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Sunday, November 2, 2014

East End Oct. 6, 2014 Minutes

EAST END AREA COUNCIL- OCT. 6,2014 President Jeff Kirschner called the meeting to order at 7:05 at Le Blond Recplex. There were 21 residents or business owners in attendance and 10 officials or guests. The Minutes were approved. There was no Treasurer’s report. Officer Germaine Love gave the police report. There were 20 offenses in the East End this past month. She said that there have been complaints about the noise and loud music at Eli’s. She also said that they were not in compliance with outdoor entertainment rules and that there were no permits for the tents. The code officer in these matters is Larry Kieffer. Guest Dan Striley, Science Outreach Coordinator for the Museum Center, urged all to vote for Issue 8. This 5 year tax will revitalize the crumbling terminal. (Dan has East End roots that go back to 1849!) Guest Tim Neu urged voting for Issue 6, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment plan that will ask for 6 mils for 5 years. Guest Satolli Glassmeyer gave a brief overlook of his Road Rally business. ”History in Your Own Backyard” has over 50 sites in the East End,Columbia Tusculum area. These rallies can be used as fund raisers. Brown Street Developer Jim Kirsten said that he has revised his plans as the EEAC objected to closing off one end of the street. He reworked the sidewalks. There will be 4 single homes built in the $440,000 range. The Entertainment District had 2 liquor permit applications listed in the City Bulletin. John Tieman is converting a 1913 building at 3520 Eastern into a bar called “Pearls.” He is trying to save items of historic note. There will be 2 floors with an outdoor patio; hours will be 4 pm – 2 am. There were no objections. (This property is listed in the Bulletin as The Last House Standing.) The second permit application is for Nick Motz’s property at 3229 Riverside at Wenner. He is planning a bar and / or restaurant. Debbie Welsh asked about parking plans. Laurie Keleher asked for definite usage plans and Michael Bolan objected because of the same parking/noise problems at Eli’s. Jim Kirsten asked why one of the city lots could not be used for community parking. Melisse May said there were also commercial lots available. The Council voted (9 to 5) not to approve this license at this time. Alayne Kazin reported that LeBlond had 300 daily visitors during May-Sept. She reminded all that the Recplex is also for therapeutic recreation. In addition, it has reasonable classes such as Fitness for $20. She passed out new brochures about the 24 community centers under CRC. Charlene Myers, Principal of Riverview Academy East, said the opening of the new Health Center went well. President Jeff Kirschner spoke at the event. They received some checks from supporters. Charlene also said that the old pump station on CPS property will be leveled and landscaped. Guest and candidate Judge Carl Stich gave a short speech. He has been in law for 33 years and with the Dept. of Justice. He is running for Common Pleas Court. Jackie Weist reported on the new Neighborhood Quality of Life Advisory Board that she is serving on, headed by Gerald Checco, Director of the Dept.of Public Services. The first initiative is to have “Blitz” neighborhood clean-ups on Fridays. There will be a public hearing on this in Oct. Jane Sites said that the East End will have a picnic on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 5:30 on Strader. The Board has chipped in for fried chicken but asks all to bring a side dish, drinks and a chair. Melisse May has arranged for a Community In-Put Meeting with DAAP’s Frank Russell to discuss uses of City land and parking challenges in the Garden District. The objective is to find workable solutions for both residents and businesses. This will be at REA school library at 7 p.m. Oct. 29. The Garden District is defined as South of Riverside between the school and Schmidt Field. NSP chair Barb Rider said that neighborhoods will receive $4800.this coming year. We have proposed our funds be used for installing our sign at Salem, moving the Kemper Lane sign to the new boundary just past The Boathouse and purchasing our Liability Insurance. of Turner Farms; they are seeking a lease for a city lot on Setchell. Denise Muomi, a Walworth resident, had complaints about the odd hours of the trains, blowing long whistles at 5 a.m. She wanted to know to whom she should complain. We suggested SORTA and the I and O railway. Jeff reminded all that there will be a zoning review committee meeting soon. The meeting was adjourned at 8:35.