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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dec 2011 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, December 5, 2011

Call to Order
Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm. There were 26 people in attendance, including 17 residents. Contact:

Secretary’s Report
Barb Rider supplied copies of the November 7, 2011 minutes; they were accepted and filed. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Hoover presented the Dec 5, 2011 balance sheet (including $26,599.48 in total liabilities and equity). Contact:


• Police Report - Officer Love‘s report (created Dec 5) included incidents from areas neighboring the East End. Officer Love said that crime is down in District 2; the East End, Linwood and California are one of the lowest crime areas. 40% of crime is theft from auto. She highlighted a Tusculum Ave. theft of tools and electronics from a locked vehicle, valued at approx. $3000. She cautioned residents about having online purchases delivered to their homes, as packages are being stolen from porches. She suggested that purchases be delivered to the workplace or to a relative who is usually home, or ask that a signature be required at delivery. There was an arrest of two people from Columbia-Tusculum fleeing to Norwood; possibly they were stealing from porches. Catalytic converters are another prime target now. The value of the converter is $50-80, but the repair cost to the owner of the damaged vehicle is $1500-1800. Be alert to the sounds of saws to metal. She also suggested being vigilant when putting purchases in your car, and then leaving; thieves are watching for these opportunities. Because of this, police are putting in overtime this time of the year in shopping areas. Michael Bolan asked about AC theft (thieves looking for copper). Some people don’t notice the theft in the winter, causing a spike of reporting in the spring.

• LeBlond Report – Jeff Sepate, Director
With the re-purposing of the LeBlond Recreation Center, Jeff is being transferred to the West End. He reported that items no longer used at LeBlond (bins and food) were given to Tusculum. He introduced the new director, Elaine Kazin from CRC. She has been a supervisor for the Division of Therapeutic Services for 10 years. The office move will occur on Dec. 19th with 8 full-time staff at LeBlond. The staff mostly work off-site in 26 other recreation centers. Elaine explained that a goal is to increase traffic at LeBlond; she is looking for ideas. Only 6-7 people per day use the fitness center now. Katie will still be assigned here, and will manage the summer day camp. The pool will remain open; only two will be closed city-wide. There is talk about making the LeBlond pool more accessible and attractive. They are also looking at a different use for the grounds around the Center (parking, etc). Accessible swings are being added, as well as an automatic door. She thanked Jeff for his hard work at LeBlond.

• Urban Greens – Ryan Doan presented information about the garden he and others have been working in at 234 Strader. They had a good year, raising 2000 pounds of food. He thanked the neighbors for putting up with them and apologized for people slacking off as the year went on. He said we are lucky to have Joe to bring in people and events, and wants to be more involved with neighbors. The fence is to keep out animals, not neighbors. He is trying to find a system that works. They will be back next year; 15 families are involved and have formed a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) called Urban Greens, selling shares for $500 (no work requirement) and $250 (50 hours of work - committee, seed transport, weeding, etc ). There is now a manager (Kevin). Next year’s goals include having the garden look not so industrial; and keeping it clean. Outside of the garden will be food for neighbors to access; food will be free or discounted for East End families. The three year goal is to transition the garden manager to an East End resident. One of the CSA members is on the Corps of Engineers, and gives 2 week forecasts. The garden is located at 58 ft. river level; the river came up to 56’ last spring. In preparation for the CSA, Ryan has taken classes on community gardening. He is looking for tools, extra seeds, etc. He is looking forward to working with Michael Bolan on new technology. Ryan understands and appreciates the work of the EEAC; he is treasurer of Mt. Washington Community Council.

• BrewRiver GastroPub – Jody Bowman-Shields (not present – no report)

Vice President Report – Michael Boland. Contact:
Michael said he is ready to go with the first historical sign commemorating areas of significance in the East End. The proposed signage would consist of photos and narrative printed on stainless steel of legal paper size, similar to signs currently located in Eden Park. They could possibly be installed on stands crafted by East End artisans. He will develop a prototype for about $300. Kevin Perkins volunteered to do the welding. Laurie suggested choosing locations first; she said metal poles/installation could cost $1500@. Right-of-way restrictions with the city need to be explored. Michael will look into this further and make a recommendation to the board.

Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact:
The November 15 Meet and Greet at Adenine, 3251 Riverside, was a big success. The 39 people (outside of the EEAC Board) who volunteered in the East End in 2011 were invited and honored.

City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact:
• There will be a pre-prosecution hearing on Thursday, Dec. 8 on the disrepair of the old Highlands School (currently for sale). Owner David Imboden has received a list of everything that needs to be fixed by mid-January.
• Laurie attended the annual NSP holiday event. Council members attended and spoke about form-based code. Laurie will go to Nashville in March to explore this and what it means to us.
• Laurie also went to a meeting with the city manager. MSD is evaluating its finances because of all the federally mandated sewer upgrades. There is a hearing on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 11:30 on E. Court St.
• A synopsis of the EE Garden District Development (extending from Riverview East Academy to the Pendleton Heritage Center) was distributed (and was also sent to the Civic Garden Center). Within the district is the current garden area in the immediate Strader area, which is being referred to as “The Gardens”. To develop a master plan, meetings are being held at the Pendleton to share information and gauge response and interest of neighbors. The first two are Thursdays, Dec 15 and 29 from 6-8 pm. Laurie encouraged residents, especially neighbors toThe Gardens, to attend the meetings and give input on what they want (e.g. public space gardens? revolving activity space? what kind of fences?). She will be walking through the neighborhood to get residents involved. Laurie explained the stakeholders in developing and implementing a master plan: the EEAC sets guidelines in the beginning, then steps out. Residents will then work with the Office of Environmental Quality and the Civic Garden Center. Later, we will work with the Corps of Engineers. Questions and comments included: asking where fellow residents stand (Joe Corcoran), zoning related to compost, flooding issues and regulations (Betty Burns), ‘bullying’ of residents (Laurie assured that this cannot happen). Laurie again encouraged residents to attend the Pendleton meetings this month to express opinions and learn more. She would appreciate emails from those planning to attend. A toolkit will be available for private property owners. Sam from the Civic Garden Center will be working with the Riverview East Academy.

NSP Funds – Jackie Weist,(in the absence of a chairperson).
Unexpectedly, the EEAC WILL receive $5000 in NSP funds in 2012. Jackie expressed how much she appreciates the support of city manager, Milton Dohoney, who attended two meetings with neighborhood leaders and listens attentively to their concerns.

Columbia/Tusculum Report – Nick Motz, chair. Contact: (no report)

Business Committee - Bob Little, chair. Contact
There will be an article with photos about the East End in the next Venue Magazine.

Recycling - Michelle and Kevin Perkins. Contact
Our application is ready to go for the Recycle Challenge. We are fully registered; there is a meeting with Sue Magnus on Thursday. The goal is to get back unused recycling carts – or start using them.

New Business
• The 2012 budget was presented. Jackie explained that one of the goals for the future is to “brand” the East End to increase visibility and community pride. George Beatty spoke on the condition of the Ohio River Trail near Corbin. He said the tracks are not being cleaned of leaves, and dogs are off leash (usually on Saturdays). The dog issue will be mentioned to Officer Love; the Ohio River Trail is a state issue.

Kevin Perkins moved that the budget be adopted. There was discussion about approving NSP funds before the proposal is more defined with multiple bids from city-approved vendors (e.g. are banners $200@; signs $300@; what is the cost of posts?). Marvin Hawkin from Councilwoman’s Laure Quinlivan’s office suggested preparing drawings & getting in touch with city vendors for the fabrication and installation of signs, and getting city right-of-way approval. Historical markers were recently done for Evanston ($3000) and downtown ($1600). There is no rush to approve the EEAC NSP plan this month. The next NSP peer review will be Jan 12 (Laurie will attend), but we do not have to have our proposal ready for that time. Laurie suggested we present the general budget and recommended usage for the NSP funds in February, and vote approval for the NSP funds in March. That should give us time to submit our proposals
for an NSP peer review in March as well. The general fund budget can be approved in February when presented. The EEAC meeting should be advertised with a sign and in the newsletter, with prior notice of NSP proposed spending. Kevin withdrew his motion. Nick moved that we postpone budget approval until February. It was seconded and anonymously approved.

• Bryan Phillips reported on his Facebook page, CincinnatiEastEndColumbia-Tusculum&Linwood. 500 people “like” the site. He has 1000 photos of the East End, including many of the 1937 flood . Contact:

• Nominating Committee – Laurie Keleher & Nick Motz.
All current officers (with the exception of Patrice Allen, NSP rep, who moved out of the East End) agreed to serve for another year. There were no nominations from the floor. Written ballots were distributed to 13 eligible residents, and collected and counted by Laurie & Nick. Michelle Perkins received a write-in vote for NSP rep, and agreed to serve as alternate, learning from Laurie about how the city processes work. Newly elected officers signed an agreement to take office and were sworn in by Michelle.

• Bryan Phillips asked why there are 2 different dates on the EE signs; this has been noted by others recently. Melisse suggested that we go with the earlier date.

