Speakers

Police Report

The Captain presented crime stats with 8% lower rates in 2009 than 2008. In Dec 09, the 8 reported offenses were all property related. Breaking and entry is the biggest concern. There was a discussion about Hamilton County early release of 21,000 inmates and how repeat offenders affect street crime in our area. Consideration was given to distributing pictures of persons wanted for questioning. Web sites are becoming an important tool for law enforcement and can facilitate the distribution of photographic images. Complaints were heard about on going littering in the Garden District and the need for code enforcement. Go to to get text message alerts on crime as it happens! Call 513-765-1212 for any non-violent/emergency crimes. Contacts:,

LeBlond Recreation Department

No membership will be required for entry during Jan and Feb. Gym is available for rental. The LeBlond pool will be closed for the 2010 summer season due to budget cutbacks. Call the Rec center for latest events and more info @ 513- 281-3209. Contact:

Garden District Projects

Joe Corcoran – Riverview East Academy, Riverside Drive, the Schmidt Ball fields and a bike tail along the Beautiful Ohio River frame the East End Garden District. Even in the very cold weather, lots are being cleaned up. Volunteers will be replanting the main garden in 2010 to make it align with Wool Street. A citizen garden, referred to as the Horn of Plenty Garden, will be dedicated food production in 2010. A summer event is being planned and organized for August.

Secretary’s Report

Michael Bolan – Presented minutes. Motioned, seconded, filed.

Treasurer’s Report

Jackie Weist – Was not present due to hip recovery. The 2010 budget was approved. Motioned, seconded, filed. Contact:

Old Business

3C Railroad: is waiting approval.

Cincinnati Bicycle Master Plan: Trying to find out about latest development with a fence

New Business

A general clean up of Riverside Drive was discussed using the techniques that proved successful in the Garden District. More will be presented in the Feb EEAC meeting.

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.