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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feb 10, 2013 EEAC Minutes

EEAC MINUTES – Monday, Feb. 10 2013 (make-up meeting for Feb 3 meeting that was canceled due to snow) Call to Order EEAC President Jackie Weist called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm at the LeBlond Center. There were 15 in attendance (9 residents). Secretary Report – The December 3, 2012 EEAC minutes were made available and approved. In secretary Barb Rider’s absence, Jackie appointed vice-president Michael Bolan to take notes. Contact: or Treasurer’s Report – Jeff Stewart The books were audited by Matt Ackermann, and all is in order. Contact: Police Report – Detective Kelly Macbeth reported 3 breaking & enterings of vacant buildings, 5 thefts (2 UDF drive offs and thefts from autos) for the month of January. There will be a free Personal Safety Awareness class presented by the Cinti Police Dept at Oakley Recreation Center on Wednesday, Feb 27 7-9pm. Contact: 979-4480 LeBlond Report – Alayne Kazin LeBlond memberships can be renewed at $2 children and $10 adults. Eight new spinning bikes have been added to the exercise room. Private funds are being sought to implement the long term plan for LeBlond that includes riverfront amenities. Contact: President’s report Proceeds of $1000 were reported from the efforts of the Flying Pig volunteers last May. NSP report – Melisse May NSP funds have not been set for 2013, but the EEAC is hopeful that $5000 will be made available for community projects. Residents were urged to make recommendations should the funds be made available. The new roadside sign (purchased with 2012 NSP funds) has been installed at Delta and Riverside to publicize East End events. Contact: Riverview East Academy – Charlene Myers Principal Charlene thanked the EEAC for sponsoring an honor roll breakfast for 165 students and parents. A career path curriculum was outlined for students interested in the health care field. To better understand the image of the school, a questionnaire was developed on why a prospective student would be drawn to the school. The school’s volunteer of the year award was given to Coach Carter. Contact: 3 E Report – Nick Motz An application for a 501c status for the East End/Columbia Tusculum/Linwood business collaborative is in process. Volunteers for the Flying Pig were requested. Contact: Community Relations – Sandy Hoover The next Meet and Greet will be at Brew River on Tuesday, Mar 19 at 6:30. Contact: Gardens • Lois Armstrong, of the Freedom Gardener group, distributed a brochure about classes and food swaps at the CT Carnegie Center on 1st and 3rd Sundays at 2PM. They hope to encourage raised bed gardening for the handicapped and to use gardening as a therapeutic tool. Contact: • Joe Corcoran, of the East End Garden District, said that a few more personal plots in the community garden area are still available for the 2013 growing season. Contact Joe for more information. The district will be supplying greens for Eli’s Barbecue. The Veterans Memorial EE BBQ in the garden district will be held August 10, 2013. Contact: New Business Discussions • The EEAC 2013 budget awaits clarity from the city about funding – Laurie Keleher. Contact: • Fence decoration and banners • Tire amnesty for up to 10 tires if brought to Queen City Avenue on March 23 • Liquor license renewal for the Inner Circle discussion in the midst of complaints about the behavior of patrons. The hearings are April 2, 2pm and April 16, 6pm - we must attend one or the other to comment. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM. NOTE: You can read EEAC minutes and sign up to have monthly newsletters emailed to you at