Jackie announced that there will not be a January meeting. Next mtg is Monday, Feb 6 at 7PM at LeBlond Rec Center.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oct 3 2011 EEAC Meeting Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, OCTOBER 03, 2011
Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:05PM. Eighteen people were in attendance, including 13 residents. Contact:
Secretary’s Report Barb Rider presented the September 12, 2011 minutes; they were accepted & filed. Contact:
Treasurer’s Report Sandy Hoover presented the 10.3.11 balance sheet (including $25,296.86 in total liabilities and equity). We’ll be getting NSP income from the city soon, as we have submitted all receipts. We were charged $17 because our savings fell under $5000. Contact:
• Police Report Officer G. Love said the crime report is better than during the summer; from Sept 3-29 there was just one breaking & entering (plus 7 thefts and 2 burglaries). There was much news coverage last week concerning a body found in a house at Riverside and Wenner; it is still under investigation. The person in question is in jail on a previous conviction. The CRC is sponsoring free swim lessons in Mt. Auburn Tues & Thurs 7-8pm in dedication of two Roselawn brothers who recently drowned. Transportation is not yet available. Ruth Coon and three others asked about increased traffic on Riverside; Officer Love was unaware. Others think it may be due to construction on I-471. Betty Burns asked if the homeless situation has been checked; she saw two teenagers coming out of the woods across from the abandoned Site station to go to the bus stop this morning; there is a now a defined pathway. Jackie asked Officer Love to check it out. Contact: 478-1678 (texts OK, no voice mail).
• LeBlond Report - Jeff Sepate, director reminded us about Trunk or Treat on Oct 21st. Volunteers are needed. Money and candy donations are being accepted at LeBlond. Contact
• Mayor’s Recycling Bank Challenge – Sharon Smith, Cinti Office of Environmental Quality, promoted the bi-weekly recycling program. Neighborhoods can earn money by participating ($100 for applying for the challenge; $250 for increasing recycling by 10%; $100 by identifying misused recycling carts; $1000 for being one of the top three neighborhoods to increase Recycle Bank registrations). Level of participation in the EE is 65%; city-wide average is 70%. 419 bins were distributed to the EE; we’ll be provided a list of EEers who aren’t recycling. The official launch is Nov 15th. Call 591-6000 to get old green bins picked up. Kevin Perkins will be our challenge contact person. It was mentioned that are some vacant buildings with recycling carts; these would be ones we report as being misused. Contact or
• Alex Kuhns, candidate for CPS school board, spoke and distributed literature. He is running with incumbents Eve Bolton & Chris Nelms.
Vice President Report – In Michael Bolan’s absence, there was no report.
Community Relations Report - Melisse May, chair.
The Sept Meet N Greet at Pendleton went well. Thanks were given to Jeff for grilling, and to Melisse for purchasing all food items and prizes - and for organizing the event.
The Oct Meet N Greet (3rd Tuesday at 6:30) will be hosted by Columbia Tusculum Council at Tusculum Pizza on Kellogg.
Connie Greene will be the next East End Idol for keeping up the Kemper/Riverside garden area. Greg Suffridge was recognized in the last newsletter.
Melisse is working on the best possible signs to advertise community events to be purchased with $2000 in the next budget.
Melisse asked for neighbors on Hoff to get that area cleaned up – they are already mowing and cleaning up. There is lots of brush blocking views and creating security issues. Melisse has found a volunteer to cut the brush, and asked for approx $40 for gas.

City Liaison Report –Laurie Keleher, chair was not present. Jackie gave the report. Contact:
We still need before/after pictures of the Garden Area. Joe Corcoran suggested having an EEAC meeting next year in the Garden District.

NSP funds – Patrice Allen. Contact:
There will be no NSP next year.
Patrice said that a 5Star award nomination will be made for Scott Davidson.
The kick-off event for Keep Cincinnati Beautiful will be our project with CT
Adopt-A-Block: 95 trees are going in (60 redbuds) near Stanley to Delta on Kellogg by Riverview East Academy.
Milton Dohoney will take questions from area councils on Oct 25 at 6pm at NSP offices at the Fire Museum on 9th St. Patrice will attend.
TheKemper Rd. entrance planting of 300 daffodils & daylily bulbs will be at 7:30AM Sat, Oct 22 and 9-11AM Sun, Oct. 23rd.

Columbia/Tusculum Report – Nick Motz was absent, so Jamie from CT gave the report on KCB activities on Oct 22, focusing on the tunnel on Eastern Ave. and the business area. Weeding, picking up trash and common areas in the wedge (included in both neighborhoods will occur. KCB will provide volunteers. Its press conference will be in the bike trail parking lot across from Lunken at 8:30-9AM. Nick has gotten ideas from the landscape company Forever Green.
Patrice said that Linwood and CT are joining our Adopt-A-Block program. This will help more businesses to get involved with sign recognition.

Old Business:
• Nominating Committee – Chairs Nick & Laurie were absent; there was no report.
• Riverview East Academy – Adopt-a-Class was not recommended by the EEAC Board; the CT business association and some individuals have adopted two classes; one is left. Patrice suggested talking to Lin Yates, principal about other things they need.

New Business
• Proposed Budget was presented. A motion to accept the proposed $2880/$4500 budget was made by Kevin Perkins.
• Fundraising ideas – Bob Little, Economic Development chair, is looking into these Contact:
• EE identity ideas: Barb Rider suggested that the EE could welcome new businesses; promote the EE during Tall Stacks; advertise EE on river (i.e. WaterWorks wall mural)
• MSD Strategic Plan meeting in Sharonville Tuesday Oct 25th 7:30 am – 2 projects (one at Wedge) upcoming

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:10.

NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

November 7 EEAC Meeting Minutes


Call to Order
Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. There were approximately 25 people in attendance, of whom about 18 were residents or business owners. Contact:

Secretary’s Report
Sandy Hoover presented the October 3, 2011 minutes in Barb Rider’s absence; they were accepted and filed. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Hoover presented the 11.1.2011 balance sheet (including $26,586.99 in total liabilities and equity). We received a credit from Chase Bank for the $17 service fee charged last month, but we will be liable for continuing service fees in that amount if our balance falls below $5000 in our checking account. Non-profit status does not matter. Contact:


• Police Report
Officer Love ‘s report covering the period Oct. 7 – Nov. 4, 2011 listed 9 thefts, one breaking and entering, and one murder (the continuing investigation of the female body discovered and reported last month). She stated that many of the thefts are of catalytic converters; this is a new development that has occurred with frequency in Mt. Washing-ton and other areas. Ruth Coon asked about an incident last week whereby many police cars converged on the Site gas station in the middle of the night, apparently investigating a report of homeless people in the gas station. Officer Love was not aware of this incident, but reported that the gas station has been secured repeatedly. Officer Love asked if we know the owner of the building; Patrice Allen reported that the owner is in St. Louis. We have had contact with him in the past, and he has always been very receptive to our requests and concerns. Officer Love also reported that she has personally visited the homeless camp by the railroad tracks on four occasions since our last meeting, and other officers have visited there as well. There are only remnants of the camp at this time; it appears to have been abandoned.

• Streetcar Presentation – Jennifer Wirtz and Steve Lane, Parsons Brinckerhoff architectural firm
Ms. Wirtz gave a brief overview of plans for the proposed streetcar. Her firm is designing the system including station stop designs. All design work is completed and ready to proceed. A brief video was shown; Ms. Wirtz continued with a power point presentation and explained the economic benefits of the streetcar; a handout was provided.

• Cincinnati Beer Company – Bryon Martin and Jack Martin
The Cincinnati Beer Company is trying to acquire the old pumphouse on Martin Drive in Eden Park for a production brewery. The building is a Samuel Hannaford design and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Their initial intent was to lease the building long-term, but there are state tax credits for the owners of the building, so they are pursuing ownership (purchasing the building and current paved area only - not any green space in the park. It is their intent to produce small batches of beer for distribution to local restaurants. They would also have a tap room that would primarily serve pedestrians/bicyclists in the park. There is limited availability for parking. They will have a loading dock; a truck will deliver grain once a week, but impact on traffic should be minimal. The building is approximately 7000 square feet.

• East End Health Center – Laura Hershberger, outreach coordinator, and Andrew Ruffner, bd. member
The East End Health Center is a federally funded health center and is part of Neighbor-hood Health Care. They reported that the center has been in the community for a long time and they are trying to make residents aware of its services. She thanked us for our letter of support for a dental center at the health center, which is currently being planned. She also read a letter from Dr. Marcia Irving-Ray, belatedly thanking us for our $1000 donation several years ago in honor of Dr. Ian Scott, a long-time East End resident. She announced that the dental center will be named in Dr. Scott’s honor. They are seeking additional board members from the community if anyone is interested.

• State Representative – Peter Stautberg
Jackie Weist welcomed Mr. Stautberg, who stated briefly that he was glad to have the opportunity to attend the meeting; he mentioned that next year we will likely be redistributed but he will continue to be our state representative.

• Eli’s BBQ – Eli Leisring
Nick Motz introduced Eli Leisring who will be opening a barbeque carryout restaurant in the East End in December. He is currently up for the “Best Barbeque Restaurant” in Cincinnati. He has successfully operated barbeque restaurants in the Findlay Market area and outdoors on Fountain Square during the summer months. He plans to have an outdoor patio up and running behind his new restaurant next spring/summer.

• LeBlond Report – Jeff Sepate, Director
Jeff stated that due to budget considerations, a therapeutic recreation department would be sharing the facility with the rec center in the future; therefore, he is being reassigned to Lincoln Center in the West End. He thanked the EEAC for our time together and stated how much he has enjoyed working in the East End; he stated that this change should allow the LeBlond Center to remain open in the future. Jeff received an ovation for his service to the EEAC during his tenure here.

Vice President Report – Michael Boland. Contact:
Michael gave an update on proposed historical signage commemorating areas of significance in the East End. The proposed signage would consist of photos and narrative printed on stainless steel of legal paper size, similar to signs currently located in Eden Park. They could possibly be installed on stands crafted by East End artisans. The cost of a prototype is approximately $300. Michael will look into this further and make a recommendation to the board.

Community Relations Report – Melisse May, chair. Contact:
• the November 15 Meet and Greet will be held at Nick Motz’ building, Adenine, 3251 Riverside Dr, 6 – 8 PM, and will be a celebration of volunteerism in the East End. Special invitations were sent to individuals who contributed time and talent to the East End during the past year.
• the East End has been included in the website, which is a city-wide initiative that promotes green living.
• the board plans upcoming sessions to discuss long-term vision and planning for the EEAC in 2012. Members of the community are encouraged to share their ideas with any board member.

City Liaison Report – Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact:
• Laurie made a motion that we provide our support of the Cincinnati Beer Company in the form of a letter to the Cincinnati Park Board; the motion was seconded, and passed. Laurie agreed to write the letter.
• Laurie introduced Peter Huttinger of the Civic Garden Center to discuss guidelines for use of public property in our Garden District. Laurie stated that the concept of guidelines has the blessing of the three governing bodies that oversee the gardens (Recreation, Civic Garden Center, and Office of Environmental Quality, from which Urban Agriculture operates). Laurie asked Ruth Coon to look at dates in December to hold one or more informational meetings at the Pendleton Center to allow the community to learn more about these proposed guidelines for garden usage in anticipation of spring implement-tation. Joe Corcoran made a motion to form a steering committee but it was later recalled, pending the results of the upcoming informational meetings at the Pendleton Center.
• Laurie stated that issues of concern (tunnel lighting, abandoned steps in the 2500 block of Riverside, Lancaster Street homeless/trash/debris issues, and engine braking issues) will be tackled in the coming weeks now that the city council election is behind us. Laurie mentioned an information session regarding the Ohio River Trail from Collins to Corbin to be held at LeBlond on November 16 from 4 – 6:30 PM.
• A nationwide Emergency Alert broadcast will be conducted on Wednesday, November 9 at 2:00 PM.

