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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Council Meeting Minutes, July, 2010

East End Area Council July Minutes

The July 12, 2010 meeting was held at Leblond Recreation Center and called to order by president Laurie Keheler at 7:00 PM.

Police: Officer Love was present. Breaking and entry is on the upswing. An investigation is under way concerning the storing and reselling stolen property. Thefts from autos break-ins continue at high rates as opportunistic crimes. Keeping know offenders who make a business of stealing in jail is contributing is an ongoing enforcement problem. Police are working on a new crime program tailored to what is going on in our particular neighborhood. Not general purpose but rather specific purpose for the East End.
Resident comments: Police follow up of suspicious activity is non-responsive; 220 Strader and the burned out building on River side Drive near the waterworks are re-occurring sources of crime and blight.
Leblond Recreation Center
Heather Smith was present. The pool is open and a $100 subsidy fund for children who cannot pay the entrance fee has been established. There is also as a free breakfast and lunch program to help children in need. Call the Recreation Center for details. Low utilization rate of the pool makes it venerable to closure. However, the pool did have an attendance of 30 on a hot day in June. A 1-year reprieve has been granted to see if pool attendance comes up. Residents are encouraged to offer suggestions on how to increase utilization.
Insurance - Resident Comment
FEMA has changed the floodline to 500 feet in the East End which is increasing the insurance rates for some of our residents. Rate reductions may be available if building improvements/additions/infills make structures more resistant to water damage by employing flood tolerant construction practices. See FEMA web site for details.

Our neighborhood is holding monthly, informal meet-n-greet gatherings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at Maribells starting at 6:30 PM. All are welcome.
The Riverside Drive restoration project is continuing. A stretch along Eastern Ave starting at the RR underpass ( across form Tostados) was cleaned up by volunteers. As the weather cools, volunteer efforts will step up. Meanwhile, weed and trash ordinance violations are being cited by the City of Cincinnati for non-conforming property. The tree plantings along Riverside have been halted pending clarification of the bike paths. The Queen City Bike Club will give a presentation at the August 2, 2010 EEAC meeting at Leblond Rec Center concerning the future of bicycling in the East End.

The East End Garden District will hold its annual Garden Fest at the main garden on Strader Avenue starting late afternoon August 7, 2010. Three separate bands will perform live entertainment. Vegetarian cuisine will be served using the bounty of the garden produce. In addition, a barbeque menu will be provided by an on-site pig roast. Ice tea will be donated by Fuel but guests can bring other beverages of their choice. Food service begins at 5 PM but cooking and social gathering will start in the afternoon. ALL ARE WELCOME. Come and experience the progress being made in our neighborhood of gardens! Admission free.
June minutes well approved as written after a correcting the date of the East End Garden District Fest to read August 7.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20. The next meeting is August 2, 2010 7:00 pm at LeBlond Rec Center

Michael Bolan, Secretary