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Friday, February 7, 2014

East End Area Council Minutes, Feb 7,2014

EAST END AREA COUNCIL MINUTES FOR FEB 3, 2014 Call to Order - President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. at the LeBlond RecPlex. There were 22 members present and 6 visitors. ( Secretary’s Report - Barb Rider had prepared the minutes in the absence of Jackie Weist. There being no additions or corrections, Dennis Camp made a motion to accept the minutes; it was seconded. ( Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart was not in attendance. There was no change in the $22,580.43 figure from last month. ( Guest Heidi Black, an advocate of the Preschool Promise Campaign, addressed the importance of early learning.( Police Report – Officer Germaine Love was pleased to announce the arrests of 2 of our regular bad guys. There were 10 B&E’s, 10 thefts and 1 burglary in Jan. Because of bad weather, the Town Meeting has been postponed. LeBlond Report – Katie Lear suggested that a fitness card would be a good Valentine gift. The RecPlex will have a team for the Mini Heart Marathon. Interested? Call 352-4013. Feb. calendars are at the desk. Riverview East Academy – Principal Charlene Myers announced the appointment of new Assistant Principal, Randy Yunker. She said that the school has had 2 hours delays almost every day during this weather crisis. But the Health Center is moving forward. Melisse May noted that this Center will open up lots of opportunities. Through partnerships with the Y, the school has been able to procure the services of Women Helping Women and Coaching Boys to Men. Joe Corcoran asked if the teaching garden will continue now that the Civic Garden Center and Sam Dunlap project is winding down. The answer is yes, but they need some volunteer help. ( President’s Moment -Jeff said that we have accepted the KDHK bid for the necessary Liability Insurance required by NSP. He thanked Laurie Keleher for submitting the annual AIG report. The St. Andrews street sign and light pole went missing after an accident. The City was called and Regina Moss reported the light is now working. Michael Bolan and Clean-ups - Michael has arranged for several clean-ups with KCB. Slogan for the year is “Don’t Trash My ‘Nati!” March 22 will be the first big tire sweep, followed by a general clean-up on April 26, the week end before The Pig. There will be an after party. Another general spruce up will be May 10. Targeted areas will be Babb Alley, Hoff St., St. Andrews, the Delta 7 points and Waterworks areas. New this year will be the Kemper to Boathouse run, anticipating their inclusion in the EE boundaries. Several groups have committed to help us: ODOT, Public Allies and a UC group connected with DAAP, in addition to special tire dumpsters and super cans coming from Alicia Kravitz and Adam Curry from KCB. We need to insist that the city maintain the bike lane. EEAC could also join the ORSANCO effort next summer, in preparation for PaddleFest. Jane Sites – The 3-way Meet and Greet will be at Tostados on Feb.18 at 6:30. The new presidents of EE, C/T and Linwood will be introduced. Nick Motz will talk about the 3E Entertainment District plans. Melisse May said that the Eastern Corridor meeting to discuss the location of the terminal has been postponed until Feb 27. Time and place TBD. Laurie Keleher – Laurie explained details of the proposed Water Works wall beautification project with its specially designed mosaics depicting real people from the East End. Dennis Camp asked if there was any chance the wall could be taken down to expose the beautiful building. No, as that is a flood wall. He also asked what the final total will be. $80,000 + or -. Laurie explained that NSP funds, in-kind donations and private monies will cover the costs. These include security cameras, engineering fees, plants, watering and maintenance. Patrick Ormond asked if neighboring properties had been informed. No, but this project has been discussed at the last 3 meetings, the topic was posted on the Delta sign and printed in the emailed newsletter. Barb Rider made a motion to use the $5000 NSP fund for the project; it was seconded. The vote to proceed was overwhelmingly in favor of the project. Attorney Brad Thomas - Brad updated the 3E Entertainment District plans to be respectful of the school and private homes. Joe would like to see the area behind Eli’s included as that is zoned for business. That area has private residences and as such would not be eligible for inclusion. The Fuel Coffee Shop and the Pendleton Center are included in the Entertainment District. Nick Motz made a motion asking for a Letter of Support from the EEAC. It was seconded and approved unanimously. Brad explained that the Entertainment District can be amended when there are zoning changes. The 3E plan must first go to Livable Communities before going to the full City Council. As stated earlier in the minutes, the 3E plans will be discussed at the Meet and Greet, Feb. 18. There being no further business, Dennis made the motion to adjourn at 7:55. Motion seconded and carried. Next meeting: March 3 at 7 pm, LeBlond.