NSP Funds – Patrice Allen, chair. Contact:
• Patrice announced with sadness that she is moving out of the East End, effective today. Her announcement was met with mutual sadness and applause for her years of service.
• We have spent all NSP funds allocated for this year, and there will not be any NSP funding in 2012 due to budget constraints.
• Scott Davidson was honored as the recipient of an award for being a 5-Star Winner for Keep Cincinnati Beautiful.
• Patrice will continue to stay involved in Adopt-a-Block and Adopt-a-Spot, which is expanding from Bains to the Little Miami River and including Eastern Avenue. She stated that local business Kinder Morgan has agreed to keep the grass mowed along the Ohio River Trail, and that Duke Energy has agreed to keep the sidewalk trash and debris-free along their facility on Riverside Drive. The Cincinnati Waterworks has edged and therefore, enlarged, the sidewalks in front of their facility to make more room for neighborhood walkers. She announced that the garden is going in at Delta and Kellogg and that 95 trees will be going in along Kellogg Avenue in pursuit of the goal of planting 500 trees along our streets. Patrice is still working with the I & O railroad to take down and remove debris along the railroad.

Columbia/Tusculum Report – Nick Motz, chair. Contact:
• Nick thanked those who helped with the cleanup effort on Make a Difference Day. He thinks Keep Cincinnati Beautiful was impressed with the turnout and effort made. He specifically thanked the 5 crew leaders who went out that day.
• He has signed us up to participate again in having a Party Zone during the Flying Pig on May 6, 2012.

Old Business
Michelle and Kevin Perkins announced that the application is ready to go for the Recycle Challenge. 491 green recycling carts were initially distributed in the East End, of which 173 have never been used. The goal is to attempt to collect those carts or identify those which have been abandoned/lost.

New Business
• Joe Corcoran announced that it is the time of year when he and his crew have time to assist with neighborhood cleanup projects. He committed to tackling the stone wall across from Duke to remove weeds. Contact Joe if you have a project that could use his assistance.

• Nominating Committee
Nick Motz announced that all officers have agreed to retain their positions with the exception of the Treasurer’s position. Please consider serving and get in touch with Nick or Laurie Keleher if you are interested in serving in that capacity. You may also nominate yourself at our meeting in December for any position.

Jackie Weist announced that there will not be a January meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sept 19 East End Council Meeting Minutes

Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:05PM. Nineteen people were in attendance, including 14 residents and 3 guests. Contact:
Secretary’s Report Barb Rider presented the August 1, 2011 minutes; they were accepted & filed. Contact:
Treasurer’s Report Sandy Hoover presented the EEAC balance sheet as of 9.12.2011 (including $27,676.20 in assets; $163.27 in current liabilities; -$325 in net income). We’ll be adding a new line for landscaping (see NSP report).
Jackie mentioned that it’s time to think about budget ideas for the next calendar year. There will be very few – if any – funds for neighborhoods, except some from the casino (it is scheduled to open in 2012, but it will be 6 months before money is received). We have savings to use, but they will not last forever. Contact:

Guests Lin Yates, principal of Riverview East Academy spoke about his school. He is in his 2nd yr there. One of Mr. Yates’ priorities is involving community; REA is “our” school. There are 450 students, Gr. K-12, with a top-rated preschool (2-5 yr olds), a disability pre-school unit, and 4 autism units. REA is open to all CPS students and the community. We can hold meetings there, and are welcome to visit anytime. The school is judged on test scores; in previous years, it was ranked Academic Watch, this year it has improved to Continuous Improvement. Next year’s goal is to be rated Effective. REA has a full-time School Resource Officer (Officer Gamble), used mainly for counseling. This year, a nurse’s aide replaces a registered nurse. Students in Gr. 11-12 can take courses to qualify as a nurse’s aide when they graduate, and receive priority status in enrolling in nursing school (e.g. Christ). REA has Jr Hi and HS sports (2 sports for boys & girls in each season, including football with home games at Stargell Stadium, Taft HS). REA is very competitive in baseball, and is trying to start cheerleading. The IT department of Great Amer-ican Insurance Co. has adopted REA; they will provide money (for testing incentives and refreshments for parent events, 31 laptop computers just received for a lab, and tutors. Mr. Yates provided pamphlets about the school; Open House is Oct 5. He concluded his remarks by describing his students as “wonderful.” He is working on developing relationships with students and parents to improve self-esteem, and on improving the perception of REA in the community. 60-70% of last year’s graduates are now in college.
Bob Little shared that attending the opening of the school was a great way to meet neighbors, and asked about adult ed classes (they may be offered thru Great American). A suggestion was made for REA to use the EEAC newsletter for publicity (attendance at parent events is low). Melisse May asked about strategies to improve test scores (REA is working with the Hamilton County Educational Service Center to use data in identifying what skills each student needs, and in planning individualized interventions).
Monica Miller, Resource Coordinator of Riverview East Academy, spoke about the Adopt A Class program; community groups or businesses adopt a K-8 class, pledging to spend $25/ student yearly. Adopting groups write letters, meet students, serve as mentors, and provide a holiday party with gifts. Currently, Grades 3 and 6 & autism classes do not have adopters.
LeBlond Report - Katie Lear (in Jeff Sepate’s absence) reported that:
• the new Cincinnati Recreation Commission director, Chris Bingham, started this week and is charged with dealing with the $1.3 million deficit.
• Grilling with Tim (Hedrix), Aug 18th, attracted 200 people, one of the biggest for WKRC.
• Jeff came to survey parking during Riverfest –there were only about 20 cars (8 cars in lot, 2-3 in the field), perhaps because of the rain in the evening.
• New fall program guides were distributed. LeBlond is open M-Th 10-7, Fri 10-6. LeBlond is a host site for Girls on the Run (Gr. 3-5); there are a few openings. Yoga continues on Mondays. Aerobics is held on Mon, Tues & Thurs 9:45-10:45AM. There are openings in the preschool program.
• Trunk or Treat is Fri, Oct. 21st 7-8PM. There will be awards for the best decorated car.
• Red Cross is having a workshop on preparing for disasters (floods & hurricanes) Oct 5
Jackie asked (on Jeff Sepate’s behalf) if there were any objections to a liquor license for the Toby Keith Bar at the Banks; there were no objections. Bob Little asked how licenses are procured – he has heard that they are difficult to get. Laurie Keleher said it is advantageous to be in an entertainment district (e.g. Pleasant Ridge), because the license is attached to property (not a person). Officer Tucker said to call 979-4470 for information about liquor licenses.

Police Report Officer C. Tucker represented Officer Germaine Love, who is ill. She did not have monthly crime stats, but will email them to newsletter editor, Betsy Urban. She reported that Mt. Lookout has been hit hard with theft from autos (over 100 this month), including some at Lunken. Three have been arrested (from KY). Next month, Officer Love will discuss safety tips for Halloween. Contact: 478-1678 (texts OK, no voice mail).

Vice President Report – Michael Bolan is continuing his project to install historical photos on Riverside Dr to connect pedestrians and cyclists to the East End’s historic and industrial past. He has taken pictures of signs in other neighborhoods. Contact:

Community Relations Report - Melisse May, chair. Contact: A newsletter article, “East End Idols”, will feature residents who improve the East End. Greg Sulfridge will be featured in the September newsletter for his extensive work in painting the building at 2630 Riverside. Please send other nominations to Melisse.
Meet N Greet – Sept 20th at Pendleton at 6pm. There will be a cook-out & potluck for East End residents. EEAC will provide burgers, buns and condiments. East Enders are asked to bring a sidedish for 8 to share. BYO beer is OK, EEAC will provide non-alcoholic drinks. Bingo will be led by Ruth Coon; there will also be cornhole. Volunteers are needed for set-up and clean-up.

City Liaison Report –Laurie Keleher, chair. Contact:
Work on an Integrated Riverfront Plan through the Department of Housing and Urban Develop-ment’s Community Challenge Planning Grant Program II is proceeding. Jackie has sent a letter of support to Ms. Poticha of the City Planning Commission, as this is a perfect fit for our Garden District plans. The city will work with FEMA in developing the comprehensive plan. Cameron Ross is involved in the project; study of the riverfront will begin at Sawyer Park and go east. Duke wants to be involved in the Garden District.
There are three lots for sale in the 2640 block of Riverside that Laure is monitoring.

NSP funds – Patrice Allen. Contact: Rick Dierringer of Invest in Neighborhoods has informed community representatives that he does not anticipate City funding for the NSP Program for 2012.
Patrice presented an update on NSP projects as follows:
1) Entrance garden at Kellogg & Delta (on REA/CPS school property/ballfield/parking lot): A landscaping plan was presented, as designed gratis by Josh Otto, of Perrino Landscape, Inc. The plan meets our four criteria for East End gardens: low maintenance, drought-tolerance, low cost and plantings appropriate to the site. A CPS waiver has been procured to allow us to install a garden on CPS land. In return, the EEAC will be responsible for maintaining the site; weeding and doing seasonal cleanup. Perrino Landscape has waived its labor charges, billed wholesale instead of retail for plants and trees, and will mulch for free. The portable water tank obtained by Matt Ackermann for use by CTCC and the EEAC will be used. The plan was accepted. NSP and 2010 AIG funds will be used to fund this garden installation, part 1.
2) Patrice requested a motion to accept the transfer of $100 of surplus funds from the newsletter project to the East End Garden District project to provide for tool purchase and repair.
Laurie moved that funds be transferred as described above. There was a second, and the vote passed unanimously.
3) Patrice reported there is $750 remaining for the -T partnership Wedge project which needs to be allocated and spent by December.
The Dinner Train and I & O Railroad project is ”off track”. KCB and the Glad Company employees and families will transfer their efforts to the EE/CT Wedge project.
There will be no more NSP peer-review meetings as all Community Councils have presented their plans for 2011.
Columbia Tusculum Report – Nick Motz is meeting with CT reps on the Wedge project tomorrow. The project will be part of Make a Difference Day on Oct. 22nd. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful likes our joint project, and plans publicity at our site. Glad Corp will bring supplies.
Nick reported that his new building complex “Adenine” is part of the Ohio Green Tour/Open House on Oct. 21st from 8-10. Among other improvements, he has installed solar energy panels.

