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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

East End Area Council Minutes for Sept. 8. 2014

EAST END AREA COUNCIL MINUTES FROM SEPT. 8, 2014 President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7:03 at Le Blond Recplex. There were 16 people in attendance. Mary Dyar moved to accept the minutes; Virgie seconded. The Treasurer was absent. There was no police report. In his report Jeff said that we have 4 volunteers for the next round of Cincinnati Planning Commission boundary matters. No date has been set for that. He appointed Jane Sites and Joe Corcoran to the Nominating Committee. There should be one more. Principal Charlene Myers from the Riverview East Academy announced that all 7th and 8th graders now have computers, part of the “My Tomorrow” initiative. Help will be coming through the “Advisement” aspect of this program for non-academic skills. Ass’t. Principal Justin Leach said that the new Health Clinic will have an Open House on Sept. 30 at 4:30. REA is proud of its winning football team. There was some discussion on the MSD plan to eliminate the old pump station in front of the school. Bids are going out to have it leveled, but there are a few people who would like to know the feasibility of saving the silo as a water storage tank for the school and community gardens. In all probability that would be cost prohibitive. Residents and MSD people are looking into it. Jane Sites is working on a community picnic in the Garden District. This will be Oct. 14 at 6 p.m. Details to follow. Melisse May reported on the properties on Walworth and Brown St. The former wants to develop 3 lots; the latter has a new plan that will NOT close part of the street. There were no objections from residents or police, but the EEAC would like to see official coordinates. Melisse also filed the Community Priority Requests. Those will be chosen in April. Laurie Keleher gave an update on the mosaic wall progress. She wants old photos of the area, especially ones depicting local people. The artists are looking for a “place holder face” to represent the East Enders of the past. Two of the 14 mosaics are ready, waiting for CWW to weld the trellises. This should happen in Oct. When that is done, we will be able to get some publicity for this project. Grants are being sought for finishing the project. Liquor licenses have been applied for by Nick Motz and by The Last House Standing. This will be presented again when the police district has all the info. Both places are in the new Business District. Nick’s is on Riverside while Last House is on Eastern. Barb Rider sent word that we need to think about how to spend next year’s NSP funds. The $4800 must be applied for in Oct. Some suggestions so far include: a pocket park near the Linwood boundary near Terry’s Turf Club; landscaping the front of REA after the pump station comes down; moving our western boundary sign to near The Boathouse and installing our eastern boundary sign near Salem; giving a sum to Sam Dunlap for the REA Garden Program; Michael Bolan’s Historic Signs for the neighborhood; other branding ideas; add more money to the Water Works Wall project….the list goes on. We need a profitable money maker. Or a fairy godmother! Joe Corcoran announced that he will be volunteering with the USO for a Veteran’s Salute on the field at a Red’s game. Vets’ are asked to sign a huge American flag. They are trying to break a Guiness World Record. The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.