Economic Development - Bob Little Contact: Bob has purchased advertising in the quarterly Venue Magazine for a four-part series on Riverwalk, Fuel (and owner John Pitera), East End businesses, and entrepreneurs living at Riverwalk & Waterfront East. The next issue comes Sept 17, and is available at Joseph Beth.
The current issue of Cincinnati Magazine has an excellent cover story on the Ohio River.
Bob recently went with Queen City Bike from Lunken to downtown. He reported on the Banks: there will be a bike center with rentals, showers, etc. The Women’s Garden Club has raised $8 million; another $21 was donated. A statue of the Black Brigade will be especially impressive.

New Business Nominating Committee – Nick & Laurie & William Sanders (maybe) have agreed to serve.
A Cincinnati Herald video with Melisse & William speaking about the East End was made.
Diane Little and Patrice are meeting at 1:00 on Wed, Sept 14 to discuss a fundraiser. (Maribelle’s is not interested in the previously discussed wine-tasting).
Ruth Coon reports fighting with the city about overgrown weeds on property adjacent to her home, and is not mowing in protest. There is a question about whether it is railroad or city-owned. She also reported that the East End Heritage School (in Roselawn) is doing well.

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.

NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at

Monday, August 1, 2011

EEAC Mtg - Aug 1, 2011

Police Report Officer Love reported 13 total property-related offenses in the East End in July: 4 burglaries 1 breaking and entering, and 8 thefts (including 3 thefts from autos, and 2 auto thefts). The most serious crime was $70,000 from Arnold Printing (e.g. copper was taken from AC units). There was a much-publicized shooting in CT last week into the windows of Gymboree with no injuries.
National Night Out is tomorrow night at Owls’ Nest.
Officer Love warned of a fraud currently in Deerfield Township and Wyoming: door to door tree services (e.g. Trees Unlimited), saying they’re from Louisville or Columbus. A maroon 1992 Chevy pick-up truck is involved. The elderly are being targeted. Officer Love advised never writing checks to anyone coming to the door.
Ruth Coon shared that there is brothel-type activity in the woods near her house (young men and women get out of cars and go up the hill); Betty Burns said that there have been attempts at breaking into Verdin. Sandy said there are people, possibly homeless, with campfires on the riverbanks. Officer Love encouraged all to call police (you can use the non-emergency number; and do not have to give a name); the fire department should be called in cases of open fire. Jackie asked Officer Love to report these problems.
Contact: 478-1678 (no voice mail, but texts accepted)
LeBlond Report – Jeff Sepate reported that there will again be home-schooling programs beginning in September. They are also looking at pre-school morning programs and soccer. There will also be a Trunk N Treat again this year. Girls on the Run will also begin at LeBlond. LeBlond is interested in offering its site to two table tennis associations (with players ranked ‘2000’) on Saturdays, so hours can be expanded. Jeff encourages membership, especially to use the fitness center. He introduced East End resident Donna Meakin and Paul Schmid from Mt. Lookout who are regulars. LeBlond is open until 7pm.
Riverfest parking fundraiser - Jeff explained that the Recreation Commission administration did not permit it for this year due to high costs (full-time staff would be required), and lower than anticipated revenue (restricting parking to asphalt). This year, Riverfest activity at LeBlond will be reviewed to make proposals for next year. Ruth said for three years (beginning in 2002) there was extended parking at LeBlond to Highland School for $5/car with 12 security volunteers; Jeff will talk with Ruth. Melisse has talked to Jen Trokhen at RiverWalk about using their adjacent lot. Previously they made $500 through pre-sale $10 wristband vouchers; one year someone bought 20 vouchers. Melisse recommends we not pursue this, as there would be competition at the free LeBlond parking; Jackie will tell Bob Little that we will not use the lot. Melisse suggests we move to Plan B in LeBlond fundraising. Jeff thanked Melisse for her persistence and help.
Ruth complimented Jeff for “making a world of difference” at LeBlond pool this year.
Vice President Report – Michael Bolan explained his idea for hanging East End historical photos (printed on metal) along the Riverside Drive streetscape near where the photo was taken. No one objected, so Michael will investigate. Ruth said there are 12,000 photos on a Linwood, CT, East End website (Facebook
Community Relations - Melisse May, chair. Meet N Greets – On Aug. 16, speakers from Duke will be present at Maribelle’s to talk about their clean-up. The Sept 20 Meet N Greet will be at the Pendleton; the planning meeting is on Aug 9. The Maribelle’s fund raising Wine Tasting was potentially planned for Sept 20th, but Jackie has not heard from planners Diane Little and Jen. She’ll suggest to them that the Wine Tasting be moved to October.
The East Ender Newsletter now has 177 subscribers (out of 1500 residents). New names will continue to be generated at social events. In future newsletter, residents will be recognized (e.g. doing fix-ups/renovations, volunteering for Adult Education or the East End Heritage Academy). Ruth said at one time 5 awards were given annually to East End residents during Appalachian Week (e.g. Above and Beyond, Community Spirit). Melisse will look into this for a November volunteer day.
Trash - A handout was made available detailing what big items can be put out with the trash: 2 tires, and a few large items (e.g. mattresses) with a call beforehand to 591-6000. Ruth suggested getting a “white truck”; Melisse suggested this idea go to Adopt-A-Block, but Sandy pointed out that program only deals with sidewalks. I&O RR is donating a dumpster on October 22 “Make a Difference Day.”
City Liaison Report – In Laurie Keleher’s absence, Jackie reported that the Board recommends the Garden District be expanded to the Pendleton. No one objected. Jackie asked if anyone had before and/or after photos of the garden district; Ruth may have some from before the 1937 flood. Contact:
Jackie attended the City Council meeting today; $5million may be cut by Dec. 31, including some environmental programs (e.g. community gardens on city property). Jackie encouraged people to comment on the merger of Parks and Recreation, and on the budget cuts; action will be taken on Aug 17. Contact:
NSP funds – In Patrice Allen’s absence, Jackie reported that this is the EEAC’s year to be reviewed. Laurie and/or Patrice will attend each monthly meeting.
Jackie encouraged people to see the Stanley/Eastern Ave. trees/mulching. She wonders if Adopt A Block could expand to that part of the East End. Contact:
Old Business – Jackie reported that a decision was made not to participate in the Regional Conference of Neighborhood Associations to save money.
New Business – Dr. Keesler from UC’s College of Medicine is asking his students to attend an EEAC meeting, and visit the East End Health Center. Ruth suggested they also go to the Seven Hills Neighborhood House by St. Stevens in CT.
Jackie asked if anyone knew why we got a thank you for participating in the MSD Recreational Research project; no one knew about this.
There are passes available to attend the swearing in of new police chief tomorrow; contact Jackie.
The Cincinnati Herald will put us on their website, with a taping on Aug 5. Melisse may attend with William Sanders from Community Relations
Scott Donaldson has been nominated by the board for a Keep Cinti Beautiful volunteer recognition award for his work in the Garden District.

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 11, 2011 Council Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, July 11, 2011
Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Jackie Weist, president at 7:05PM. Twenty people were in attendance, including 11 residents. Contact:

Secretary’s Report -The June 6, 2011 minutes were accepted & filed. Ed Rider was appointed to take minutes in Barb’s absence. Contact:
Guests –
• Greg Brown (accompanied by two partners) spoke about the Double Barrel Micro Brewery they are opening between Terry’s Turf Club and Bella Luna on Eastern Ave. He is introducing the company to the various neighborhood councils. It will be a production facility only and sell to businesses. They are excited to be part of the neighborhood.
Treasurer’s Report - The 7.11.2011 balance sheet was distributed in the absence of treasurer Sandy Hoover. A motion was made by Laurie Keleher and seconded by Melisse May to donate $250 for the Aug 13 Garden District BBQ. The motion was approved. Joe then talked about the upcoming BBQ. Contact:
Police Report - Officer Germain Love (acompanied by Sgt Tucker), distributed the neighborhood crime report. There were 16 recorded offenses – 8 thefts, 3 burglaries and 6 breaking and enterings reported in the East End from June 11 – July 8. Officer Love said that this was a high number but that things have improved in the last few weeks. She reminded everyone about the NATIONAL Night Out on Tues, Aug 2 from 6-9 at the Owls Nest Park on 1984 Madison Rd. (O’Bryonville). Contact:
LeBlond Report - Jeff Sepate, director, thanked everyone who attended the neighborhood Meet and Greet at the Center on June 21. Jeff reported that the staff is continuing to explore using the parking lot and property for paid parking during the fireworks. If they proceed, volunteers will be needed to make it successful. Jeff asked if we thought this was a good idea. All comments were positive, and he was encouraged to keep working on the idea. One of the questions still be resolved with the city is liability and they are working on that. Contact:
Guests –
• Linda Doyle of the Early Learning Center housed at the Riverview East Academy presented information about the ELC which has a 3 star rating from the state. It is an all day preschool for children from 18 months to 5 years old. 60% of the children from the East End. It is not a charter school but rather a non-profit group that has 7 locations in Cincinnati and works in cooperation with CPS.
• Monica Miller, the Resource Coordinator of the Riverview East Academy reported that they expected their test scores to improve this year (to be officially released shortly). There have been many changes at the school: the two secretaries have left (one retired), Miss Cleveland is a new Vice Principal, and the school is transitioning to more emphasis on technology. Great American Insurance Co. has adopted the school and will be providing volunteers. The school is a local school in K-8 and a school of choice 9 – 12. Enrollment has soared. They have 150 initial signups. They are looking into a Girls on the Run program.
Community Relations - Melisse May, chair
• There will be a Tri-Council Meet and Greet at Tostados on Tuesday, July 19.
• We were not successful in winning a grant from the Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISV), but it did put the East End on their radar screen. Our neighborhood did not have as large an African- American population and a large number of vacant housing as those neighbor hoods that received the grants. These were two of the main criteria for the grants.
• Black Family Reunion – Jackie and Melisse talked to about 20 residents or former residents at the BFR about the East End.
• Based on our neighborhood interviews, we are continuing to work on the two top priorities – more social activities and property cleanup. Ruth Coon complained about the condition of the property along Lancaster Ave owned by the city and the homeless using the area. Betty Burns said that the homeless there have become a problem with attempted break-ins at Verdin Bell and the abandoned church. Laurie Keleher said she would visit the site and will follow up with the city and Homeless Coalition to get someone to visit the homeless camps there. Contact:

City Liaison Report - Laurie Keleher, chair
• Laurie introduced Cameron Ross from the City to review the View Corridor issues. Cameron presented a large zoning map to the Council that highlights how various properties would be affected by the proposed regulations. Cameron indicated that the East End is one of the most affected neighborhoods by the proposed View Corridor work. He pointed out that the rules were designed to be flexible and development plans for affected properties would be evaluated on a case by case basis. However, he reported that while the Livable Community Committee has approved it, the plan will most likely be sunsetted because of lack of support on City Council. Betty Burns pointed out that recent communications from the Hillside Trust on the issue was confusing with regards to the plans. Cameron agreed.
• Laurie reported on the Invest in Neighborhoods business meeting hosted by the Business Association at the Fire Museum. The projections for the city budget and neighborhood funds are grim, particularly with the decline in property valuations. All residents of the city will be affected and she urged all residents to participate in the public forums on the budget discussions and communicate with City Council. Laurie would either try to get the city budget director to attend an EEAC meeting or find out if there was a general budget meeting residents can attend.
• Laurie reported that she attended the Planning Commission meeting regarding three parcels in the west end of the neighborhood. She was shocked to find out that the EEAC objections to the sale never made it to the agenda. Laurie said that Roxanne Qualls’ staff indicated that they will try to alert the EEAC about future city property sales in the area.
A question was raised about the activity on the Imboden property on Riverside Drive next to the Duke property being cleaned up. It was reported that Imboden had sold the property to Duke; Betty Burns said she would look into it.

NSP Report - In Patrice Allen’s absence, Jackie Weist asked for a motion to approve the use of the AIG $701.40 for the Wedge cleanup. Laurie Keleher made the motion to approve and it was seconded by Donna Meakin. The motion was approved.
Patrice would also like to apply for two Keep Cincinnati Beautiful grants and requested approval to apply. Approval was given to apply for these grants.
Input was also requested regarding a possible mural on the Water Works wall. Ruth Coon and Betty Burns expressed opposition to this idea. Ruth said it would invite graffiti and Betty felt the wall should be lowered by the Water Works rather than have a mural placed on it.

Economic Development Report – No report in the absence of Bob Little.

Pendleton Center Report - Ruth Coon said she has heard nothing from Marvin Hawkins regarding a forum and potluck at a Meet and Greet on August 16. Plans are still forming. Contact:

New Business - Jackie reported that the Regional Conference of Neighborhood Associations will be in Cincinnati Sept. 22-24. There was a discussion about supporting the attendance of two delegates from the East End Area Council. Ruth Coon moved and Mary Dyar seconded the motion to cover the fees for two delegates. The motion was approved.

Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 8:33.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

EEAC Minutes - June 6, 2011

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, June 6, 2011
Call to Order – Barb Rider, secretary, was appointed to preside over the meeting in the absence of the president and vice president. The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM. Eighteen people were in attendance, including 10 residents and 8 guests. Because only 9 residents had been to a meeting previously in the past year, there was not a required quorum for voting. Contact:
Police Report - Officer Germain Love (accompanied by her boss, Sgt Tucker), distributed the neighborhood crime report (without a map). There were 7 felony larceny/thefts, and 4 breaking and entering offenses reported in the East End from May 5-26. Fifteen locks on units in a storage facility were removed; the owners have not yet been notified, so the extent of the theft is not known. There have been 4 arrests, including 18 yr old Josh Turner, allegedly involved in several previous offenses. Officer Love also distributed safe baby sleeping cards from the City Health Department. She provided information on NATIONAL Night Out on Tues, Aug 2 from 6-9 at the Owls Nest Park on 1984 Madison Rd. (O’Bryonville). We can have a booth there. Melisse May asked is we can have a report on cases that have been closed. We should contact Officer Love with this request, and she could email us that report. Contact:
Guests –
• Scott LaFollette, of Mt. Washington, spoke about looking for a 2000 sq ft. place – possibly in the East End - for his Blank Slate Brewing Company. It would be production and kegs only. There is sometimes an odor with brewing, so he would like to know about objections before he decides on a site. Contact: 515-6672.
• Ryan Braun, legislative director of newly appointed city Councilman Wayne Lippert’s office, introduced himself. Ryan mentioned that he and Councilman Lippert went on a garbage run for a half-day, and reminded us that yard waste IS still being picked up, and should be bundled. He distributed a petition sheet to get signatures for the Nov city council election for Councilman Lippert. Contact:
LeBlond Report - Jeff Sepate, director, introduced Natalie Hosfeld, certified yoga instructor, who will be offering Caribbean Cardio on Mondays at 5:30, and Power & Peace Yoga Mondays at 6 and Thursdays at 1pm in the LeBlond park ($7/class or $50/month). Jeff reported that the pool opened today, with an impressive 66-70 swimmers; summer camp begins Wed. The Tuesday, June 21 6:30 Meet & Greet will take place at the LeBlond park, with the Rec Center & the Community Relations Committee providing soft drinks and paper products; bring appetizers to share. Jeff has recreation supplies to provide (e.g. cornhole). Contact:
Secretary’s Report -The May 2, 2011 minutes were accepted & filed. Contact:
Treasurer’s Report - Sandy Hoover presented the 6.6.2011 balance sheet ($30,611.50 in total liabilities and equity), and our ‘Actual vs. Budget Profit & Loss’ report ($-13.68). We received $800 for hosting the Flying Pig Party Zone. The motion to donate $250 for the Aug 13 Garden District BBQ was tabled until July for lack of a quorum. Contact:
Community Relations - Melisse May, chair
• The East End Reunion takes place on June 18 at Schmidt Field. It is not an EEAC-sponsored event, but an important long-standing neighborhood function, usually coinciding with River Clean-up Day.
• 3rd Tuesday Meet N Greets continue at 6:30: June 21 at LeBlond Park…July 19 at Tostados with Columbia Tusculum and Linwood Community councils…and Aug 16 possibly at Pendleton in a Town Hall potluck format with speakers (e.g. Marvin Hawkins from Councilwoman Quinlivan’s office).
• Patrice Allen, Matt Ackerman and Melisse wrote and submitted a grant application to the 5-platform Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISV), seeking national funds of $50,000 over a 2 year period, for designs in three areas. Chances of being successful in a first LISC application are slim, but we were encouraged to apply because it could lead to other funding opportunities. Melisse was thanked for her hard work in putting this together.
• Although reported at the May meeting, Melisse said that the survey conducted with 6 longterm residents, along with co-chair Willie Sanders, has proved useful .
City Liaison Report - Laurie Keleher, chair
• Concern has been expressed (resident Brian Haberman) about the parking on Walworth interfering with emergency vehicles access. Marty Theuer, City Dept of Traffic Engineering and Fire Chief Breitfelder spoke to the issue: they have investigated, and there is less than the required 24’ width on parts of Walworth. Parking in those areas (3499-3395, and 3325-3299) will be banned. Jamie Cecil, Columbia Tusculum representative, will provide resident emails so they can be notified, and will ask the C/T Business Association to communicate with the Precinct about the parking problems.
• Matthew Andrews, City Transportation Dept, gave an update on the Riverside bike facility – from Corbin to Bains. Parking (8’ wide markings) will be limited 24/7 to the north side of the street (except in the St. Rose area, where it switches to the south side). Two 5’ bike path lanes will be painted after Duke gas line repair work is completed (likely in September): inbound on the north side, outbound on the south side. There will be two 11’ traffic lanes. Some bus stops will be taken out, or converted to parking (by Maribelles) or service/ handicapped vehicles (by Riverfront East). The Rookwood underpass sidewalk will be widened. A mid left-turn lane for businesses near Allied will be created. The Ohio River Trail – now stopping east of Corbin – is still being designed.
• Laurie reported that a master plan for the Garden District (Delta to Corbin) is being developed, to include residents on Strader who have concerns (e.g. community gardening in the middle of the block). Cameron Ross from the Civic Garden Center will be involved; Laurie has met with him. The planning will take about 6-10 months, and will involve public forums much like the bike facility planning. There are some FEMA properties involved. A question was asked about composting; Laurie said it is a problem when compost from other neighborhoods is brought here.
• Two EEAC representatives can attend the Invest in Neighborhoods business meeting hosted by the Business Association on Thurs June 23 at 6PM at the Fire Museum.
NSP Report - In Patrice Allen’s absence,
Sandy reported on the following:
• Adopt a Block – A few volunteers attended the kickoff on May 15 at Maribelle’s.
• Kemper clean-up took place over a 2 week period. Many passers-by thanked the East End volunteers for removing all the brush. Resident Mike Meyers made 6 red, white & blue signs “Neighbors Making A Difference” to post when working on such projects. Daylilies and daffodils will be planted by the newly-cleared stonewall.
Laurie reported:
• The City may be responsible for tunnel lighting, so NSP funds would not have to be used.
• Brush has been removed from the Rookwood overpass by I&O RR and SORTA.

Columbia-Tusculum Liaison Report – Jamie Cecil, C/T rep
• Work on “The Wedge” (bordered by Delta, Eastern, Kellogg and Wilmer) will total $4000, of which $700 is the EEAC share. We may use AIG funds for this, but no vote was taken (no quorum).
• C/T is hosting a Go Green Fest on June 18 at 6-10PM on Columbia Square, with bands, face painting, drinks. It is part of the Green O’Rama that morning on Straefer.
There were no Economic Development or Pendleton Center reports in the absence of Bob Little & Ruth Coon.
Clarification is needed on the soapbox derby cars (Laurie reported they have no airfoils, so plastic vs. wooden should not be an issue).
No other business was brought before the group.

Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 8:22.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011 EEAC Meeting Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, MAY 2, 2011
Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:06PM. Nineteen people were in attendance, including 12 residents and 7 guests. Contact:

Police Report Officer Love reported an increase in crime in the East End for April 2011: 2 burglaries, 5 breaking & entering, and 7 thefts. The most serious crime was a daytime burglary on April 13 of $7100 (jewelry and a big screen TV) from a condo. There was also a major arrest on April 29 of two people for receiving stolen property.
Jack Karch from Citizens on Patrol explained the program; in Cincinnati, there are 32 COP groups, with over 600 members. His group patrols the Columbia Tusculum, Linwood, Lunken Airport area. They have 18 members and are looking for more. He described their activities: 12 hours of training, 3 people at a time going on patrol in a vehicle once/month for four hours, office in the police substation at Lunken Airport. Ruth Coon asked how this is different from the Good Guy Loitering Program; Jack explained that they are two separate programs.
Contact: 478-1678 (no voice mail, but texts accepted)

Secretary’s Report
Ed Rider (substituting for Barb Rider) presented the April 4, 2011 minutes. Accepted & filed. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report Sandy Hoover presented the EEAC balance sheet as of 5.2.2011 ($29,937.51 in assets; $2,208.27 in liabilities; $27,729.24 in equity). Checks were written for Power Packs for Riverview East Academy students’ weekend food - $1250); sandbags for the recent flooding; the barbecue. Money from Invest in Neighborhoods was received. Contact:

Guest Speakers
Councilman Wendell Young was present as part of his neighborhood speaking tour. He introduced his community outreach liaison, Cedrick Denson. He related that he had previously spent considerable time in the East End as a police officer and school resource officer. Contact Cendrick at: 352-3466.
Jeff Sepate, LeBlond director, distributed surveys asking how to best use LeBlond. He reported that the pool will open in mid-June; it may be available for adult swims, likely on Wednesdays. There will be a summer day camp and preschool June-August. New programs include Princess for a Day and soccer training. Ruth mentioned that in the past parking spots for Riverfest were sold at LeBlond; Jeff will check into this.

City Liaison Report Laurie Keleher reported on the Open House conducted by the city for the Ohio River Bike Trail and the bike facility on Riverside. The City has not yet collated results from the surveys completed then, but city officials report that most who attended were positive about the bike facility on Riverside. There will have two painted bike trails (one in each direction); 2 lanes of traffic; and parking limited mainly to the north side of Riverside. The bike facility will be completed in late summer, probably after Duke completes major repair work along Riverside Dr. Laurie said the Bike Trail opening across from Lunken was cancelled on April 26 because of flooding; the new date (mid-May) will be reported in the newsletter.
Laurie reported that an East End family had severe basement flooding twice this spring and needs a dumpster. Joe Corcoran offered to use his truck and volunteers to help them. Patrice Allen moved that neighborhood flood funds be used to get a dumpster, if materials can’t be moved by Joe et al. Motion passed unanimously.
There was a discussion about city assistance during/after floods. In the past, the city has provided flood packs (e.g. cleaning supplies), dumpsters, special pick-ups, power hosing. Laurie suggested that we develop a packet to present to the city on historical flood support and current expectations. She asked Ruth to help develop the list.
Lew Seiler reported on the Oasis RR Open House (commuter line from Clermont County to downtown Cincinnti). It was well attended, with information tables. The audience had lots of questions, but the ODOT representatives and their consultants could not answer most. The majority of the audience was against the plan. Lew suggested that we remain vigilant, as there is still political support for the commuter line (unlike the “derailed” streetcar and high speed rail plans).
Laurie reported that there is a speeding problem with school busses and boat owners on Strader. She will write a request to the city to conduct a traffic study there.
There is a request from the Cinti Recreation Commission for EEAC to support their proposal to the Park Department to move a ballfield on Lumber/Calhoun near St. Rose to accommodate additional parking being lost as a result of the bike facility. ADA access must be constructed for the fields. Betty Burns moved that we endorse this proposal. Motion passed unanimously.

NSP funds –
Patrice Allen presented the proposed list of projects for Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) funding: $300 newsletter, $750 Columbia/Tusculum and East End projects ($150 water tank, $300 plantings, $300 tunnel lighting); $400 East End Garden District ($100 lawn mower wheels, $100 gas, $200 tool maintenance/replacement); $500 LeBlond sign; $550 entrance gardens. Jeff explained that it is yet undetermined if $500 will be adequate to fund a sign, because of Cincinnati Rec Commission restrictions. Melisse May moved to adopt the NSP projects; Lew Seiler seconded. Motion passed: 12 ‘yes’, 0 ‘no’, 0 ‘abstentions’.
The Adopt-A-Block program will be kicked off at Maribelles on Sunday, May 15th 4:30-6:30. There has been good response from volunteers. Contact:

Columbia Tusculum Report Nick Motz was applauded for his work in coordinating the first ever East End Party Zone during the Flying Pig Marathon. There were 25 volunteers. It was well-attended, and the EEAC will receive $800-1000. A large amount of food was left over, and was donated to a neighborhood food pantry. Nick recommends we continue to participate in this project.
He spoke about the Hillside View Corridor plan to control development and protect views from hillsides. This is currently tabled in City Council, but we need to continue to watch the issue as it impacts the East End more than any other neighborhood. A city representative familiar with the plan will be asked to come to a future EEAC meeting to explain the plan. Contact:

Community Relations
Melisse May reported that over 40 people attended the Meet and Greet with C/T and Linwood at Tostados. It was decided to do this combined activity quarterly.
Melisse explained that the Social Relations Committee is up and running. They have inter-viewed several longtime residents. The top reported priorities are: more community activities for a broad range of residents; addressing housing issues and making house/home improvements; desire for new businesses to serve residents (e.g. grocery, fast food restaurants); upkeep and other related issues (e.g. vacant lots). The committee will be developing a plan for consider-ation at the June EEAC meeting. Contact:

Great American Clean-up
Ruth Coon reported that the approximately 12 volunteers who came worked hard, but we could always use more. Volunteers cleaned up areas along Stacon, near Schmidt Field, and along Riverside from Delta to the Pendleton. More than 300 tires were gathered. There are still some items that have not been picked up (e.g. carpeting on Stacon). She will call the city for a special pick up of large items (e.g. refrigerators). Contact:

Columbia Tusculum Go Green Summerfest
Jamie Cecil thanked us for publicizing the C/T Go Green Summerfest on June 18 near the Green Dog Café.

Soap Box Derby
Contact Jackie Weist or Monica Miller at Riverview East Academy if you can sponsor a car.

Garden District
Joe Corcoran has been working with Xavier U students to landscape around the Wenner Tunnel; he showed the impressive plans.
He shared plans for the barbecue on August 13, and asked the EEAC to do a fundraiser to cover costs. This will be discussed at the next Board meeting.
There will be a Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony at the garden, with veterans and a minister from Mt. Carmel. Time to be determined.

A representative from the PJ Sittenfeld campaign passed around a petition to get his name on the November ballot for city council, as well as information on the candidate.

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Apr 4 2011 Council Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, APRIL 4, 2011
Call to Order - Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:05PM. Fifteen people were in attendance, including 12 residents and 3 guests. Contact:

Police Report - Detective Kelley MacBeth (substituting for Office Love) presented crime stats in the East End for March 2011. Seven crimes were reported: breaking & entering (3), burglary (1), felony larceny (2), felony assault (1). She pointed out that in general crime has not gone up – some East End crimes are perpetrated by different generations in the same families. We should keep our eyes on vacant properties for copper theft. Jackie said that iron from SORTA property was taken today. It is easy for thieves to sell stolen metals and jewelry (without an ID). Betty Burns reported that someone stealing metal from the riverfront told her that police told him to go ahead and steal it because it wasn’t worth much. Ruth Coon said that people are taking the chain off the Site station. Det. MacBeth pointed out that the East End has lots of police presence, as they drive downtown on Riverside (sometimes 5 times/day). She will share our comments with Officer Love. Contact:
Melisse May attended a District 2 community meeting on Mar 30. Her biggest take-away was the suggestion to keep tempting stuff out of sight. Officer Love gave an update on the homeless in the 3300 block of Riverside. Drug-free zones were not addressed at the District 2 meeting; there was discussion about where there are drug-free signs in the East End (Gladstone? Riverview East Academy?). There will be another District 2 community meeting in 3 months.

LeBlond Report - Jeff Sepate, director, gave an update on the LeBlond pool, scheduled to be closed (as are all 19 city pools). To keep it open, $25,000 from the community is due April 15. To date, for all city pools a total of $95,000 has been raised; the city is hopeful about getting corporate funding. However, LeBlond is on the bottom of 4 priority tiers, so we would have to raise our own money. Ruth attended two Cinti Rec Commission meetings about city pools, and is not hopeful about getting city money. Plans for a spray pool have been eliminated; Laurie Keleher said that at least we got an agreement that they would not take out the pool. Jamie Cecil from Columbia Tusculum said $25,000 is hard to raise, and suggested starting to fund raise for next year. Melisse attended a meeting about the Mt. Adams pool, which is considering privatization. They are raising money through a pub crawl, movies in the park, Tshirts, silent auctions, house tours, etc. They learned a lot from a previous “Save the Pool” movement.
Jeff said that LeBlond was renovated 6 years ago, but there’s never been a marquis sign (one of the few rec centers without one). He thinks about 9000 vehicles pass by per day. Most signs cost $3000; he has an idea for one for $500 (non-electric). CRC may merge with the Cinti Park Board, so there is reluctance to put in a sign that would have to be replaced. Laurie said that the CRC previously told LeBlond that it wasn’t allowed to have a sign in this time of change. Lou suggested a sign with a temporary logo (like road/park signs with a place for the name of the current governor). Laurie asked that Jeff present a sign proposal to us before our next meeting, as well as permission from the CRC. Michael Bolen asked for operating costs of LeBlond: approximately $134,000 (unofficial).
Jeff suggested LeBlond reposition itself as a rowing center, by promoting the gym, and by having Columbia-Tusculum residents use the center more.

Secretary’s Report -The March 7, 2011 minutes were accepted & filed. Contact:
Treasurer’s Report - Sandy Hoover presented the 4.4.2011 balance sheet ($31,543.13 in total liabilities and equity), and our ‘Actual vs. Budget Profit & Loss’ report ($-55.28). Contact:

City Liaison Report - Laurie and Jackie attended the Neighborhood Summit on April 3 at Xavier University; over 1000 people were in attendance. Laurie & Jamie gave a presentation on building collaboration between the East End and Columbia-Tusculum, emphasizing strengths and weaknesses of both communities. It was well-received (applause!). They attended sessions on traffic, walkability, sustainability, etc. presented by professionals; Laurie was disappointed with the level of participation allowed.
Laurie got support for flood clean-up from Keep Cinti Beautiful, Rick Dieringer of Invest in Neighborhoods, and Marvin Hawkin from Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan’s office. Although it took a while for city entities to understand that this is a city function, six dumpsters and a hose spray were provided. Laurie thinks this sets a good precedent, and was successful because EEAC provided labor and is a known organization. Betty Burns & Ruth shared how the city supported (and did not support) flood clean-up in 1997.
There is an Open House tomorrow (April 5) 5-8 pm at LeBlond on Oasis RR commuter rail. The proposal is to have 10 stations; one in the East End (Pendleton/St. Andrew?) and one in Columbia-Tusculum. Laurie thinks the meeting may be scheduled mainly because the State of Ohio wants to build a bridge on the Red Bank extension. Betty has extensive traffic studies from 2002; this is a continuation of a master plan developed then. She added that the East End has opposed previous commuter rail initiatives. Lew Seiler encouraged everyone to attend; he estimates that 17,500 train trips/year would result. Safety, air pollution, property values, etc. would be affected. He suggested we take a position on this next month.
There will be an Open House on the Ohio River Trail Bike Path, Thurs, Apr 14th at LeBlond from 4-7pm. Contact:
Ruth said that there is a new site “Eastern Talk” on Face Book with wonderful pictures posted from East End/Columbia-Tusculum.

NSP Report - In Patrice Allen’s absence, Jackie presented the following:
Adopt a Block – 60 letters seeking volunteers have been sent out; some have already been returned with “yes”. Kickoff is on May 15 at 4:30 at Maribelle’s.
• Patrice & Bob Allen, Carol Grasha, and Joe Corcoran & crew dug up 120 daylilies from an off-ramp being repurposed to replant May 14-15 and 21-22 10am-1pm in our neighbor-hood, starting on Kemper Lane. Volunteers are needed. Waivers from SORTA and I&O RR have been received; I&O may donate a dumpster.
• Perrino Nurseries are donating 3 garden site plans for signs at Kemper, Collins and at Delta/Kellogg. They may also donate a truck for a weekend to haul away brush at stone wall & other sites Joe & crew have cut.
• The Urban Forestry Dept. has finished planting boulevard trees near LeBlond; will install 3 redbuds near Delta/ballfields; have ordered redbuds for Kellogg from Stanley to Delta; will order oak trees for Delta alongside of road at Riverview East Academy; will start a 5 yr plan to install crab apples & other trees in boulevards along Kellogg from the Little Miami to Stanley (they will need our help in securing permission from owners).
Neither Duke nor I&O RR claim responsibility for damage done to the Pendleton roof and Fuel mural in recent bushwacking cleanups. Perhaps SORTA or the City are responsible. Patrice & Laurie are continuing their investigation
NSP funds – EEAC will receive $2500 this year. Already committed is $300 for the newsletter and $750 for cooperative projects with Columbia-Tusculum (Make a Difference Day, lighting at pedestrian tunnel on Stanley - Duke will light tunnel from one of their poles - etc). Also proposed are: $300 for EE garden district (tool maintenance, lawn mower gas, tires), $1150 for EE gateway gardens at Kemper/ Riverside and/or Delta/Kellogg. Jerry Burns said that any resident may vote (regardless of membership status); Laurie pointed out that the vote must be announced beforehand. Laurie moved that we wait until the sign bid comes in from LeBlond. Motion passed unanimously. Contact: Patrice at

Columbia-Tusculum Liaison Report – In Nick Motz’ absence, Jackie reminded attendees about the Flying Pig Party Zone which we are hosting across from Riverview East Academy on the morning of Sunday, May 1st. Volunteers are needed; EEAC gets $1000 for this project.
Laurie said that someone would come to explain the view corridor/hillside overlay proposal. Betty explained the “bottom concept.” Contact:

Community Relations - Melisse spoke with Monica Miller, Riverview East Academy PR person, who explained the Power Pack program. It provides nutritious food for 47 students in Gr. K-8 from Riverview East Academy to take home for the weekend. Cost is $140/child per school year, for a total of $5000. A foundation can provide half the funding; Columbia Tusculum is contributing $1250. Melisse moved that we also provide $1250 from our savings. Motion passed unanimously;

Great-American Cleanup - Ruth spoke about the Great American Cleanup on April 16 at 7 am. Juice & coffee; plastic gloves & bags, and pizza afterwards will be provided. LeBlond will be our neighborhood headquarters. Teams will leave at 8 and be back by noon. Laurie & Jackie have identified areas needing the most cleanup, and will post a map on the blog – volunteers can ask for specific sites. The churches have committed to cleaning up three blocks on either side of their buildings. Volunteers should call Ruth if they find something potentially dangerous; Hazmat has been available that day in the past. No one should go over the riverbank; that can wait until Riversweep in May. Do not go on private property. We’ve removed an average of 200 tires/year. Contact: or Ruth’s cell phone 478-1678 (no voice mail, but texts accepted)

Ohio RiverTrail Opening Festivities – Laurie announced that the ceremony will be held at the new parking lot across from Lunken airport entrance on Tuesday, April 26. Riverview East Academy K-Gr. 2 students have been invited to walk the half-mile there, but teachers have asked for busses for safety reasons. Laurie moved we do not fund busses. Passed unanimously. Laurie will suggest alternatives to bussing to the school.

Announcements - Next newsletter deadline is Apr 15. Contact Betsy Urban to provide articles and information:
Monica at Riverview East Academy will get students to be our Soap Box Derby participants.
Next Meet N Greet will be Tues, April 19th at Tostados – 6:30. Residents from Columbia-Tusculum and Linwood will also participate

Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at 8:40.

Upcoming Events - Spring 2011


Mon, Apr 4: Monthly Council Mtg. LeBlond Rec Center 7pm

Tues, Apr 5: Oasis RR Open House. LeBlond Rec Center 5-8pm

Thurs, Apr 14: Ohio River Trail Bike Path Open House. LeBlond Rec Center 4-7 pm. Morgan Heilman from ORT will be among the presenters.

Sat, April 16: Great American Clean-Up. Check-in at LeBlond Rec Center. 7:30 am. Contact Ruth Coon to volunteer: 478-1678

Thurs., Apr 19: Meet N Greet. Tostados 6:30 pm. (with residents of Columbia-Tusculum and Linwood)

Sun, May 1: Flying Pig Marathon. Volunteers needed for the Party Zone by Riverview Academy. Call Nick: 202-3251

THANKS to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan and NSP director Rick Dieringer for arranging to have dumpsters & water spraying at our flooded areas (including the Memorial Gardens).

Apr 4, 2011 EEAC Mtg Agenda


Call to Order

Officer Love

Councilman Wendell Young

LeBlond: Jeff Sepate
Pool status?

Approval of March 7 minutes & treasurer's report

City Liaison: Laurie Keleher
Neighborhood Summit report.
Bike Open House. Quinlivan’s
Quality of Life Comm.
Oasis RR Open House at LeBlond Tues.5 -7

NSP: Patrice Allen
Adopt-a-Block Kick-Off.
NSP funds determinations.
Delta/Kellogg Garden

District plans: Nick Motz
PIG Party Zone update.
View Corridor/Hillside Overlay.
Tunnel lights

Community Relations: Melisse May
District 2 meeting
Drug Free Zone signs.
Power Packs for Riverview Academy

Old Business: Ruth Coon
Great Amer. Clean-up Sat. April 16; 7:30 a.m. LeBlond.
Derby driver?

Newsletter deadline: April 15.

Next Meet & Greet will be at Tostado’s April 19; 6:30. Come mix it up with our Columbia-Tusculum and Linwood neighbors. With 3 Councils cooperating we are a force to be reckoned with!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Call to order
Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:09PM. There were 14 people in attendance (4 visitors, 2 business owners, and 8 residents). Contact:

Guest Speakers

Police Report
Officer Love – Presented crime stats for the 30 days previous to the meeting: It was a very good month, with only two reported offenses (both theft from autos).
She stated that the recent death of a local drug user may account for crime decline in the EE. She alerted us to a triathalon the morning of May 28 that may block traffic on Kellogg Ave. Contact:

LeBlond Rec Center Report
Jeff Sepate – Asked for ideas to keep the center occupied and profitable (fitness, dog training, rowing, etc). Patrice Allen suggested that he host a meeting with reps from other neighborhood councils (e.g. California, Mt. Lookout, OBryonville, Columbia-Tusculum) to get their ideas also. Laurie Kelleher suggested a juried art show at LeBlond, perhaps featuring river-related art. Sandy Hoover proposed a scrapbooking event. Jeff said that the center couldn’t be open on weekends, until more revenue comes in. If a good percentage of the 300 East End households joined the center, that would solve some issues.

Secretary’s Report
Barb Rider – February 5 minutes were accepted & filed. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report
Sandy Hoover – Feb’s report was presented. A $500 check to CrimeStoppers in 2009 was never cashed, and was voided. NSP funds have not yet been received, but are coming soon (likely $2500). Laurie said that councilman Cecil Thomas is aware and supportive of the need for better communication about NSP funds. Contact:

City Liaison Report
Laurie Kelleher – She will have met with all council members by the end of next week.
• When meeting with Laure Quinlivin and staff member Marvin Hawkins, she brought maps of the neighborhood to explain our challenges (being narrow and blockaded), our vision, and what NSP funds have been used for in the past.
• She voiced objections to the request for vacation (removal of public right-of-way) of Vance by a developer. The property was once part of an estate, and has already been surveyed for an unknown project by a relative of the previous owner.

Marvin Hawkins, Director of Community & Legislative Affairs for Laure Quinlivan –
• Reported that beautification funds have gone to shovel-ready projects in Mt. Lookout, Northside & Mt. Adams business districts (unused grant money from Jordan’s Crossing was made available and had to be used quickly). There could be another pool of money like this next year; be sure to stay in touch with council members so they know our needs and have an “eye on the neighborhood.”
• A scrapbook of councilmember Quinlivin’s first year in office was passed around.
• Councilmember Quinlivin is interested in funding for education, and will be talking with Robert Summers, Governor Kassich’s new “education czar.”
• There was discussion of public art being installed in the East End (murals on the Kellogg Ave. fences or statues in the garden district. Perhaps a ScribbleJam could be held at Verdin Bell. Contact:

Laurie also reported:
• There will be a bike facility open house sometime in April to present solutions to the problems previously reported by neighborhood residents, churches and Maribelle’s.
• Invest in Neighborhoods Summit will be on Sat., April 2 (no time yet). Laurie, Jackie, Nick Motz and Jamie Cecil will attend and do a 20 minute presentation on the East End- Columbia Tusculum partnership .
• We’ve been asked to delay installing the EE sign by Salem until the bike path is finished.

Columbia-Tusculum Liaison
Nick Motz – Jamie Cecil, the new CT liaison rep was introduced.
• Nick reviewed our partnership projects with CT: promoting events, Veterans Garden, using NSP funds to help Riverview East Academy power pack/Free Store project (nutritious food for students to take home for the weekend), cooperation on shooting investigations, use of adult probation workers, Eastside Business Association, fundraising, composting sites (possibly on Wenner), moving of neighborhood sign, SORTA, investigation of proposed high-speed commuter rail.
• The CT Business Association (a sub committee of the CT Neighborhood Council) is actively seeking to increase its membership this year. East End businesses are encouraged to join. Next year, it will include the East End and Linwood, to be known as a 501c3 East Side Business Association.
• The ArtWorks bike rack across from Lunken is on hold, because the parking plaza is not yet finished.
• The 1st ever Flying Pig Party Zone will be held at Stanley between Eastern & Kellogg on Sunday May 1and needs 15-20 volunteers. CT is not participating because they already are sponsoring a water station nearby. EEAC will receive $750 for set-up, hosting and clean-up (beginning at 7:30 AM). Nick distributed sign-up forms and encouraged all to get neighbors to participate. (Note: The Flying Pig also gives EEAC $200 for going through the neighborhood).
• Nick distributed flyers from the Hillside Trust newsletter explaining the proposed Public View Overlay, which he objects to because it will be another layer of bureaucracy for development. The East End is the neighborhood most affected by this proposal.

NSP Report
Patrice Allen – As funds have not yet been released, Patrice spoke of other issues. She thanked all involved in the CT partnership.
• The Riverside Restoration Adopt-a-Block program is on track, with a mailing and kick-off event for volunteers scheduled for a Sunday afternoon later in the spring.
• Fundraiser: Maribelle’s can have a wine/beer food pairing event in late fall or beyond. We would determine ticket price and hence our profit. This could become an annual event. Funds could be used to establish view corridors (with seating area like at the end of Corbin) at the end of Delta, Strader, Collins and Hazen. Costs, according to the Cinti Recreation Commission, would be $6000@, including the removal of 3’ x 300’ of honeysuckle.
• Damage to the Pendleton building roof & gutters, and the Fuel mural was determined to have been caused by Duke crews.
• Students will work with Joe C to put in gardens at the Wenner tunnel. Their proposal will be coming to us soon.
• Patrice has talked with Brian Collins, owner of the Dinner Train. He is providing an engine, passenger car and debris car to us, so we can help clean up the area along the tracks. To determine priorities, 8 EEAC members will ride on his private car on April 16. This project should provide publicity and good-will towards the EE.
• In May or June, brush will be cleared by SORTA along Wadsworth to Delta.

Community Relations
Melisse May – She is replacing Ken Corbus, who resigned due to moving.
• Arranged for the city to pick up mattresses that have been dumped along roadways in the EE.
• Two houses that appear to be uninhabitable (one due to fire) – next to 3251 and 2531 Riverside – are being checked on to determine future status with the city.

Other Announcements
• All EEAC residents are encouraged to participate in the Great American CleanUp on April 16th. Mt. Carmel Baptist Church will put the event in their newsletter, and there was a volunteer to call St. Rose with the same request.
• There will be a Meet N Greet at Maribelle’s Tuesday, Mar 15th at 6:00.
• The newsletter is out. Log onto to register your email for electronic delivery. For those without email, print copies are available at Soul Food, LeBlond and Tostados.
• Yvette Simpson, candidate for city council, introduced herself. Her goal is to attend one meeting of all neighborhood councils before the November election (EEAC is her 11th meeting). She supports strong neighborhoods, business development, and efficient/effective government. Contact:

Adjournment - Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 7 2011 Council Mtg Minutes

Call to Order Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:09PM. Sixteen people were in attendance, including 13 residents and 3 guests. Contact:

Police Report Officer Love presented crime stats in the East End between Jan. 7 and Feb 6. It was a “slow” month: 1 breaking & entering, 1 safecracking, and 1 felonious assault. There were also 5 arrests related to previous East End crime. There were no thefts from autos. Officer Love advised all to cautious when using credit cards at outdoor gas pumps, as illegal internal skimming devises are being installed elsewhere in the country. Laurie Keleher asked about the Building Department telling her the owners at the abandoned school on Riverside are waiting for a police escort to board up the building; Officer Love replied that they just had to call to get an escort that same day. Barb Rider asked about thefts at Four Seasons, and Officer Love said there had been 3 B&Es at marinas, but didn’t know that was the East End. Contact:

Guest Speakers Jeff Sepate was introduced as the new director of the LeBlond Rec Center. He has worked for CRC for many years, most recently in Evanston. He would like our input on how LeBlond can best serve our changing community. Jeff suggested someone attend the Cincinnati Recreation Commission meeting on Feb. 9 at 6:30 about the closing of 19 city pools, including LeBlond. Ruth Coon will go. Jeff estimated that the cost of running a pool is $58,000-64,000 per summer.
Mary Enzweiler, Volunteer Coordinator for the Flying Pig Marathon, distributed course maps, brochures, spectator guides, and stickers about the event on May 1st. The East End leg is one of the most important parts of the route. She is looking for properties where entertainment could be placed (the goal is to have 3 per mile); contact her at if interested. She also talked about a potential party zone for spectators near Stanley & Delta; $800 is donated to groups that manage these areas. Nick Motz will discuss collaborating on this with Matt Ackerman, president of the Columbia Tusculum Neighborhood Association, when they meet on Feb 8

Secretary’s Report. Barb Rider presented December and January minutes. Accepted & filed. She said the EEAC has a new post office box, due to the closing of the Eastern Ave. substation, and moving of our box to the Kemper Ave. post office: PO Box 68104 Cinti OH 45206The old address (PO Box 26182 Cinti 45206) will still work for a while. Contact:

Treasurer’s Report Sandy Hoover presented the EEAC balance sheet as of 2.1.2011 ($32,282.59 assets and liabilities), and our ‘Actual vs. Budget Profit & Loss’ report ($-325). There was no activity during the month. Our final 2010 NSP payment was received, putting us back in the black. NSP funds for 2011 are still unknown. Contact:

Veterans’ Memorial Garden Joe Corcoran asked to be added to the agenda. He presented a report on activities over the last 10 years, as well as goals for 2011, including completion of the bread oven and smoker. The 2nd annual BBQ is scheduled for Aug 13, and Joe asked for financial help from the EEAC (to be discussed at next week’s Exec. Bd. mtg). Patrice Allen, Matt and Nick helped Joe with his 501(c)3 application.

City Liaison Report Laurie Keleher will be meeting with every City Council member this month about reconsidering opening the Collins steps (closed 5 years ago as a pilot study). She will also attend relevant subcommittee meetings (e.g. Livable Communities and Quality of Life). Laurie will enmphasize the importance of the steps with the continuation of the bike path, scheduled to reach Collins this spring. Contact:

Laurie and Ruth attended the Great American Cleanup meeting on Feb 5. The event is on April 26th; LeBlond will be our neighborhood headquarter again. The two biggest needs are gathering names of volunteers and the location of dumped debris, especially tires. Ruth has arranged for partnering clean-up with the East End Heritage School in Bond Hill. Electronics will be collected this year (Ruth asked that cellphones be donated to the zoo). Contact:

Ruth mentioned that Bill Crist, a lifelong East Ender who was very involved with the community, passed away unexpectedly on Sat, Feb. 5th.

Columbia Tusculum Report Nick has met with Matt (CT president, as well as the owner of Tusculum Pizza in the East End), and will attend the CT meeting Feb 8. CT is taking down their sign on Delta (in the East End). They are collaborating with Linwood on creating an East Side business organization. Contact:

Economic Development Bob Little had nothing to report on this committee, but asked to speak about honeysuckle removal at LeBlond Park, blocking the riverview. Patrice and Laurie shared experiences removing honeysuckle near the marina on Strader. After much discussion, Bob moved that the EEAC support an effort to trim back honeysuckle at LeBlond and the soccer fields behind Riverview Academy on Kellogg. The motion passed unanimously; Bob will identify who to contact (Keep Cincinnati Beautiful was highly recommended, as they are filling in the gaps created by budget cuts to the Cinti Park Board. The Army Corps of Engineers may need to be involved also). Contact:

Old Business
• The new online newsletter will be out on Feb 15. Contact Betsy Urban to provide articles and information:
• We have two cars available for the annual city-wide Soap Box Derby, but need kids to participate. There is information about the Soap Box Derby online. Joe may have youth interested, and Jeff will ask at LeBlond.
• The Adopt-A-Block Riverside Restoration Project letters will go out on Feb. 23, according to organizer Patrice. Matt said that CT will be adopting two blocks on Eastern Ave. Contact:
• A fundraiser at Maribelle’s was suggested.
• Patrice announced that SORTA has agreed to a 3’ access on both sides of the entire length of Riverside!
• The Site station owner, Chris Kemp in St. Louis, responded to our letter of Jan. 17th, asking that specific areas needing his attention be called in as they occur to 314-898-9179. There is still dumping on the site, as well as vehicles driving over the ropes that resident Mark Green keeps repairing. Parts of the sign also keep falling – a real danger.

New Business There was no new business, except to announce a Meet & Greet at Maribelles on Tues, Feb 15 at 6:00.

Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:55.